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The Psychology of The Soul

The Psychology of The Soul

4.4 5
by Angel Cusick

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The Midwest Book Review said about this book,
"Our connection to heaven is clearer than we think. "The Psychology of
the Soul" is a metaphysical psychology book from Angel Cusick as she
explores our deeper thought, pondering the unconscious and
subconscious, and how it connects us to heaven. With YouTube videos
further elaborating on the subject


The Midwest Book Review said about this book,
"Our connection to heaven is clearer than we think. "The Psychology of
the Soul" is a metaphysical psychology book from Angel Cusick as she
explores our deeper thought, pondering the unconscious and
subconscious, and how it connects us to heaven. With YouTube videos
further elaborating on the subject matter, "The Psychology of the Soul"
is a worthy read for followers of metaphysical philosophy, very much
Michael J. Carson
A definitive guide for activating your psychic mechanism- providing simple techniques to access the hidden chambers of your mind. Practical solutions for everyday problems, can also be used to find worlds far beyond. Angel, an international Psychic-Medium, provides detailed formulas from nearly half a century of research, over 15,000 students, clients and events, blended with 50,000 years of Ancient Mystery School Studies. Life-changing. Simple. Profound.
Tune in, turn on and feel good.

Editorial Reviews

Amazon.com - Stacy Z
So profound!...I have been recommending this book to all my friends! It is so well written and informative AND enjoyable to read! It is lively - reflecting the huger-than-life personality author Angel Cusick must certainly have. As a middle-aged woman still struggling with the loss of my mother 11 years later, this book has given me so much comfort and understanding of spiritual beings. Thank you for writing this book Ms. Cusick - I look forward to seeing more from you!
Amazon.com - Liza Jane
This book is a timeless resource as it shares so many tangible and intangible things. Ms. Cusick's writing style conveys a wonderful wit, brilliance and strength and I found myself feeling as though she was before me teaching ancient and intrinsic spiritual truths. I was remembering...
I immensely enjoyed the author's biography. It's not often that I get a glimpse into an Intuitive's life. I believe and respect all that is unseen although I do not have psychic abilities, so it was a great tr
Amazon.com - Cleopatra B
The book is so well written for the laymen! To actually comprehend the thoughts and put them into a personal perspective is exactly what you would like in a book of this type. I really enjoy the ability to go back and get that point in which I can add to my everyday actions and deeds. I humbly thank the author for bringing this to our world. I look forward to sharing these tools with my family.
Amazon.com - Maggie M
From the moment I found this book and starting reading it I literally could not put it down. I felt like I found a lost soul mate whom I can trust to teach the proper procedures to know my higher self. Angels casual, humourous and engaging writing style kept my full attention throughout this practical guide of lessons and techniques toward achieving our own personal spiritual and psychic development. I loved how she intertwined her own life stories throughout the book bringing real life experien

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Meet the Author

Conducting well over 15,000 case studies, the authors� established psychic practice in London was popular throughout all of Europe. Clients ranged from inspectors at Scotland Yard, to top-models in Paris. Integrating modern psychology with ancient metaphysics, the author has developed breakthrough methodologies that thoroughly activate psychic sensing. Thought impossible to attain, these techniques have never before been analyzed and diagramed, though tested and perfected through the multitude of students the author has trained.
Attending the London College of Psychic Studies for one and a half decades, and granted access to the inner-circles for advanced psychic development, the author apprenticed with the most distinguished psychics, mediums and healers of our time. Attending the Royal College of Medical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy at the NHS Hospital in Blackheathe, England, the author also refined psycho-spiritual studies with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers who work in libraries, hospitals and other public facilities. Formal education also includes two years understudies in psychology at Ohio University, before graduating from the prestigious DSL in West London, known for its hardcore curriculum in classical studies.
Nominated as a runner-up in the 2004 Writer�s Digest Competition for New Voices in Literature Award, the author now lives in Aspen, Colorado. Teaching and practicing classical metaphysics, she also established a renowned psychic school based on Ancient Mystery School Studies called, The Academy of Light. Her waiting-list includes many hi-profile celebrities, producers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, professors, Hollywood screenwriters, supermodels, philanthropists, scientists, investors, Grammy winners, and psychoanalysts. She has also written a dozen short articles on psychedelic thought for a Rocky Mountain magazine called The Healix.Her website www.angelville.net is where where many of her principles of thought are elucidated and video-streamed to an ever growing public. She can also be found on You Tube, under Angel Blog. The author has recently begun teaching online classes and information can be found at www.angelville.net, or www.theacademyoflight.com

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The Psychology of The Soul 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Tipperary More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, it was very hard to put down. The author is very engaging, gives clear explanations and I really enjoyed her sense of humor as well. This is the kind of book I can refer to again and again. So glad I purchased it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Now that I've read the Psychology of the Soul everything makes sense. I've read hundreds of books by other authors and they pale in comparison to this, literally, divinely inspired book. Finally someone explained how to access my soul and the meditations with Angel on YouTube that are free are out of this world. So much information, profound illuminations that i feel guilty for how little i paid- since this completely change my life. I have lived my life asleep and now i am so thrilled to wake up! I am so happy again and this book has literally saved my life. Thank You Angel for this breathtaking magnum opus, PHENOMENAL WORK. SPECTACULAR. STELLAR. I will TREASURE it forever. God Bless You for creating something so profound that helps people heal themselves. THANK YOU ANGEL!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago