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  1. [Untitled Instrumental]
  2. Panic Attack
  3. Fight
  4. Life Sucks
  5. 12 Pack Girlfriend
  6. Rock & Roll
  7. Kerouac
  8. Anti-Bark Device
  9. Fuck California
  10. Carry Frankie Home
  11. Every Trick in the Book
  12. She Got Me over You
  13. Moth-Chew-Moth
  14. Sweet Nothings
  15. Crane to the Head
  16. Supermarket
  17. I'm Gonna Kill You
  18. The Cheveron Song
  19. Working Class Boy
  20. Rockabillly Rumble
  21. Slave to My Dick
  22. America the Beautiful
  23. The Prisoner
  24. Live Fast Die Young
  25. How Low Can a Punk Get?
  26. Steel Case Enclosure
  27. Forward to Death
  28. I Am the Owl
  29. Scream
  30. Weathered Statues
  31. Cheap Tragedies

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bad Brains   Track Performer
Black Flag   Track Performer
Circle Jerks   Track Performer
Dead Kennedys   Track Performer
D.O.A.   Track Performer
T.S.O.L.   Track Performer
Avengers   Track Performer
Subhumans   Track Performer
No Alternative   Track Performer
Crucifix   Track Performer
Nuclear Rabbit   Track Performer
Subincision   Track Performer
Nothing Cool   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Bad Brains   Composer
Jello Biafra   Composer
Dead Kennedys   Composer
Penelope Houston   Composer
Phil Hudson   Composer
Darryl Jenifer   Composer
Terry Thomas   Composer
6025   Composer
Know   Composer
Tommy Osh   Composer
Gerry Hannah   Composer
Joe Shithead Keithley   Composer

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