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Puppet Master

The Puppet Master

5.0 3
by King Diamond

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Kim Bendix Petersen, better known as King Diamond, has built an empire out of wailing spirits, singing spiders, and voodoo priestesses. His 11th full-length ghost story, The Puppet Master, centers around an unfortunate man, his girlfriend, and a husband and wife team of puppet masters as they abuse and torture their subjects somewhere in Budapest. Diamond


Kim Bendix Petersen, better known as King Diamond, has built an empire out of wailing spirits, singing spiders, and voodoo priestesses. His 11th full-length ghost story, The Puppet Master, centers around an unfortunate man, his girlfriend, and a husband and wife team of puppet masters as they abuse and torture their subjects somewhere in Budapest. Diamond wisely forgoes his usual cheeseball spoken-word intro and simply launches into "Midnight," a melodic dirge that ranks high amongst his huge -- and often inconsistent -- body of work. The brutal "Emerencia" features stellar guitar work from Andy LaRocque -- the thread that binds each and every King Diamond album -- and "The Ritual" aptly deals with the popular heavy metal theme of souls burning in Hell -- lyrical prowess has never been his forte. The remainder of the record is serviceable goth-metal filled with oaths and omens, blood and sacrifice, and one ill-conceived Christmas song. King Diamond has reached a stage in his career where evil has begun to fade into novelty, and The Puppet Master resonates with a dark giddiness that suits a man with face paint and a cape nearing his fifties. However, there's still a sinister aura that surrounds his very name, making it virtually unfathomable to picture him -- and all of his demons -- teeing off with fellow urchin -- and avid golfer -- Alice Cooper on a misty fall morning, heads bowed, asking the dark lord to grant them the power to eagle a par four. Maybe.

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The Puppet Master 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hi, metal kids and horror fans. What we're talking about here is , for me, the best King Diamond's effort since the 1990's "The Eye". Of course we're talking about "The Puppet Master", which i consider a masterpiece who , for me, can battle for the first place with the great "Abigail", "The Eye" and "Them". It's a long time that the King does not produce an album of this level : dark, moving, modern and also very classical sounding. In fact, this time, King Diamond has used a female singer , Livia Zita, on his record, which has proved to be a very good choice, because she adds a lot of theatrical effect to the songs, singing along with the King. This album, in fact, as i said before, is the most theatrical one after "Them", in my opinion. The songs are 12 and the production is very very good. You can hear everything played by the band, every detail. It was since "Conspiracy" that I didn't hear a production of this level. However, "The Puppet Master" as usual is a horrorific novel set in Budapest, in the XVIII century and it starts with the song "Midnight", which is most a intro. The main charachter, an unlucky man, reminds what had happened 18 years before. The sound of the intro and King Diamond's acting are great and they capture the listener's attention immediately. At the end of the intro,the story starts to take body, setting the time in a snowy Christmas night in Budapest, as described by the first real song, "The Puppet Master". The beginning of it recalls the introducing guitar harmonized solo of "The Arrival" from "Abigail" a lot. The song is characterized by a lot of rhythm, time and atmosphere changes as The king describes the puppets("alomst human in size") shows which goes on in a theatre, at the presence of our Unlucky Man. Then, it's the time for the third track, the first real jem for me, "Magic". All is perfect : singing (Livia is introduced here for the first time), riffing and solos (really great ones). At the middle of the song there's a change in the atmosphere which will chill your bones (Great King Diamond acting here!!!!). Always in this song is introduece the second main charachter of this tragic and bloody story, the Unlucky Man's love Victoria ( we can really say BLOOD is one of the characters). The song ends and immediately we're in front of another character, the Puppet Master Wife, Emerencia, introduced by the fourth song, "Emerencia", which is for me ,with "Magic",the fifth song "Blue Eyes" and the sixth, "The Ritual", a higlight of the album. This track is terrifying from the beginning (note the dark piano introduction) to the end. The Nighmare has begun and it will never leave you, ah ah ah ah !!!! The sevetnth song "No More Me" is , in reality, an interlude , like "Goodbye" in the "House of God" album. This track describes the bloody ritual needed to create the puppets. I will reveal no more of the story, because it's very good and tragic and discovering listening to the record is a real pleasure (and nightmare..brrrr). For me, it is perhaps the best story since "Them" and "Voodoo". It's incredible how the band,King and Livia have been able to create during all the songs an atmosphere which is quite surreal, innatural,magic and dark. The song , with the exception, for me, of "So Sad" and "Christmas",which for me are inferior, are all of the same high musical , textual and vocal level and also they're never boring. The choruses of the tracks are , at a fist listening, hard to find, but it's due to the fact that the word in the choruses change,a device that also helps keeping the attention of the listener very high. The ending track, "Living Dead", is also very good and it's impossible not to think about King Diamond's albums of t
Guest More than 1 year ago
Truly a masterpiece. The story starts with Midnight, a poor unfortunate man in a puppet's body looking back on his blood-stained past. At first I didnt think "BLOOD" should be considered a character, but reconsidered after hearing "No More Me" an interlude describing human dissection and immense pain, much like Abigail 2's "More Than Pain". The highlights of this track(in my view anyway) are Magic:The story of how "Unfortunate Man"(ill call him King) and his girlfriend Victoria meeting and falling in love, Emergencia: The introduction of the evil Puppet Master's wife and a display of some of Andy LaRocque's best guitar work, Christmas: Tale of a not so merry Christmas at the Puppet Theater and with Mike Wead's possible best guitar work, and So Sad: Basic principle of the song: Love, win some, lose a lot(i mean a LOT). Anyway, overall, this is an amazing album full of emotion, gore, and puppets. In my opinion the greatest album of all time. The DVD of King telling the story is also a nice bonus. King is still kickin a** when hes this old, King, I SALUTE YOU FOR THAT! This is a must-have for any fan of King. And if you are a fan of King, rock on! \m/
Guest More than 1 year ago
Awesome! Never expected this huge of a comeback after the disappointment of Abigail II! Excellent guitar work now that there's TWO guitarists who can solo(again), Andy, the only one whos stuck with King all through his solo thing and Mike Wead, guitarist for Mercyful Fate(their later albums) just like his old days when there was Hank Sherman AND Mike Denner then Andy and Mike. Perfect vocals for the creepy atmosphere of the story. Just as good as THEM and Abigail if not better.