The Queen B* and the Homecoming King

The Queen B* and the Homecoming King

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by Crista McHugh

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The Queen B*, Alexis Wyndham, has only three rules when it comes to dating the star quarterback, Brett Pederson:
1. No obligations to spend every waking moment with each other.
2. No public displays of affection while at Eastline High.
3. And absolutely, under no circumstances, will she ever go to the Homecoming dance.
But as her life is completely


The Queen B*, Alexis Wyndham, has only three rules when it comes to dating the star quarterback, Brett Pederson:
1. No obligations to spend every waking moment with each other.
2. No public displays of affection while at Eastline High.
3. And absolutely, under no circumstances, will she ever go to the Homecoming dance.
But as her life is completely upended time and time again, she begins to wonder if some rules are meant to be broken.

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Crista McHugh
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The Queen B* , #3
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The Queen B* and the Homecoming King 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Alexis Wyndham is becoming a better person. Her new relationship with Brett Pederson is having that effect on her. Their romance is special. I love when these two are together. After Brett is seriously injured in a football game, we see another side of this easy going senior. It showed that he had problems dealing with set backs just like the rest of us. He was always the voice of reason. Suddenly Alexis is the person who helps him see what he's becoming and what options he has. I enjoyed this Queen "B" story. It dealt with serious issues such as bullying and sexual assault. It bothered me that Alexis was so cruel when her mother announced her engagement and pregnancy. I wish that Alexis hadn't been so absorbed with her own problems. Family needs to support each other. Crista McHugh did an excellent job with her characters. Alexis continues to mature and become a more understanding person. I enjoyed seeing this emotional growth. All the drama and politics of high school are put on display in this story. It makes me cringe at how mean we can be to each other. I hope that we see more of the Queen "B". I liked her snarky attitude. She's a force for truth and justice.
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
This is book # 3 in The Queen B* series. For reader understanding and enjoyment I encourage you please to read in the order the author intended. Alexis AKA The Queen B*, is also known as Lexi to her friends and family. She is the girlfriend to the football star Brett, who is rather popular. So she sets rules in order to go forward so she can make it through. These rules are also in place for him. Brett is the least of Lexi's problems when she discovers her mothers secret, has a sister befriending her mortal enemy, and a best friend who cannot forgive her. So far Brett and her other BFF are all she has to rely on. Until tragedy strikes. Lexi is all that Brett can think of. He teases her into trying things outside of her little box. The growth they find together makes even the parents proud. What happens when it all is threatened? I could NOT put this one down! I read it and enjoyed every moment. The honesty, the humor, the all over high school hijinx and romance, it just melted me. This is a great installment to the series and an excellent book for my shelf! ***This ARC was given in exchange for an honest review only.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the Queen B* series and by far my favorite. The first two books have been setting up the relationship between Alexis and Brett and now we get to see how that is going to work out. There was some angst (they are teenagers – angst is a requirement!), there were some laughs, and I really loved watching friendships be tested, new friendships being formed, and seeing Brett have a bad day (or two). I loved watching most all of the characters evolve – from Lexi being more compassionate, to Brett having his not so perfect moments, to so many of the secondary characters showing different sides to themselves. Once again I just loved Alexis’s friend Richard and enjoyed getting to see more of him in this book. The bit of drama surrounding Richard gave him a nice feature in this story. There were many story lines going on and at times it got to be a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with everything that was going on. On one hand it created that perfect storm for Lexi, but on the other hand I wish some of the story lines were further developed…and I’m hoping that will be the case in the next book! As with the first two books in the series, I would recommend this book to any Young Adult romance lover, but would caution based on content for younger YA readers – there’s nothing totally explicit, but there are references that may be inappropriate for a younger audience. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.
elizabethSE More than 1 year ago
The Queen B* is back and ready for her close-up!! Or maybe not totally ready to be in the spotlight, aka Prom date, aka ‘girlfriend’ to probable Homecoming King/Quarterback Star Brett Pederson. Alexis Wyndham is growing up in this part 3 of the Queen B* series. In fact all of the characters have grown up since the initial book ‘Confessions of a Queen B*’. Book 3 takes place the very next day after an emotional finish to Book 2. Alexis, the self-proclaimed ‘protector of the weak and bullied’ of her high school, is loosening some of the bands around her heart and is letting in a boyfriend…publicly. She’s ready to show the students at her high school that she will proudly wear Brett’s jersey on game days however she’s not quite ready to try and pretend to be friendly with his football buddies or be his prom date, lol. Change is definitely a challenge for her and this book is full of nothing but changes. Alexis has always been a complicated character and that is what I’ve appreciated about this series from the beginning. It is so easy to set yourself in a certain role, whether it is ‘Queen B*’, token gay guy, football hero, b*&tchy cheerleader and so on, but what do you do when the role you set for yourself no longer defines who you are?? Alexis is afraid that any breaks from her current status as the spy of her high school and Queen B* will make her weak and open her back up to the hurt of ridicule, but she is growing up and who she was when she started high school is not the person she is today. It’s a pretty cool realization but definitely a scary one and we see Alexis make decisions, good and bad, as she tries to adapt to her new self. There are definitely some funny situations that pop up, too. (Mom and boyfriend on a couch…tmi) Alexis isn’t the only one changing, her best buddies, Richard and Morgan are going through some interesting times as well. Richard who is probably one of the strongest characters in the series will have to overcome personal threats and discrimination in order to see if he can manage a spot on the debate team. Morgan, who could probably have a book of her own, will have her own ‘come to Jesus meeting’ about herself…which is good to see. Brett is awesome and so fun to follow! He definitely has a defining moment in this book, too! (I can’t give anything more without spoilers) ‘Queen B* and the Homecoming King’ wraps up this series as a fun read. I hope it’s not the end and Crista McHugh definitely leaves room if she wants to continue their story. I read this through for fun the first time, but it’s even better reading through the second as I really started thinking about the characters. It’s been a while since I was in high school but I don’t think anyone truly forgets what it can be like and whether you were more like an Alexis or Brett (or other), this series definitely had memories coming back to me. Truly enjoyable read!! I don’t recommend reading this as a standalone as I think you need to at least read book 2, ‘Queen B* Strikes Back’ beforehand (and if you do that you really should go ahead and read the first book!!) I did receive an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
My Rating = 4.5 Regal Stars Favorite Quotes: “For all his virtues, Brett was still a seventeen-year- old guy. Or, as he’d once put it, a guy with two heads but only enough blood to operate one at a time.” “Something had to be seriously off in her self-absorbed universe for her to evoke some semblance of politeness.” “She turned away and practically ran back to the building as though she’d lose popularity points by hanging out with me any longer.” My Review: I keep surprising myself by finding this YA series so enjoyable, although I am growing increasingly restless and impatient to complete the story. I typically don’t do well with series, but for some reason I periodically and irrationally attempt one. I never thought I would ever see the day I would admit that I am hopelessly addicted to a teen drama – don’t judge – yet I anxiously forward to the next installment. I am greatly enjoying the evolution of all the characters, even the ones I didn’t expect to like. Brett is definitely smoothing out the rough edges of the Queen B*.