The Rabbit and the Snowman

The Rabbit and the Snowman

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by Sally Lee

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The Rabbit and the Snowman 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Seasons may change, but friendships remain.

Children build a snowman in the forest, but soon leave him, forgotten and alone, to wonder why his friends had left him. Was his carrot nose too crooked? His stick arms too skinny?

Later, he meets rabbit, another creature who lives in the forest. The two spend many days together, talking about the snow and the birds who sometimes join their conversations, about the forest and the stars in the nighttime sky.

But soon the weather begins to warm up, and one day when rabbit comes to visit his friend the snowman, he's no longer there. Was rabbit too furry? Were his ears too big?

The seasons rush by, and rabbit sometimes thinks about his friend the snowman, but usually he's too busy playing and eating. Then the weather changes yet again, and soon the first snowflakes fall, and - his friend the snowman returns!

Young children are sure to enjoy this tale of changing seasons and unchanging friendships!
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿The Rabbit and the Snowman¿ is beautifully written and illustrated by Sally O. Lee. The story is about a snowman that was created out in a field by children and left by himself. The snowman was lonely, until one day a rabbit shows up and befriends him. Not realizing that it is fleeting, they enjoy their friendship with each other. When Spring comes, the snowman disappears. The rabbit is disappointed because he fears that he has done something to scare his friend away. When winter comes again, the snowman returns and the two are able to continue their friendship. This story has a really nice theme about the value of friendship. Children will find themselves relating to the tale because they can see in their own lives how friendships can change. Through this story they will learn that just because a friendship changes, it doesn¿t mean it was because of something that they did wrong. They will see that sometimes their friends have things happening in their own lives that make them change. In addition to children being able to enjoy the story and the illustrations, they will also learn this valuable lesson.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sally O. Lee has created a wonderful little book about friendship that is certain to become a favorite of children and of adults who read to children. And while the cover and content may not appeal to summer shoppers in bookstores and websites (the illustration and name include suggestions of winter snow), this is a good time to gift shop for the children on the Christmas list! Simply and beautifully illustrated with colorful drawings and paintings readily accessible to even very small children, the layout of this fine book is as inviting as the story. The tale begins in winter when a group of children bring gathered treasures to create a snowman in the woods - carrot nose, charcoal eyes and mouth, branches for arms, and tattered scarf and hat. But once the snowman is finished, the children move onto other winter adventures, leaving the snowman alone. Wondering why the children don't return, the snowman begins to question why - is it his skinny arms, his crooked carrot nose, etc.? But his lonely sadness soon disappears when a little rabbit appears and the two become fast friends. In time winter passes and with spring the snowman melts, leaving the little rabbit to question his own appearance and superficial values as the reason for the snowman's exit. Spring blends to summer and summer to fall and fall to winter And with winter's arrival, once again the snowman is recreated and the bond of friendship between the rabbit and the snowman is restored - with a little faith in the durability of friendship despite apparent obstacles. Lee writes and draws well and has succeeded in creating a very dear little book that children will love and adults will treasure as a reminder of what is important in this turbulent world. Recommended. Grady Harp