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The Rakehell's Seduction (The Seduction Series, #2)

The Rakehell's Seduction (The Seduction Series, #2)

4.3 7
by Lauren Smith

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Ambrose Worthing is no gentleman. He’s a proud cold-hearted rake who’s determined to stay a bachelor forever. He enjoys bedding a different woman every night without the risk of falling in love. When he hears about a wager over the seduction and ruination of the daughter of his father’s best



Ambrose Worthing is no gentleman. He’s a proud cold-hearted rake who’s determined to stay a bachelor forever. He enjoys bedding a different woman every night without the risk of falling in love. When he hears about a wager over the seduction and ruination of the daughter of his father’s best friend, he knows he must intervene. Committing himself to the bet, he agrees to seduce Lady Alexandra Rockford—for her own good. He never expected the lady in question to be a beautiful, fiery creature who has passions of her own that call to his guarded heart.


Alexandra Rockford has sworn off men, her heart still broken from the false promises of a childhood sweetheart who left her to marry an heiress. When she stumbles into Ambrose outside of a country ball, she knows the rake is trouble. His smile, his touch, his forbidden kiss are all too tempting but being with him would ruin her. Determined to enjoy herself without falling in love, Alex can’t help but let her defenses down with the too charming rake. But when she discovers Ambrose is seducing her to win a bet, it will take everything Ambrose has to prove to her that he is worthy to love her.

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Lauren Smith
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Seduction Series , #2
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The Rakehell's Seduction 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
alterlisa 8 months ago
I'm a big fan of historical romances and this was one of the best that I've read this year. When you mix mystery, romance and laughter, you'll capture my attention every time. Ambrose was a rakehell- pure and simple, but he had a conscience and really was sweet in his own way. I loved that he was determined to protect Alex's honor. About the only thing I didn't like was the "insta-love" between Ambrose and Alex. At only 195 pages, I guess there wasn't a lot of room to let the love grow.
LightningCityBookReview 8 months ago
Lauren Smith always brings out her best, whether it's Historical, Contemporary, or BDSM - the stories are captivating and delicious. "The Rakehell's Seduction" is another winning Historical under her belt. She's created a scrappy and truly daring heroine, Alexandra Rockford. Who's also too gun-shy to from a failed relationship of the past, remaining resistant to move forward socially. The hero, Ambrose Worthing's well meaning, but not a "creative thinker" in his efforts to protect the heroine. There're a couple of other interesting secondary characters. One is the recurring character of Vaughn Darlington, the frenemy of Ambrose and Gareth in The Seduction series. Vaughn actually shows an honorable side of himself. There's Alex's best friend, Perdita Darby. She too isn't in a hurry to find a husband. But that's not to say she can't be swayed by a man who can fill out a pair of breeches. She's a hoot. The premise of "The Rakehell's Seduction" is intriguing and is more tangled than one believes at first glance. Vaughn's solution to meet the requirements of the bet is ingenious. When he learns of some additional "data" he even becomes a little "romantic" about things. Alexandra's ploys to urge Ambrose to leave the estate are amusing, and her friend, Perdita, is always at the ready. Perdita is quick-witted and can verbally defend and block any man's advances. She's a pip. The only one who can best her is her mother. Strong secondary characters, a compelling storyline, magnetic main characters, and a brisk pace make "The Rakehell's Seduction" a great read. "The Rakehell's Seduction" is a fun, sexy, and sweet romance. With its quick pace, charming characters, enthralling storyline, and its adorable and sexy romance it is irresistible. Lauren Smith's books feel character-centric and are spicy hot; no matter the genre. The Seduction series intertwines with the League of Rogues series with a revealing appearance by Lady Society. The infamous gossip columnist from The Quizzing Glass newspaper. "The Rakehell's Seduction" is wonderfully sexy and romantic losing none of it's historic feel. To read the entire review please visit: http://wp.me/p4XqxF-1Hc This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed
sportochick 8 months ago
The Rakehell's Seduction is a steamy exciting read. This story deals with the men in high society that love to place outrageous wagers and the fallout from one such wager. The author does a brilliant job of showing different sides to two men who have hard core rogue belief systems. Her uncanny ability to display them with somewhat softer sides without them losing the part of their character that attracted the reader to them in the beginning of the story is handled to perfection. Incorporated into the story is the fun interaction between Ambrose and Alexandria which I found humorous. I thought Alex was outstanding in keeping Ambrose honest with her directness and no holds barred attitude. Secondary characters Perdita, Alexandria's best friend, and Vaughn, a now enemy who used to be one of Ambrose's best friends, have some strong presences in the book leading me to believe that they will have their own story in future books to this series. This story teaches one that things and people are not always what they appear, that anyone can change with the right incentive and if you truly love someone you will move heaven and earth to make things right. For me it also showed that sometimes justice comes in the most unusual way. I give this 4 STARS for how it kept me absorbed in what was going on and at the same time chuckling.
BookReview4you 9 months ago
'The Rakehell's Seduction' by Lauren Smith is book Two in the "Seduction" series. This is the story of Ambrose Worthing and Lady Alexandra Rockford. Ambrose is a know rake and seems to be somewhat selfish but when he learns about a bet that is on the books about Alexandra the daughter of his father's best friend. Ambrose goes forward with a plan to try and win the bet in order to help Alexandra in a way. Alexandra has been hurt in the past by a childhood sweetheart who up and married a heiress. So Alexandra has sworn off marriage and knows how to put someone in their place who tries to make demands of her. But Ambrose has a way about him that she is finding hard to fight. Ambrose to is surprised at how much he is attracted to Alexandra. But how will things go when Alexandra finds out what Ambrose is up to. Can Ambrose become the man that Alexandra needs? Wow! This was another great book by Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith is one of my favorite authors and when I see her name on a book I know I will be getting a great story! "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
MyBookAddictionandMore 9 months ago
The Rakeshell’s Seduction by Lauren Smith is book 2 in her ,”Seduction” series, but can be read as a stand alone. An exciting Regency Romance. Once again, Smith has brought readers a most enjoyable and mesmerizing story of a dangerous wager, deception, danger, and romance. While, mostly romance there is some awesome suspense, mystery and romanticism. Lady Alexandra Rockford and Ambrose Worthing are captivating and mesmerizing characters. One proud, arrogant and brooding, the other, a fiery, beautiful Lady who has sworn off men. While, a quick read, only 195 pages, Ms. Smith manages to brings readers a story that will keep you captivated. I thoroughly enjoyed “The Rakehell’s Seduction” with engaging and interesting characters. The storyline is captivating and seductive. A must read for fans of Regency Romance, complicated characters and a great, quick read, will enjoy this title. An enjoyable and satisfying Regency Romance read! Rating: 4.5 Heat rating: Mild Reviewed by: AprilR
CathyGeha 9 months ago
The characters in this book grew on me the further I read. I found Ambrose to be rather abrupt and straightforward in stating what he wanted from Alexandra and I found her to be a bit naïve …well…sort of naïve. I am not sure anyone would really come right out and say or do some of things Ambrose did or that a woman would fall for him as quickly as Alexandra did BUT this is fiction and a story to entertain – and it did. Things became more complicated when Darlington arrived on the scene and his machinations were put into play. I kind of want to read more about Darlington as he seems an intriguing character. This was a story with a happy ending and a few twists and turns taken to get there. Thank you to NetGalley and Barclay Publicity for the book. This is my honest review. 3 Stars
Lashea677 10 months ago
It was so easy to dislike Ambrose, except when it wasn't. Contradicting statement? Yes, but that is the way that I felt. He hid his heart well, but when it came out to play, it set the whole novel on fire. Arrogant, decadent, seductive and brooding this man thrived on being a walking contradiction. When a secret bet puts Alexandra in his sights, his heavily guarded heart may not survive the blow. Alexandra at first glance seems naive in her views, but underneath all of the surface optimism lies a woman with an inner strength and hidden fire just waiting to find it's target. Ms. Smith loves to dole out surprises and with The Rakehell's Seduction she not only gave an enchanting story, she delivered characters that were as mesmerizing and complicated as the writer herself. Well done.