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The Reality War Book1: The Slough of Despond

The Reality War Book1: The Slough of Despond

4.0 4
by Tim Taylor

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The Reality War Book1: The Slough of Despond 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
seldombites More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting and entertaining book. The characters are well-developed, the plot believable and the prose engaging. Unlike many e-books, this book is very well edited - I did not pick up on any errors. I enjoyed this book very much and will be obtaining the second book as soon as I am able.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Armand-Inezian More than 1 year ago
Tim Taylor's Reality War #1- the Slough of Despond is a tightly scripted puzzler of a novel that follows the lives of two "men" who are destined to change not just history, but fundamental reality. The two "men" in question are Radlan Saravanan, a man from our future, and Karypsic, a member of a race of lizard-like people in a Saurian-reality that is a shadow of our own. Both Radlan and Karypsic play key roles as their two realities become intertwined and jostle for supremacy. But these two men's struggles are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as players from far flung futures (the most prominent being the enigmatic joker and general wildcard named Senator Greyhart) show up to influence (and undermine) events. Taylor does a great job of juggling the technical detail of a quantum fuzziness gone mad, temporal shifts, and a fractal, jigsaw plot line- weaving a smart, complelling storyline. Although I do have to admit that, on a couple of occasions, I found myself a bit sidetracked by some of the side-plots. It could have used a little tightening here and there. This story also examines the human side of events as both Radlin and Karypsic struggle between love, and their duty to the future of their species. For Radlan in particular, this plays out in stark detail as it soon becomes apparent that he must choose between his love for the lovely Amanda Devonshire and the safety of humanity. Be warned however that if you prefer heroic leading men , you may be in for a bit of a let down. Radian is a passive guy and duty prone. Karypsic is domineering, possessive, and smug. Both men lean more towards the anti-hero model. If you want to find true heroic presence in Reality War, you will need to look to Jill Smith (Radlan's take-no-BS daughter ) and Kalichee, Karypsic's wise wife. For me, this is where the real heart lays, and I hope there is more of those two characters in the sequel. All in all, the Slough of Despond is a solid read that examines some complex and smart issues and I recommend it to fans of sci-fi and speculative fiction
bryanm More than 1 year ago
The Reality War Book 1 is about the time travel Radlan Saravanan, and about how his life starts to intermingle with the people in the past he has been assigned to work in. His assignment is protecting inhabitants from the future in the witness protection program. Since the time he is working in is in the past and the assignment lasts for many years he begins to get involved with a woman What will happen if he gets really involved…will it change history? It is a time paradox; will it affect the past or the future? He decides that he can't be that important and goes for it…but what happens if the woman is important? I loved the complexities of this epic novel. The book flips from different times and planets in space. One chapter you are in the future and on a different planet that is at war with earth. Then you back on earth in the past where you learn that the aliens are here unknown to earthlings. The book made me feel like a true time traveler and I loved it. The only complaint I have…which really isn't a complaint…was that the enemy is too likeable…but perhaps that is what the author is going for? Which side has the right to live? The story is very smooth and moves along at a good clip. I enjoyed that the book is taking place in England (the author is from England) and how some of the phrases or words that he uses I haven't ever heard before…I feel that it makes the book more interesting. You can't go wrong with this book and wait until you read Book 2, The Reality War Book 2: The City of Destruction. It just keeps getting better.