The Rebels Of Cordovia

The Rebels Of Cordovia

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by Linda Weaver Clarke
There was a time when swashbuckling men and brave women engaged in daring and romantic adventures such as Robin Hood, The 3 Musketeers, Zorro, and anyone who fought with bravery and valor. These men and women were looked up to because they defended the people from oppression.

Centuries after the legendary Robin Hood, a group of men and women find themselves fighting


There was a time when swashbuckling men and brave women engaged in daring and romantic adventures such as Robin Hood, The 3 Musketeers, Zorro, and anyone who fought with bravery and valor. These men and women were looked up to because they defended the people from oppression.

Centuries after the legendary Robin Hood, a group of men and women find themselves fighting for the same cause: for freedom of speech and equality. Robin's Rebels realize they must help the people survive this oppression. In this battle for freedom, a love story begins to blossom. Daniel, a rogue and a leader of the Freemen, doesn't realize that the sweet feminine woman he has met and is falling for happens to be the leader of Robin's Rebels. Realizing the importance of uniting all the rebel groups, Daniel tries to recruit Robin's Rebels but they refuse. Now he has to find a way to convince them. When he finds out the leader is actually a woman, what will his reaction be?

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Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching people to write their family history and autobiography. She is the author of several historical romances, a mystery suspense series, a children's book, and a cozy mystery series. All her books are family friendly.

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The Rebels Of Cordovia 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
GA-Clarke More than 1 year ago
This is a fun read. I was a fan of the old Robin Hood stories and this book certainly follows the line of good verses evil and people banding together to overcome the  evil dictator. A great twist at the end that I did not see coming.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Rebels of Cordovia By Linda Weaver Clarke Publ: Red Mountain Shadows Publishing c.2013 Cordovia is a land in conflict. At the death of the former king - King Edmund – the throne was taken over by self-proclaimed King Rupert. Where King Edmund had been a kind-hearted loving ruler King Rupert was a tyrant. He abuses his power and forces his will upon his The people are rebelling in small pockets. The rebel groups formed are mostly seeking to help the over-taxed, despondent people of Cordovia. The two mail rebel groups are the Freemen and Robin’s Rebels. The leader of the Freemen is a large man who unknown to many is the son of an aristocrat. The leader of Robin’s Rebels is a mystery. He wears a mask, and his true identity is known only to the members of his group. Robin Marie is the daughter of the village baker in Charlottesville. She is a lovely young woman who has a heart for the people of Cordovia. But her beauty and grace hid the fact that her father has taught her to be a master archer and swordsman. It also hides the fact that she is the “Robin” of Robin’s Rebels because she is called Marie instead of Robin. Daniel is the leader of the “Freemen”. He is a large man who possesses a gentle heart. His greatest desire is to see the people of Cordovia freed from the despotic rule of King Rupert. He hopes to join forces with Robin’s Rebels to accomplish that goal. The initial contact to that purpose has been conducted by his second-in-command. Now he is to meet the leader of Robin’s Rebels when the two groups agree to a competition of skill to see if they should join forces. Daniel is broadsided when he realizes that the lovely baker’s daughter he is attracted to is the leader of Robin’s Rebels. He is even more intrigued when he sees the skills she possesses. The battle to free Cordovia progresses as the people continue to fight against Rupert’s tyranny finally culminating in a show of the people’s force when Rupert’s true nature is exposed and the extent of his lawlessness is revealed. The desires of the former king are made known to the surprise of many and the joy of all but Rupert and his closest followers. Take a journey through the land of Cordovia and watch a people become what is the best in them in a tale as adventurous and entertaining as the tales of Robin Hood that we have loved since childhood. This is a delightful tale of adventure and romance in a time when there are few of them written with a wholesome attitude. I highly recommend this book to all in search of adventure, romance, intrigue and a climax with a wonderful surprise.
Njkinny More than 1 year ago
Centuries after Robin Hood, the circumstances are again in demand of yet another brave savior like him which leads to the formation of "Robin's Rebels" in the kingdom of Cordovia where people are unhappy and oppressed under the unjust rule of King Rupert.  King Rupert is only concerned with lavish parties and getting fitted in grand clothes and is unconcerned about the welfare of his people who are overtaxed to pay off the debts incurred due to his lavish lifestyle. Amidst this oppressive and unhappy circumstances blossoms a love between Daniel and Marie. Daniel, though a son of an aristocrat, feels strongly towards the injustice and plight of the people and has thus formed a rebel group called "Freemen" to fight against the King. What he doesn't know and anticipate is that the fair and lovely maiden he got attracted to at first sight is also the mysterious leader of the famous rebel group "Robin's Rebels"! Hoping to merge the two groups and thus, increase their numbers against the King, Daniel challenges the mysterious Robin to an archery match. But what will happen when he comes to know the real identity of Robin? How will he react when he realizes that the mighty Robin is a woman? Can they merge forces and end this reign of tyranny? A feel-good, light and breezy book with a very appealing cover which instantly catches the reader's attention forcing him to stop and take notice, "The Rebels Of Cordovia" is an engaging book with ample twists and turns to keep the reader interested. Although it takes sometime to engross the reader but once it does then there is no lack anywhere. I liked the brave and chivalrous character of Marie/Robin who is adept at disguises and can splendidly play the role of the mysterious and the savior of the poor, Robin as well as the role of a dainty, sensitive maiden, Marie. Daniel is a great leader as well as sensitive to the plight of the common man. He is very devoted to his cause and his sincerity and sense of responsibility is common between him and Robin. I was also enamored by the love and care that these two display towards each other. Andrew, Robin's father is an interesting character with multiple talents to his name and is responsible for training Robin in the art of fighting. Charles, Daniel's father is also an endearing character with his jovial nature and a strong sense of justice which prompts him to support his son in his goal of restoring peace in Cordovia. The characters are expertly developed and I loved the overall lively interactions and the caring attitude they displayed for each other. Whether it be their leg pulling or their die-for-each-other attitude. In all a light book that will entertain and cuddle you while also leaving the reader affected by the sufferings and poverty in the story. I give it a 4 out of 5. Linda does an admirable work of recreating a new Robin Hood and a touching romance in the backdrop of a fight between right and wrong. This review is also available on blog Njkinny's World of Books..
cclblue More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this Robin-hood like story. It also drew from other stories I am familiar with. I thought this was big fun. It's a terrific tale of good verses evil, with a strong hero and heroine. It's a clean read through and through. I loved the characters and watching them triumph over their foes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another delightful novel by Linda Weaver Clarke is not a surprise at all. This newest one, The Rebels of Cordovia, is an enjoyable read from start to finish. I just knew something unexpected was going happen at the end, but once again, I couldn't outguess this clever author! Not only is she very creative, her stories are always good, clean fun.  It is so nice to be able to read them knowing that you won't run into ideas and references you would just rather not read. A big thank you, Linda, for a couple more evenings of fun reading!  I can barely wait for your next book!                          ....Linda Badurek, Avid Reader
Mommasez More than 1 year ago
The Rebels of Cordovia is a wonderful fable about God, first love, and our responsibility to help other men. Told in a delightfully old-fashioned manner with protagonists who are pleasant and fairly gentle villains, the story follows young Robin Marie as she leads a rebel band like Robin Hood of olde. The youngest of a household of girls, Robin Marie has been schooled in the bow and arrow by her father, a mild-mannered baker. He fills her head with dreams of restoring Cordovia back to a healthy and happy kingdom. The evil king who rules over the people in a tyrannical fashion had murdered the previous king and driven the young, much-beloved prince off. Robin and many other townspeople, including rich, handsome Daniel, believe that Prince Jonathan should come back and replace the king. While fighting for their freedom, Robin Marie and Daniel fall in love but must put their feelings on the back-burner. Country comes first. This book was a fun read with a strong plot and fast paced action, but gentle and happy characters. Linda Weaver Clarke has a storyteller's talent for enchanting and mesmerizing the audience. She weaves her key topics of love and respect through The Rebels of Cordovia as poverty and it's devastating side effects are overcome by Robin and her band of merry men...and women. Robin is a strong female character with morals and an innocence that readers will appreciate. There are also some exciting surprises and twists that will delight the heart. A very timely subject set in a gilt frame, definitely a must read!
LAWonder More than 1 year ago
This is a different twist on a tale you will surely recognize. It has a historical setting. Cordovia was once an ideal peaceful country. An evil man took over leadership and now the people are beginning to rebel. The two key people both have a rebel following. Should they combine or would they be more effective as separate groups? This is also a story of villages and families just trying to stay together and survive the tyranny of oppressive rules and high taxes. Is it coincidental that we can relate to it even in our day and age? Within these pages, are adventure, romance, and intrigue. While it is mostly directed toward a YA audience, it is a fun novel for adults as well.