The Red Cross Of Gold

The Red Cross Of Gold

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by Brendan Carroll
An apparent kidnapping and rape become the first steps of a mystical journey for the Chevalier du Morte as a routine mission precipitates a spiritual fall from grace. When the victim quickly turns the tables on the abductors, the immortal Knight sinks in a corrupt quagmire of sin while fighting to recover his lost purpose and identity. A temporary lapse that nearly


An apparent kidnapping and rape become the first steps of a mystical journey for the Chevalier du Morte as a routine mission precipitates a spiritual fall from grace. When the victim quickly turns the tables on the abductors, the immortal Knight sinks in a corrupt quagmire of sin while fighting to recover his lost purpose and identity. A temporary lapse that nearly costs his life as well as the destruction of the Ancient Order of the Red Cross of Gold when his own Brothers turn against him and the Assassin becomes the target of not one, but three deadly enemies.

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"No!  Just do it,"  Lucio begged him.  "Just do it."

"I am.  I have to pull the knives out."  Mark looked around the room in desperation.

"No! No! Just say the words," Lucio gasped at him and looked up at his hands.  "Don’t bother with them.  Just say the words.  I’m ready."

"What words?  What are you talking about?"  Mark shook his head.  Was he supposed to know some magick to make this go away?

"I am he that liveth and was dead and behold, I am alive forever,"  Lucio panted the strangely familiar words.  "In God, the Master."  Lucio closed his eyes tightly.  "Santa Maria, just say it.  I hold the key of Death.  I have seen…"  Dambretti opened his eyes and looked at him again.  "The words!  Say the words!"  He moaned as Mark climbed onto the bed with him and put one knee on each side of his stomach.  Mark laid his sword on the bed beside him.  Lucio continued to speak "I have seen the work of thy labors and have been witness to…"  Dambretti stopped talking.  He lay breathing very hard against the pain that Mark’s movements on the bed caused him.  "I have been witness to the devotion of thy trust, O Brother.  By this act…"  He stopped again as Mark took hold of one of the daggers with both hands.  "No! No!  Please, don’t do that."

Mark ignored him. 

"By this act I command..." 

Mark raised up and put one foot against the headboard, leaning straight back.  Dambretti closed his eyes and shouted at him to stop one more time and then began to babble.  "I commend thy soul to God and set thee free of this broken body." 

Ramsay wiggled the blade slightly and Dambretti screamed at him.  He set his jaw and then pushed against the headboard with every ounce of strength he possessed.  He closed his eyes when Dambretti raised up beneath him and the knife came free.  He tumbled back across the bed, trying to catch himself fruitlessly before flipping over the foot board onto the carpet.  He scrambled to his feet holding the bloody knife aloft triumphantly.  There was still one to go. 

"Mark!"  Merry shouted to him from the door.  "He’s coming."

She dashed back into the room and stood near the dormer window as he reached for his sword.  He came up with the sword as Valentino’s ugly security man stepped in front of the open door swinging the shotgun up to bear on him.  The sight of the weapon did not stop the infuriated Knight.  The old familiar rage filled him at the sight of the man’s face spattered and smeared with his Brother’s blood. He was on the man before he had time to pull either trigger, knocking him backwards onto the floor in the hallway.  His own momentum took him over the man and across the hall where he crashed into another door and bounced off. The man made it to his feet first and scrambled off down the hall toward the stairs, abandoning the shotgun in his attempt to get away from the gleaming sword that had embedded its point in the rug next to his head.  Mark yanked the blade free and started after him.  He stopped halfway to the stairs and doubled over as the pain caught up with him. The dual impact of door and floor coupled with the tumble from the bed, brought painful reminders of the dreadful wound he had received less than twenty-four hours ago. Gasping for breath and clutching his side, he leaned momentarily on the sword and then ran down the stairs after the man.  Merry ran after him, screaming his name.  At the second floor landing he stopped.  Maxie was halfway down the hall and making for the grand staircase.  Merry almost caught him, but he sprinted away after the man oblivious to the pain in his side and her desperate cries for him to stop. 

The big man paused at the top of the stairs and turned to look back.  Mark brought up the sword and leaped into the air swinging the blade around in a wide arc which would take the man’s head off clean from his shoulders.  Merry screamed again, the man threw his arms into the air overbalancing himself.  He teetered on the edge of the top riser for what seemed like several long seconds, grabbed for the banister and then toppled backwards down the stairs just as the golden blade grazed his left arm. 

Mark turned a complete three-sixty in the air, landed heavily on the rug, stumbled and caught himself on the railing with his left hand.  He came down hard on the railing and knocked what remained of his breath away. Pain, pain and more pain. He was momentarily incapacitated as stars danced in front of his eyes.

Maxie tumbled heels over head backwards down the stairs until he sprawled face down on the marble tiles of the foyer below.  Valentino appeared from the hallway just as her security man, made his last yelping slap against the stone floor and then lay very still.  Blood trickled from his ear.  Merry dashed down the length of the upper corridor and stood beside Mark looking down in shock at the scene below.  Valentino knelt beside the man and picked up his wrist.  She held a handkerchief in front of her face.  Only her large, dark eyes were visible above the cloth as she looked up at them.  To Mark’s pain-wracked mind, she looked like the veiled Saracen woman in the courtyard. He shouted something down at her in what sounded like Latin and started down the stairs with his sword raised over his head, but Merry threw herself at him, grabbing his shirt, yanking him back against the banister.  He spun on her and then blinked rapidly, confused by what had happened.

"No!" she said adamantly.  "We’ve got to go!  Leave her alone."

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The Red Cross Of Gold 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Syria_Says More than 1 year ago
Storyline: This story, surprisingly enough, starts off in modern-day Texas after a preface set during the Fall of Jerusalem in 1187 CE and another short scene that takes place in modern Italy. Our hero, Sir Mark Andrew Ramsay, is a grouchy Scotsman with a problem (several of them, in fact!) He is not a very nice fellow, but due to a vicious attack and kidnapping, he has forgotten that fact. While in this state of discombobulation, he falls in love with one of his captors, which is strictly forbidden by the rules of his ancient Order. His original assassin's mission forgotten, he has to fight for his life on two fronts as his captor's try to kill him and one of his Brothers of the Order comes after him with blood vengeance in mind. I was impressed by the complexity of the plot and the ease of reading that made me carry this book everywhere I went, unwilling to put it down. I enjoyed the flashback action that told bits and pieces of Mark's past worked in as memory flashes as his head began to clear up. The ending was surprising and original and left me wanting to know what happens next. Grammar/Spelling: Although it does have a few grammatical errors and typos sprinkled throughout, I kept forgetting to keep an eye out for them because the story advances so quickly. Another once over with spell-checker/grammar might make it even better for sticklers. Character Development: The characters were very well described and developed. There were several characters to hate and some that made me just scratch my head and go hmph! For the most part I ended up hating on the right people and liking the best ones. I loved Meredith Sinclair's naïveté and Cecile Valentino's evilness. Mark, of course, is my hero even though he has a number of serious issues. I can imagine in a series this long that there will be many more characters to love and hate and if they are as well developed it will be a pleasure to read about them. Writing Style: Mr. Carroll's writing style is refreshing in that he keeps the action going for the most part in such a way that it is hard to catch a breath before something else happens. He uses dialog and accented speech (spelled out phonetically) that allows the reader to catch the full impact of the scene. I could actually hear them talking in my head. Descriptions of settings, clothing, feelings are included in the story as it progresses. There is a bit foul language where a reader would expect to find it (non-gratuitous in other words), which I personally appreciate, but there are some mildly explicit love scenes that are tastefully executed, which I also appreciate. Continuity: I found no problems with continuance. Blue cars stayed blue and time lines were quite realistic and well thought out. Overall Rating: 4+ I would suggest that the author check once more with a grammar/spellcheck or Beta reader, perhaps. The chapters were not uniform in length and I like to stop at one chapter or two depending on my schedule and some of the chapters were very long. The inclusion of scriptures at the beginning of each chapter really lent an air of ominous doom and I found myself waiting to see how they played into the story, this I liked very much. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a different type of Templar fiction than what is normally seen in the bookstore. It is R-rated so mature audiences would be in order. Even if the Templars
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a bit of money well spent my friends. I strongly suggest buying this book for yourself and a loved one, you wont be let down.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book proves that you don't have to be young to get into a lot a really good trouble. The Knight of Death was just minding his own business, looking for his latest victim to behead, when all of a sudden 'Bam!' He falls in love and almost loses his own head. Even if he is a mean, nasty, rotten, ancient guy, he exonerates himself in the end. I'll read this one again to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Guest More than 1 year ago
To say that this book is good, is to say that the Atlantic Ocean is a little damp. The plot, the character development, the action...this book has it all! I can't wait to read more of the books in the series!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Literally. It's real hard for a god-fearing, vow-taking Poor Knight of Solomon's Temple to resist the charms of this book's unlikely heroine. Especially when he's tied to a tree, but that is only the beginning of a rip-roaring good read. The action is almost non-stop as this Poor Knight's luck goes from bad to worse and I loved every minute of it. For all his arrogance, he certainly got his come-uppance and paid for his bloody past before it was all over. If you like good adventure and twisted mystery, this is the story for you. It will leave you physically tired and yet, wanting more, but look out for the Golden Sword though, it cuts both ways, enemies as well as friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Red Cross of Gold leaves the reader almost out of breath with its fast-paced action that never ends. You will find yourself as confused as the main character quite quickly and just as desperate to learn who he is and what happened to him. More than that, what is going to happen next. Each page presents a new mystery and just as one is solved, another presents itself and makes you want to read on and on. It was very disappointing to close the book at the end and I can only hope that there will be a sequel in the offing. Bravo!