The Reproductive System

The Reproductive System

by Pam Walker, Pamela Walker

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The intent of Lucent's "Understanding the Human Body" series is to explore different systems of the human body, each in its own volume. The reproductive process is discussed first in well-thought-out, albeit complex language and detail, beginning with mitosis-"The Dance of Mitosis," on to "The Dance of the Gametes Begins/Concludes," and "The Chromosome Wrap." Photos of microscopic cells add to the discussion and are annotated with additional information. Chapters on the male and female reproductive systems are clearly written and enhanced with microscopic photos of sperm, ovaries, etc. and diagrams of the male and female systems. Likewise, the chapter on fertilization and fetal development. A chapter on diseases of the reproductive system includes problems in pregnancy, the effects of and prevention of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and cancer. A chapter on Medical Technologies discusses Pap tests, enlarged prostate, pregnancy tests and IVF procedures and ultrasound. While suggested book references are not timely, most in the mid-1990s and two published in 1987, suggested Internet sources and Web sites are child-oriented. Book references consulted by authors are also somewhat dated, however readers will find here a wide range of reputable Internet sources such as CDC, JAMA, and Cornell Medical College. A glossary and index are included. Many complex words defined in the text are not included in the glossary. Both authors are middle/high school science teachers. A good research source for in-depth information and reports, useful to adult readers as well. 2003, Lucent Books/Gale Thomson Learning, Ages 12 up.
— Elaine Wick

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Understanding the Human Body Ser.
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