The Republic

by Plato

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Disc 1

  1. "I Went Down to Piraeus Yesterday With Glaucon"
  2. "With Pleasure, Cephalus"
  3. "What Would You Say Is the Greatest Benefit You Have Derived from Your
  4. Polemarchus "Inherits the Discussion" on the Definition of Justice
  5. "All Right Then When People Are Unwell..." -The Just Man
  6. Thrasymachus Takes Control of the Argument
  7. Thrasymachus: "Some Cities Are Tyrannies, Some Are Democracies and ..."
  8. Socrates: "It's Neither Here nor There, Polemarchus, " I Said
  9. Glaucon Puts the Argument for Injustice
  10. Glaucon: The Legend of Gyhes the Lydian
  11. Socrates Defends Justice
  12. Socrates: "The Origin of a City Lies... in That We Are Not, Any of Us,
  13. Socrates: "In Which Case, Where Exactly Are Justice and Injustice ..."
  14. The Origin of War and the Need for Guardians- Soldiers

Disc 2

  1. Socrates: "Which of These People Are to Rule, And Which to Be Ruled"
  2. The Full Guardians and the Auxiliaries, The Defenders of the Ruler's ...
  3. The Phoenician Story and the Training of the Auxiliaries
  4. The Four Elements of a City Which Is Wholly Good: Wisdom, Courage, ...
  5. Wisdom
  6. Courage
  7. Self-Discipline
  8. Justice
  9. The Role of the Classes in Society- The Skilled Worker or Businessman; the
  10. The Rational and the Spirited
  11. Socrates: "Which Is More Profitable: Just Actions, Good Behavior... or
  12. Adeimantus Raises the Question of the Role of Women in Society
  13. Socrates Continues the Discussion
  14. The Situation of Children
  15. Socrates: "The Greatest Good... and the Greatest Evil... in the ..."
  16. On Campaign With the Children
  17. The Treatment of the Enemy- Enslavement?

Disc 3

  1. A Model of Justice and a Model of Injustice
  2. Socrates: "There Is No End to Suffering... Unless Either ..."
  3. The Training of the Rulers
  4. Glaucon: "Yes, He Said. "It Is a Good Idea to Find That Out"
  5. Socrates: "...the Most Important Branch of Study Is the Form or ..."
  6. The Faculty of Sight
  7. Socrates: "This Is What You Must Take Me to Mean by the Child of ..."
  8. The Ruler of What Can Be Understood and the Ruler of What Can Be Seen
  9. The Metaphor of the Community in the Cave
  10. Returning to Everyday Life After the Contemplation of the Divine
  11. "In Which Case, Glaucon, You Should Bear in Mind"
  12. The Agreed Characteristics of the City
  13. The Four Regimes of Rule: The Cretan or Spartan (Honour-Loving- Timarchy),
  14. Timeocracy of Timarchy
  15. I Imagine the Next Regime... Oligarchy

Disc 4

  1. Democracy
  2. "...That Leaves Us With the Task of Describing... Tyranny"
  3. Socrates: "What Prompts the Change from Champion to Tyrant?"
  4. The Verdict: 'The Best... Is the One Who Is Most Kingly, The One Who ...
  5. A Second Proof- The Three Parts of the Soul: Pleasure, Desire, Rule
  6. Here Are Three Men..."
  7. Glaucon: "Explain, Please, Why Pleasure Is a Shadow- Picture"
  8. Socrates: Do You Know What Sort of Thing These Pleasures and Pains Are
  9. Socrates: "A Great Prize Is at Stake, Glaucon... for Being Good Rather
  10. The Tale of Er, The Son of Armenius
  11. A New Journey to the Light- And Eight Whorls
  12. "... When They Arrived They Had to Go Immediately Before Lachesis"
  13. Choice: The Middle Way
  14. "This Choice of Lives Among the Various Souls..."
  15. Socrates: "Practise Justice With Wisdom"

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