The Restorer's Journey

The Restorer's Journey

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by Sharon Hinck

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When a foreign threat invades their comfortable home, Susan and Jake soon find themselves drawn back through the portal to the world of the People of the Verses. Now Susan will struggle to love a people who have become her captors, while Jake suffers a tragic betrayal and discovers his destiny as the next Restorer.


When a foreign threat invades their comfortable home, Susan and Jake soon find themselves drawn back through the portal to the world of the People of the Verses. Now Susan will struggle to love a people who have become her captors, while Jake suffers a tragic betrayal and discovers his destiny as the next Restorer.

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Tyndale House Publishers
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The Sword of Lyric Series
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5.64(w) x 8.24(h) x 1.03(d)

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Sharon Hinck is the author of several novels, including The Restorer and The Restorer’s Son, books 1 and 2 in the Sword of Lyric series. She was named “Writer of the Year” at the 2007 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Besides writing, Sharon enjoys speaking at conferences and retreats. She lives in Minnesota with her family, in a home that does not have a finished attic.

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The Restorer's Journey 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
I'm still not a fantasy fan but this is one series that I have enjoyed thoroughly. This is mainly due to Sharon Hinck's writing and her ability to suck you into the story even if you are totally unfamiliar with the genre, like myself. The story picks up right where The Restorer's Son left off it's a shocker right from the beginning. Two from the other world have now come into our world and the Mitchell family has to figure out a way to get them out. Mishap and mayhem occur as Mark, Susan and Jake do their best to return to Lyric. I would have liked a bit more time seeing how the outsiders fared in our world but it's not really an issue. When returning to Lyric, the family faces obstacles and consequences they didn't expect and find themselves amidst another battle that will threaten the lives of all those they have come to love. Lyric is like another Middle Earth or another Narnia. It's a world that Sharon has completely created. I normally shy away from fantasy because it's hard for me to grasp different worlds in relationship to our own world. I did have problems with this in the beginning of this series but by the time this book came around, I was totally able to accept the idea of Lyric. There were some parts that I did feel drag on a bit. This was mainly during the scenes where the characters were waiting for action. It wasn't boring, just felt like there was a lull in the scene and in the reading. The ending also left me a bit hanging. I understood why it had to happen, yet at the same time I could foresee problems trying to explain the situation. It didn't seem like an easy way out to end the story yet at the same time I felt like something else could have happened. Either way, I would love to see a return to this series in the future. Sharon has done an excellent job of making non fantasy fans enjoy the fantasy world and stretch both their imagination and reading tastes.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a great addition to the Sword of Lyric series. I hope there will be another one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sharon Hinck has taken her readers on another grand journey. Check your schedule before opening the book, you'll need a few clear days because you will not want to stop reading until the end! Susan, Mark, and Jake return from Lyric to pick life back up where they left off. Despite the fact they know Cameron and Medea traveled through the portal also, they haven't seen or heard from them in three months. Just as they allow themselves a sense of security, their house is invaded. Cameron and Medea abduct Susan and take her back through the portal with them. Mark and Jake must follow. Back in Lyric again, Jake finds things very different, and his mom has disappeared. Jake must learn the meaning of the Restorer power flowing through his body and understand that following the One is not an easy task. Susan also must find the well of faith within her and she faces worse trials than ever before from an enemy that threatens to destroy her spirit and very soul. Sharon Hinck skillfully takes the reader into a world of faith and fights, hatred and love, evil and good. And somehow, within the lives of Susan and Jake readers will see themselves and find their own journey to follow the One is filled with battles, betrayals, challenges and growth. What an amazing book. I suggest you read all three of the Sword of Lyric books. They will leave you hoping for another.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Before Susan, Mark and their eighteen years old son Jake use the portal to return from the dimension of Lyric to their home on earth (see THE RESTORER¿S SON), Councilman Cameron and the Rhus Media (who can twist and poison the minds of her victims) they escape through the portal into our earth too. They disappear for several weeks before they return with packages and force Susan to get through the dimension corridor with them.------------ Mark is unable to use the portal, but Jake travels to the other world to rescue his mother. Jake has changed since the last time he was on the other side. Cameron claims to have records that say when Restorer appeared twice in a generation, the line ends. This is a lie because Jake is the new Restorer, a person sent to the One to fight for the people and help the guardians. While Jake seeks his mother and a plan to defeat Cameron and throw the Kahlarea out of Render, Susan is trapped in the land of Rhus where Medea¿s protégé tries his best to beak her by crawling through her mind.------------ Anyone who has felt the darkness close in on them while also feeling rage and despair should read THE RESTORER¿S JOURNEY. Susan and Jake feel all that and more, but they draw on the strength from the One and in their hearts and refuse to allow evil to win. Sharon Hinck writes fantasy that takes the audience to a special magical place where faith is the cornerstone of life. Those who fail to adhere to that philosophy end up destroying themselves from inside their souls to their physical presence.--------------- Harriet Klausner