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The Revealing (Inn at Eagle Hill Series #3)

The Revealing (Inn at Eagle Hill Series #3)

4.6 18
by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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Naomi King, soft spoken, loyal, and easily overlooked, has a gift. She sees what others can't see. Intuition, she calls it. Others in Stoney Ridge don't know what to make of it and dismiss her hunches and inklings altogether.

When a young woman arrives at the Inn at Eagle Hill with a shocking secret about Tobe Schrock, Naomi fears the worst. She can't ignore the


Naomi King, soft spoken, loyal, and easily overlooked, has a gift. She sees what others can't see. Intuition, she calls it. Others in Stoney Ridge don't know what to make of it and dismiss her hunches and inklings altogether.

When a young woman arrives at the Inn at Eagle Hill with a shocking secret about Tobe Schrock, Naomi fears the worst. She can't ignore the feeling that something sinister is at work— something more than a threat to the tenuous love begun between her and Tobe.

As signs mount, they begin to point to Jake Hertzler, the elusive mastermind behind Schrock Investments' downfall. Soon, events spiral hopelessly out of control and Naomi must decide whether to listen to her head or her heart.

In this riveting conclusion to The Inn at Eagle Hill series, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher pulls out all the stops with a fast-paced tale of deception, revelation, and just the right dose of romance.

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Inn at Eagle Hill Series , #3
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Meet the Author

Suzanne Woods Fisher is the bestselling author of The Letters, The Calling, the Lancaster County Secrets series, and the Stoney Ridge Seasons series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace. She is also the coauthor of an Amish children's series, The Adventures of Lily Lapp. Suzanne is a Carol Award winner for The Search, a Carol Award finalist for The Choice, and a Christy Award finalist for The Waiting. She is also a columnist for Christian Post and Cooking & Such magazines. She lives in California. Learn more at www.suzannewoodsfisher.com and connect with Suzanne on Twitter @suzannewfisher.

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The Revealing 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
4Gazpacho More than 1 year ago
The Revealing is the third book in the Inn of Eagle Hill series. The first two books in the group are The Letters and The Calling. Another novella, an ebook, that can fit into the series is called The Rescue. All throughout The Revealing , references are made of some past events that may have taken place in one of the earlier books. I haven't read any of the previous stories but the background information offered in this book seemed adequate to me to read this book alone.  The title provides a hint that this story will have some type of unexpected end to it. By the conclusion of the first paragraph, it's confirmed that one of the main characters, Naomi King is shouldering a massive secret almost too large for her to handle. Somehow shy, unassuming Naomi had gotten into a secret relationship with an Amish man whose early years were spent living with a Mennonite family; one who had become restless enough the previous year to disappear awhile before returning to his Amish roots. Naomi's brother Galen didn't approve of Tobe Schrock. In spite of Galen's dim view of Tobe, Naomi was drawn to Tobe, and it seemed Tobe felt the same way. But then, as if to prove Galen right, Tobe was sent to prison to take responsibility for his part in a financial scam involving his father's business.  Rose Schrock is Tobe's stepmother. When Tobe and Bethany Schrock were young, their mother divorced their dad and left the family behind. A few years later, Rose took them under her wing and tried to heal their shattered hearts. Their new family was happy until tragedy struck and Rose's husband died in a drowning accident. Rose has been trying to pick up the pieces since then. Her next door neighbor, Galen King, has done what he could to help Rose care for her farm in the absence of adult men. Now there would be another romance brewing if Rose were to allow it to continue to grow from their budding friendship. But Rose senses they are at different stages in their lives and she's not certain they could make a relationship work.  Another potential romance could be developing between Rose's stepdaughter, Bethany, and Jimmy Fisher. Bethany has been making her desires known to Jimmy lately, but when the topic comes up between them, Jimmy gets a look on his face akin to panic and uneasiness. Bethany has been trying to figure out what is making Jimmy hesitate for awhile now, but at the same time she's being distracted by a secret she is harboring about her sister, Mim.  Mim Schrock is not interested in romance. She has an unusual gift for writing, and it has caught the attention of school teacher Danny. He's been trying to encourage her to improve her writing, but his efforts have not been overly appreciated. Mim gets distracted when a new family moves to Stoney Ridge. The Stoltzfus family, including the mischievous Jesse, are the new owners of the local grocery store. They had lost their mother to cancer recently, and their father, a preacher, wanted to start afresh in a new community. Jesse and Mim quickly become antagonists and competitive. Their sharp-tongued quips add spice and comic relief to the mix.  The Revealing is one of the most light-hearted Amish tales I have ever read. There are some deep topics in the storyline, but they are well balanced with lighter moments. The humor is one of the things I like best about the book.  The basic gist of this character-driven story is about secrets...about twists and suddenly unexpected turn of events so common in life, and the hidden secrets we often hold close to our chests for a variety of reasons. Some secrets in this story are shared with the reader up front, some are only hinted at, which increases anticipation, while the most surprising ones are saved for the conclusion. In fact, there are more than a few revealings presented at the end. All these layers eventually come together to weave a beautiful tapestry about this small community. It's the anticipation which drives this story forward, keeping us on the edge of suspense until the resolution. Such artful writing makes this book a joy to read.  Now that I have read the final book in the series, I really want to read the first ones to fill in the gaps. The author has piqued my interest. If you enjoy Amish fiction with a touch of romance, and plenty of laughs, I'm sure you'll enjoy this book. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary review copy of this book from The Book Club Network on behalf of Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
sarahsmithstorm2 More than 1 year ago
Having not read the other two books in this series, I seriously feel like I missed out on getting to know these characters. You truly fall in love with them. I felt like it is very important to read the other two books before reading this one because I know I missed a lot of what was going on with Naomi, but the author did a good job at trying to keep the reader up to date with what was going on. I just believe this would have been better having read the other two titles. However, I couldn't put this title down and each page was a turner. I found myself throughout the day at work wondering what was going on with the characters in the story. It WAS that GOOD! The book reminds me that despite big messes, God works everything together for good and in the lives of Toby and Naomi, there was some messy situations. Naomi is in love with Toby, a prisoner, but rumors that he another child is in the picture. He is about to be released back into the community, will Naomi welcome him? The community? His family? There's another couple who's in love, but Bethany is tired of waiting for Jimmy to ask for her hand in marriage. Will he do it in time for her to say yes or will she have a change in heart? This book is very good and I believe if I had read the other two novels, this would wrap up the series and all of the characters stories, but I still enjoyed it. Thank you to the Book Club Network for allowing me to review this book. This is my honest opinion. My reviews can be found on Deepershopping, Amazon, B&N and Goodreads.
Mama_Cat More than 1 year ago
The Revealing is Suzanne Woods Fisher’s exciting finale to The Inn at Eagle Hill series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel, but is much more enjoyable if The Letters and The Calling are read in sequence. The Schrock family has been in turmoil for well over a year, yet Rose has been the voice of calm in the family through many challenges. The family farm, belonging to her late husband’s mother, has been remodeled to include a guest suite, turning it into The Inn at Eagle Hill. The Inn has been almost as a retreat for some of the visitors as they spent time there to rest and restructure their lives; the current guest is no different. This time, however, the quiet, troubled woman will prove to be as much of a mystery as an unwitting ally to an adversary. There is also a new baby in the household contributing to the turmoil; it has been a very long while since Rose has been up through the night with an infant. Naomi King, portrayed as fragile in the earlier books due to the debilitating headaches she endures, is a young woman who knows what she wants. Her confidence and health are stabilizing, bringing a challenge to the older brother who has kept her in his home since the death of their parents. She manages much of the home care for her brother, and is a very loving, giving family and church member. Naomi is a talented quilter, able to design and make a quilt in an amazingly short time frame. She now has a couple huge secrets from her family and her very closest friend – yet the headaches are gone and in many ways she is happier and more grounded than ever. I grew to like Naomi as much as Rose; both are slow to judge and quick to care for others and lend a hand. Suzanne Woods Fisher has, in The Revealing, successfully filled in all the blanks from earlier books in the series, yet leaves just enough open to invite the characters to be revisited at a later time. Each character is well-developed, with enough details to see each person as the author wanted us to at any given time. Rose is a favorite throughout the series, and Naomi is shown as a wise, God-sufficient young woman. Waiting for more and more information about her to be revealed through the book contributed to its being a breathtaking ride from chapter to chapter. More so than in the earlier books, the underlying themes of the power of love and forgiveness are demonstrated. The plot is tightly woven leaving no loose ends, and the spiritual themes are clearly shown by those who continue to grow in God’s grace and love. The author shows how God’s world is appreciated through her beautiful descriptions of the aerie, sunrise, and surrounding land. I would highly recommend The Revealing not only to those who have read earlier books in the series, but to those who appreciate novels that demonstrate faith and life as practiced by the Amish as well as family dramas with a touch of romance. The Revealing, as well as the entire Inn at Eagle Hill series, is a “must” for your reading list! I received a copy of this book through the “For Readers Only” group at The Book Club Network, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book very much and it arrived just as I was finishing book two of this series.
weatherlover1 More than 1 year ago
Left me wanting more..  Book 3 has Rose and Galen planning to marry but when Naomi and Tobe show interest in each other and a new baby enters the picture the tensions rise. Naomi is dealing with a secret and eating her weight in TUMS until Tobe’s release from prison for his part in his father’s business collapse. Bethany is still waiting on Jimmy to ask her to marry him. Yet he keeps finding reasons to put it off. Bethany sets out to help him along by finding his missing horse. Yet as she tries to help him she finds herself not so sure she still wants to marry him! Throw in Mrs. Miracles advice column in the paper and you have one heck of a book.       This book hits the ground running as it takes up right where book two stopped. I enjoyed this book a lot but was also frustrated with how this book ended. What I liked: This is not a book you can pick up without reading the books before it. The characters have well established plots and they continue to develop as the series progresses. Even though the storyline changes some with each book the basic storyline is the same. Rose who opened the series is still questioning if she will marry Galen. Bethany is struggling with Jimmy and now Naomi enters with her feelings for Tobe. It is very easy to get attached to this family.  What I didn’t like: I finished this book thinking there was going to be another book in this series as it felt like the ending left me with more questions than answers. I’m disappointed to know this series is finished. Will Bethany and Jimmy ever marry? The 2nd book of the series left you thinking they would but book three threw a huge monkey wrench into their relationship and it was not really answered. Maybe the next series will answer some of the questions this series leaves. Time will tell.      Overall this was a good book. I love the depth of the story and the huge surprise Tobe and Naomi dropped on their families. I did not see that one coming! The author is known for curve balls in her plots and that is one of the things I love about her work! I highly recommend this series but to better understand the family you need to read book one. I came in at book two and even though I was able to read the books without feeling lost I don’t feel I know Rose as well I would have had I read the first book.
sh2rose More than 1 year ago
The Revealing is my favorite in this three book series by Suzanne Woods Fisher. There are unexpected surprises and turns that make this one a great read. I finished it in two days so I could find out what was going to happen to her characters. She brings together all the tail ends in unusual ways to keep you guessing until the end. Dreams are dashed, plans confused, and hopes dwindled yet the people at Eagle Hill continue in their day to day living as they deal with their lives. I can't say more or I will spoil this lovely book that entertains, delights, and captivates the reader. Find out what happens to the "villain", the prayers offered, and to the new guest at the Inn. You won't be disappointed! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by The Book Club Network.
RonnaL More than 1 year ago
This is the third and concluding book in The Inn At Eagle Hill series.  Unfortunately, this is the first one that I've read, and I missed a lot of information about the characters and story line without reading the other two first.  I would definitely recommend starting with book one to get the full enjoyment and impact of this excellent book about love, acceptance, forgiveness, God, and family. Amish life is the background for stories about one particular family and all their different relationships.  We have Naomi who is following her heart by visiting Toby in jail without anyone knowing. Toby, who has a secret of his own about his father's death.  There is the widow, Rose, who is raising two step-children plus her own two younger boys.  Rose's younger boyfriend, Galen, and his steadfastness.  And a few other interesting family members who are all affected by a strange young pregnant woman who shows up at the Inn, with her possible connection to Toby. And a couple who meet in the town's cafe, and will affect everyone's lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this story as I got drawn into the lives of everyone at the Eagle Inn.  This was my first experience with Suzanne Woods Fisher, but it definitely won't be my last.  I look forward to reading more of her books with fun Godly themes in intriguing circumstances.
MrsTina42MR More than 1 year ago
The Revealing: The Inn At Eagle Hill**** book 3 by Suzanne Woods Fisher Naomi King has a secret causing her to eat antacids like candy to calm her stomach. She longs to confide in her brother, Galen, but he is stubborn when it comes to Tobe Schrock so she keeps silent. A women suddenly shows up at the Inn saying she is Tobe's girlfriend and shares shocking news. Is she really his girlfriend, or is she lying? What is she really after? Tobe Schrock, is now in prison but hopes to be released soon. He plans to return to Eagle Hill and make things right with his family, Naomi, Galen and his community. Will he be welcomed back into the community and his family? Will Galen put aside his mistrust of Tobe and forgive him? Miriam Schrock, or Mim as she is fondly called, has a secret of her own. It seems more and more people have learned her secret. Can she keep it secret from her family much longer? What will happen when her secret finally comes out? Rose Schrock and Galen are in love, but can they overcome their differences and set a date for their marriage? Bethany Schrock and Jimmy Fisher have been courting for sometime now. Bethany keeps hoping he will finally settle down and they can get married. But things don't go as she had hoped. Once he does ask her to marry him, will she say yes or will it be too late for them? Has someone else caught her eye and her heart? There are a lot of secrets in and around the Inn at Eagle Hill. These secrets are finally revealed one by one, shocking loved ones and the community. Is there hope that the families can forgive and go on? Can healing begin now the secrets are out in the open? Deception, hope, growing faith, love of family and community, finally the revelation—which begins healing to hearts and romance are woven throughout this story. Since I have not read the first two books in the series—and there are so many characters in the story—I had a hard time figuring out how they all were connected. As I continued to read the story, the characters started to make more sense to me. ~~I received a copy of this book from the Bookfun Network and the publisher for my review~~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I felt like the author was just tired of the characters. There was very little reference to the 'history' of the characters, in fact the personality of some of the characters was not quite the same.
Shopgirl152ny1 More than 1 year ago
This was an enjoyable book to end the series, though it didn't feel like an ending! Some things got resolved, but others were left open-ended, which makes me suspect we'll be seeing some of these characters again. I really liked quite a few of these characters and I especially wanted to find out what would happen with Mim, so I hope her future is shown in a coming book. I appreciated that there were so many viewpoints in the story; it keeps it interesting and something's always going on! I also liked that one viewpoint is an Englisher and the rest Amish and a mixture of ages, so there's a variety of life experiences. I figured out something before it was revealed, though this wasn't a true mystery story. I enjoyed catching up with characters I'd gotten to know in the first two books and I would suggest definitely reading these in order, since their story lines continue from the previous books. I liked the focus on how love can change a person and the importance of forgiveness. This was one of the more enjoyable Amish series I've read and I would definitely recommend it, even for people who don't normally read Amish fiction. I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest review.
ibjoy1953 More than 1 year ago
MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOK I love this series, and I wish that this wasn’t the end of this series. I would love to read more about Naomi King, and all of the characters at the Inn at Eagle Hill. A young women arrives at the Inn with some very shocking news, news that could change the lives of everyone there. Tobe should be coming home soon, but what will he find when he gets there? Naomi is still taking trips to the prison to see Tobe, with her brother Galen’s knowledge, in fact Galen just will not admit that Naomi and Tobe have feeling for each other. And Rose and Galen are not always seeing eye to eye on things, so they break off their relationship. The sisters have a guest, their fourteenth cousin twice removed, and Jake Hertzler is still on the loose. There is a lot going on in this book, and a lot of loose ends that need wrapping up. throughout the book I kept wondering how Ms. Fisher would pull this all together, but as usual, she does an amazing job. I was on pins and needles throughout the book, just wondering who was gonna do what, and what was happening to another. The relationships here are so real they feel like family, even though I am not Amish. Even after I finished this series, I kept thinking about the characters and wondering how they were doing. This is a wonderful ending to a wonderful series that I highly recommend. I would say that you will enjoy it more if you pick up the first two books in this series and read them all together. I hope you will this book a try, and I hope you like it as much as I do. I received this book from Revell Publishers to read and review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 55.
Diana0 More than 1 year ago
The Revealing By: Suzanne Woods Fisher Always kinda sad when its the last book of a series. What wonderful strong characters. Suzanne never disappoints with getting you to fall in love with the characters. This is a series so it is important to read them in order so you can follow the characters. The Letters, The Calling and last The revealing. Stories of love, mystery and forgiveness. This one also is a book you won't want to put down once you start reading it. I think I love the spiritual of Suzanne's books. I love the romance but it is done in a very tasteful way. Naomi King stands out in the series as the one with insight. She seems to know a lot about the people. Naomi is in love with prisoner Toby but word has it someone else has his baby. Can this be true Toby has bee n with a Englischer? Is this girl really carrying his baby? Great book you will love the story. Looking forward to seeing if any of the characters in this series will be carried over to another. I was given this book yo give my own honest review by Revell.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suzanne Woods Fisher has concluded this series with a strong story line that keeps the reader's interest and holds enough suspense to make it hard to put the book down. This is not a stand alone novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend to everyone!
Fitzysmom More than 1 year ago
I often find endings bittersweet. It's nice to see all the loose ends tied up but it's also hard to leave behind a story that you've become so interested in. As with life you often wonder what happens next with these wonderful characters. Of course when Suzanne Woods Fisher is the author these new friends just may jump onto the pages of the next book she writes. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.  The Revealing brings The Inn at Eagle Hill series to an end. I enjoyed reading how each love story finally came together. I smiled at the continued antics of Luke and Sammy and enjoyed the addition of Jesse Stoltzfus (and the rest of his family). What I particularly liked about this story was that it wasn't just about conclusions. There was plenty of new drama to be had. New characters appeared and new links to the original tragedy were revealed. In fact there was an ongoing storyline that I had completely wrong. You'd think I would be disappointed that I didn't figure it out right away. Trust me there were clues when I look back on it. Instead I am completely delighted that Suzanne was still able to weave such a great tale after such an extended period of being with these same characters. Each of the books in The Inn at Eagle Hill series was intended to be a stand alone novel. However, I really think you need to read them all in order to fully grasp and appreciate the complete story going on in Stoney Ridge this time around. So begin your journey with The Letters, which is book one and introduces you to Rose and the rest of the Schrock family. Then read The Calling, which is book two and focuses in on Bethany's story. Then treat yourself to the little novella, The Rescue, whichi isn't totally necessary to the series but it's definitely worth the read. Finally settle in and read The Reavealing,and I then promise that you will come away from the whole series satisfied and eagerly waiting for the next journey that Suzanne chooses to take us on! I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.
tmurrell2 More than 1 year ago
Naomi is now a single mom with children and step-children after the death of her husband. Her step-son is in jail and a stranger is making claims that are not only unsettling, but threaten to throw off the entire balance of the family. Life just seems to be more complicated for everyone in the family. I'm good about reading the description of a book and starting to read it before noticing that it's a book in a series. I did that with this one. So there were several times that I knew it would have been more helpful to have read the first two books. I wouldn't consider this book to be stand-alone. But in spite of my error, I really enjoyed the story. It was fascinating and despite my moments of confusion, it was a great read. The characters are well developed and the plot has lots of twists. There seemed to be several stories going on at the same time, as is typical with large families. But they all flowed well together and made the story more interesting. The writing draws you in and has prompted me to pick up the first two books in the series so I can see what I missed. I received this book free of charge from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
I’ve loved all the books in this series and this one does not disappoint, I just want more! There sure were a lot of surprises here, and some will surely surprise you and yet not at the way they are handled, with love and forgiveness. If you have not yet read the first two books, I highly recommend that you do, and although the author has made it so you can read this one as a stand alone, you miss so much! As in the first book Galen and Rose have an on and off relationship, it is sweet and kind in all aspects, but will they ever marry? Naomi King is surprising everyone with her quiet way and where did all that spunk come from? Tobe is still in prison and grows so much in this story, but will he join the faith, he has straddled both roads? With all the twists and turns here, you wonder if the book will have all the answers, and yes it did for me. They might not be the way you want them, but I felt satisfied, and although I wish there was more, I really enjoyed this. Some of the things that happen will surprise you, as they did me, and how they all tied together. Others, you will be saying “No Way”, really surprising, like a fourteenth cousin twice removed, ummmm? This book does have it all, sweet romance, mystery, and full of Amish culture. Enjoy! I received this book through Revell’s Blogger Tour, and was not required to give a positive review.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
The Revealing The Inn at Eagle Hill 3 By Suzanne Woods Fisher This is the concluding book in The Inn at Eagle Hill series.  And the title The Revealing says it all.   There are secrets being kept in Stoney Ridge and many of them have direct ties to the Inn at Eagle Hill.   Naomi King is in love with Tobe Schrock, though she fears giving voice to it because of her brother Galen.   And who could blame Galen, after all Tobe is in prison.   Then there's Mim and her Mrs. Miracle articles in the Stoney Ridge Times.  It's only a matter of time before someone learns something. And Tobe is about to have his past catch-up with him yet again.  And this time it could jeopardize any future he could possibly hope for with Naomi.  But Naomi has faith in Tobe, has it been misplaced? In The Calling Bethany Schrock and Jimmy Fisher seemed destined to be together.  And it was only a matter of time before Rose Schrock and Galen King would be announcing their upcoming marriage.  But a new family has  just moved in and what was once certain may not be for much longer.     The Revealing is a story that is exciting.  The only disappointment that I had with this book is that it is the conclusion to the series and quite frankly I want to have more from these delightful characters.  The underlying theme that I take away from this book is having hope and the love of family.  Both of which play an important role throughout not only The Revealing but the entire series. I was provided a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review. 
NanceeMarchinowski More than 1 year ago
Spellbinding! The Revealing is the final installment in the series "The Inn at Eagle Hill," a spellbinding conclusion. New characters are introduced while the lives of existing characters develop even further depth as events in their lives evolve. Unforeseen circumstances impact the members of the Schrock family. Shocking remnants from the past rear their ugly heads while developing romances become strained as newly discovered facts are unveiled. Deception is revealed through unsuspected circumstances, placing those involved in compromising positions. The past is playing a destructive role in present relationships and placing significant strain in the lives of all involved with the Schrock family. Numerous unexpected developments present themselves while those affected question which direction their lives will take them. Suzanne Woods Fisher has concluded this series with a strong story line that piques the reader's interest and holds enough suspense to make it difficult to put the book down. This is not a stand alone novel due to the history of many characters having been developed in the first two books in the series. The character development and maturation throughout the series truly comes through in this final installment, and unresolved issues converge. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire series, and found "The Revealing" to be a very successful conclusion, tying up all loose ends in an unexpected course of events.  Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.