The Rings of Allah

The Rings of Allah

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by Lee Boyland

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From the Author:

The Rings of Allah is the first book of the Clash of Civilizations Trilogy.
Radical Islam launches a cataclysmic nuclear attack on the U.S., triggering unimaginable American fury and a worldwide jihad - the Great Jihad. Now the prospects of WW III loom on the horizon - A global religious war incited by Islamic fanatics with


From the Author:

The Rings of Allah is the first book of the Clash of Civilizations Trilogy.
Radical Islam launches a cataclysmic nuclear attack on the U.S., triggering unimaginable American fury and a worldwide jihad - the Great Jihad. Now the prospects of WW III loom on the horizon - A global religious war incited by Islamic fanatics with values and morals alien to the West.  The ultimate clash of civilizations has begun.
The Great Jihad unleashes an unimaginably vicious, worldwide, Islamic uprising. Middleeastern governments are toppled, Westerners murdered, embassies sacked, Israel invaded, and the flow of oil disrupted. America must defend its homeland and Israel. The world is forced by events toward one inevitable conclusion - the total destruction of Islam. The Clash of Civilizations trilogy explores these calamitous events.
As the world spins out of control, America finds its strong new leader. General George Alexander, a man of principles and high moral courage, destined to save the nation and the world from total destruction.
The Rings of Allah sets the stage for the trilogy. Al-Qaeda obtains old Soviet nuclear test devices left over from the late 1940s. The devices become Usama bin Laden's most secret ace in the hole. Only three people, including bin Laden know of the devices, code named Allah's Rings. The test devices are "Little Boy" type nuclear devices. Simple nuclear devices that can be disassembled and then reassembled. Mohammed, bin Laden's lieutenant, is in charge of the project. The U.S. cell leader, Ralph Eid, a native borne citizen formulates a plan to bring the components of the devices into the U.S. and hide them in plain sight in the target cities. The technology is real, the plot entirely feasible, and the consequence is predicted in the 9/11 Commission Report, "Another attack is probably coming; it may be terrible." A realistic story showing that, yes, it can be done.

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A retired NSA official
Boyland's novel hits the nail on the head. I can still happen today.

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With a degree in nuclear engineering, Lee Boyland served as: an EOD officer in the U.S. Army, a member of Defense Atomic Support Agencies’ Nuclear Emergency Team, and a participant in the design and testing of nuclear weapons. As a civilian contractor, he designed special weapons and demilitarized chemical weapons. His books are believable, plot driven Clancyesque technothrillers. His wife, Vista, a writer herself, acts as editor, dresses up some scenes, adds life to the characters, and wrote most of Reverend Smyth’s sermon. Lee Boyland's book, Rings of Allah, won the 2007 Silver Medal from the Military Writers Society of America.

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The Rings of Allah 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Technothriller_Fan More than 1 year ago
The expanded 2nd edition is a winner. Develops the Mohammed and Eid characters and moved some of the technical details to the appendix. Great read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not many people could write this book, but Lee Boyland¿s background and in-depth knowledge of nuclear physics enables him to lay it out in terms that are as easy to understand as they are frightening. In addition to spelling out how a nuclear attack could be done from a technical standpoint, the author takes us into the minds of Muslim extremists who are intent on destroying modern civilization and taking humanity back to the seventh century. A believable plot, fascinating characters, and suspenseful writing combine to make THE RINGS OF ALLAH a must read for everyone, but especially for those who believe a terrorist nuclear threat in America is overblown. Such an attack won¿t be easy to pull off, but the author clearly shows that it can be done, and that we need to be ever vigilant. To paraphrase Secretary of State Rice, ¿The terrorists can make many mistakes. We just have to make one.¿ Highly recommended. Maurice Medland, author of CHINA STAR
Guest More than 1 year ago
Author Lee Boyland puts his extensive special weapons background to use in spinning this completely believable tale of al-Qaeda's next step after 9-11. Leftover Soviet technology from the beginning of the Cold War falls into al-Qaeda's hands, and they establish an intricate network in order to place five atomic devices in five US cities. The US gets word of the attack, but will it be in time? Boyland does a great job of mixing good character development with great technical background in order to create this story. Technical readers will appreciate his attention to detail as he relates and educates the reader on the workings of gun-type atomic weapons. Literature advocates will respect how he uses significant events to develop his main characters. Many new writers fall into the trap of trying to tell too much of the story, but Boyland avoids this by jumping sometimes a year ahead in the story in order to keep things moving. A great action story that is just a bit too possible, this is definitely worth it for action and techo fans alike.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Frighteningly real! Boyland, the new grand master of the techno-thriller, has given us a compelling page-turner that captures the reader with an avalanche of brilliant detail and well thought out characters complete with personality and quirks. ¿Rings¿ captures the reader with the clear possibility of nuclear attacks on U.S. soil by fanatical Muslim terrorists...
Guest More than 1 year ago
A frightening story. The possibility of terrorists actually being able to bring a nuclear weapon into the U.S. always seemed too far fetched to be taken seriously. I never related new articles about Iran, Iraq and North Korea enriching uranium to a specific danger to me. I never heard of a simple, uranium gun-type nuclear weapon. How easy it is to make one. After reading The Rings of Allah I am now concerned. Boyland show how it can be done, how we can be attacked with no warning. The first part of this book is written from the terrorists point of view. The reader sees the world through their eyes. A must read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Lee Boyland¿s story of a nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S. hit the nail on the head. A plot that can happen today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once I got into the story I couldn¿t put it down. The ending was a page turner.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is a pleasure to read a novel that has all its facts and technologies correct. The atomic bomb used does not require maintenance and a special fuze. The author describes how a simple gun-type atomic bomb, like the Little Boy, can be disassembled and brought into the U.S. as components, then reassembled. A devious scheme where the terrorists hide the weapons in plain sight. A page turning ending. The best techno-thriller since The Sum Of All Fears. This book gets it right.