The Rise and Decline of the State

The Rise and Decline of the State

by Martin van Creveld, Martin Van Creveld

This unique volume traces the history of the state from its beginnings to the present day.See more details below


This unique volume traces the history of the state from its beginnings to the present day.

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Introduction; Part I. Before the State: Prehistory to 1300 AD: 1. Tribes without rulers; 2. Tribes with rulers (chiefdoms); 3. City states; 4. Empires, strong and weak; 5. Limits of stateless societies; Part II. The Rise of the State: 1300–1648: 6. The struggle against the church; 7. The struggle against the empire; 8. The struggle against the nobility; 9. The struggle against the towns; 10. The monarch's triumph; Part III. The State as an Instrument: 1648–1789: 11. Building the bureaucracy; 12. Creating the infrastructure; 13. Monopolizing violence; 14. The growth of political theory; 15. Inside the Leviathan; Part IV. The State as an Ideal: 1789–1945: 16. The great transformation; 17. Disciplining the people; 18. Conquering the money; 19. The road to total war; 20. The apotheosis of war; Part V. The Spread of the State: 1696–1975: 21. Into Eastern Europe; 22. The Anglo-Saxon Experience; 23. The Latin American experiment; 24. Frustration in Asia and Africa; 25. What everybody has …; Part VI. The Decline of the State: 1975–: 26. The waning of major war; 27. The retreat of welfare; 28. Technology goes international; 29. The threat to international order; 30. The withdrawal of faith; Conclusion: beyond the state.

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