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Rising Tied

The Rising Tied

4.9 28
by Fort Minor

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Breaking off into his own hip-hop universe, Linkin Park's rapper and in-house producer Mike Shinoda presents Fort Minor, a loose side project with a steady stream of guests, yet a surprisingly personal project too that sometimes puts the listeners right in Shinoda's shoes. On The Rising Tied, Fort Minor


Breaking off into his own hip-hop universe, Linkin Park's rapper and in-house producer Mike Shinoda presents Fort Minor, a loose side project with a steady stream of guests, yet a surprisingly personal project too that sometimes puts the listeners right in Shinoda's shoes. On The Rising Tied, Fort Minor can strike the baller pose a little too hard and sometimes the club-minded tracks shout loud while saying nothing. Softening the blow of these standard rock-dude-doing-rap clich�s is the production, with constructions that are like House of Pain meets the Crystal Method and a whole synthetic orchestra in tow. As executive producer, Jay-Z calls it during the album's intro, it's a "big sound," and as he focuses on "richness of the sound" he knows this is "something serious." Serious is something Shinoda excels at and The Rising Tied slays when it goes epic. "Right Now" connects the hood, to the 'burbs, to Iraq effortlessly while rapidly introducing a series of lonely people that are all as stuck as Eleanor Rigby. "Where'd You Go" tugs at the heart even harder while suggesting it doesn't matter if it's war or constant business trips are keeping loved ones away from home, it just plain hurts. There's also the bleak and bitter "Kenji" which focuses on the Japanese-American internees during World War II with believable venom. Empty headed numbers like "In Stereo" ("Oh-oh/Ready for it here we go/We got the block rocking in stereo") are the kind of tracks you wouldn't want to be caught dead representing as street hip-hop when in the hood, but if it's filler when compared to the soul-searching highlights, it's damn catchy filler with lyrics innocuous enough for everyday suburban partying. On the other hand, the following "Back Home" finds Shinoda holding his own next to hip-hop hero Common and a little while later "High Road" nails the "all you haters stop playin'" track perfectly and nearly at Twista speed. Even if the album is more TRL than 106 & Park, it's only an easy target for cynical folks who haven't really listened to it. The Rising Tied is brilliant in parts, "Dre Day" here and there, but mostly unique and just as "big" as Jay-Z says it is.

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The Rising Tied 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Definatly buy this album...i give this whole album a 10 out 10. Trust me you won't be disapontted. My favorite tracks are cigarettes, believe me, slip out the back...and basically all of them. Buy this album right away.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's the album of the year I think. Nothing then pure underground hip hop. Coming from a full hardcore rocker I think this is the best hip hop album I've ever heard.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Rising Tied is the hip-hop solo debut from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda. The 16 track record is a good listen despite some emcee abilities Shinoda lacks which he makes up with in his lyricist abilities. Cigarettes is an interesting song that compares the tobacco industry with today's hip-hop. Believe Me, the most Linkin Park sounding track on the record, captures you with its catchy hook. Of course, there is also the stand out track Kenji which features Shinoda's father's and aunt's account about the Japanese interment camps during WWII. Overall, this is a great album but there are just some tracks that don't stand out that you wouldn't mind skipping over.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The new album by Shinoda (FORT Minor) is a combination of vocals and beats that blow the mind at first listen. Then tracks never get old and the more you listen the more you get pulled in. An album unlike any other on the market today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is probably one of the best cd's i've heard all year(next to Late Registration). Mike Shinoda did a wonderful job producing this album. The only problem i had with it is that its a little too short for such a great album. I was loving ever minute of it. I can't wait till the next linkin park cd.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Most hard rock fans obviously know Linkin Park they're the band who sold millions of records with their phenominal debut, 'Hybrid Theory'. They're also the band who sold millions more with 'Reanimation', 'Meteora', 'Live in Texas', and the infamous 'Collision Course' with hip hop's most known rapper, Jay-Z. The bands success was fueled by not only the amazing guitar playing, complex drum patterns, or even the scratching and sampling done by Joe Hahn, but also by the band's right-hand vocalist, Mike Shinoda. With the explosion of LP, Mike never had much time to sit down and create just straight hip hop music. But during their time off between 'Meteora' and their next release, Mike finally found the time. And the time was well spent. 'The Rising Tied' is Mike's side-project and hip hop album that sounds more underground than anything (which is exactly what the hip hop world needs, a break from mainstream). Immediately popping the disc in your player, you listen to the introduction, and they waste no time letting you get to know Mike. 'Remember the Name' simply lets you get to know Mike and what his peers think about him. 'Right Now', in my opinion, is the best song off the entire record. But that doesn't mean you just ignore the rest of the tracks. 'Petrified', the most commonly known track (any LP or FM fan has seen the video by visiting linkinpark.com or lpunderground.com recently) is a good hip hop song with a heavy bounce. 'Where'd You Go' is a song I personally dedicated to a friend of mine, because the chorus is so strong, and the beat and vocalization is simply amazing. 'Get Me Gone' and 'High Road' tell how Mike was pressured to not rap in any LP record, just play keyboards. It also tells how radio stations and critics twist his words, and what he has done to overcome these obstacles in his career. 'Kenji', named after Mike's middle name, is deep, heartfelt song you must hear to fully understand. 'Slip Out the Back', the album's final song, is my personal favorite, because I feel like I can relate to it on a certain level. This entire album is groundbreaking, and should go down as one of hip hop's best albums of the past decade (yes, I mean right alongside 2Pac, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg). If you are a fan of Linkin Park, hip hop music, or songs you can actually relate to, then go out and buy this album. I recommend the Limited Edition, so you can hear the bonus tracks, and watch the DVD, which explains how the album and 'Petrified' video were made. This album was much better than expected. It goes to show that Mike did not make a mistake in creating Fort Minor.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mike Shinoda's "The Rising Tied" is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. I have not heard any other Hip-Hop album that does what the Rising Tied does. Intigrating so many artists, so many sounds, beats, and flava, that makes the Rising Tied a Unique success. This is what Hip Hop is all about, and Mike Shinoda shows us all how its done. Each track keeps you hooked, Remember the Name, Kenji , Red to Black, Right Now. Those are some of my Faves, though I love each song on the ablum. Everyone must pick up a copy of this album Trust me you will love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was pretty skeptical to when I heard about Mike Shinoda doing a rap album because I am not that big into rap. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the depth of the music he's made on the album. So many instrument, so much talent, so very beautiful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fort Minor: The Rising Tied was the most amazing album I've heard all year long. The lyrics are amazing. The beats just won't quit. It's actually pretty addicting. I can't believe how incredible this album is! I knew right away that I was going to get the album after hearing Petrified, but I was still blown away by the whole album. Mike Shinoda got the best people to help out on the record. You cannot go wrong if you buy this album. Make sure you get the limited edition copy if you can because it has three awesome bonus tracks!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD is one fantastic piece of work. Mike Shinoda and his fellow Fort Minor Artists each have their own style and flavor, making this CD a wonderful mix of soft vocals and hard raps. The Beats, rhythms, and lyrics will leave you singing the songs long after the CD stopped playing. The DVD gives insight to the making of this album and is a great addition to any collection. If you liked Collision Course or Reanimation, there's no reason for you not to buy this! If you haven't already, get this CD before you miss any more time! Mike Shinoda deserves a big Thank you and a a lot of recognition for all of his hard work on this album. It definitely wasn't a waste.
Guest More than 1 year ago
for mike shinodas first album alone, this is really good. you get a feeling of how hard mike had to work to make this album. This is a great cd to get.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Rising Tide is a not your ordinary hip hop. Its a hip hop that has many lyrics many of us can relate to. Not only does this album have good samples and beats but it has great artitst showing off their skills...ie: Mike Shinoda of LINKIN PARK. The Rising Tied is, in my opinion, the best hip hop i have heard
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of those albums that you can listin straght threw without having to skip a track. From the first song to the last it is a mixture of rythms and rhymes that will make you listin to it over and over again. All the hard work that Mike put into this album is very apparent, all of the songs have meaning and can be taken to heart. Mike did a great job, this is his own, and let me tell you, he owns it all......Great Job Mike!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is so sick. Anyone who loves rap / rock will highly like this album. The beats are great, and highly origional. Mike Shinoda and Fort Minor are making their mark in the rap game.. Get that album n see wat all the talk is about!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Absolutely AMAZING! Every track shines, from the introductory "Remember the Name", the thoughtful "Cigarettes", the bouncy "Petrified", everything. "Kenji", a hard-hitting track about the internment of Mike's family during World War II, stands in a class of its own. Not many artists would have the nerve to write about such a topic, yet he manages to do it, just like everything else he does, perfectly. Don't miss out on this unmatched album, it's like nothing you've ever heard. Even non hiphop fans are loving this, there's nothing not to love!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The album is better than i expected it to be. The lyrics on the album are amazing. he talks about real life situations, not about how many diamonds are in his mouth. the beats are amazing. the song cigarettes and in stereo have such a great combination of drum beats.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A Work Of Art doesnt have to be a painting or a drawing or a poem it can be music like this cd. When I first heard Petrified and Remember The Name I thought to myself hmm maybe this wont be worth getting. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and trust me this cd is going to be a hit!. With awesome tracks such as Where'd You Go? and Believe Me and Hard Way. If you are a rock fan and not to sure about all the hip hop trust me this CD is so good you wont regret it. Usually cd's dont stand out for me that much but this one is so much more than a CD its a work of art.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This headline here says it all. Whether or not you are from hip hop origins musically speaking, The Rising Tied is an album to be given a chance. Listen and you can tell that Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park has got undeniable skills for this musical genre. The loops are very "organic", meaning Mike himself played all instuments heard unless noted otherwise. You can be assured that this material is differing from what you hear in the music industry nowadays. Two editions of this album exist, be sure to check out the limited edition which includes an extra DVD and three additional tracks. Enjoy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hip Hop with substance does exist whether the radio allows you to believe it or not. THere is one word that describes this album: QUALITY. This record is an honest portrayal of a hip hop head who just happens to be a musical genius. The way this album came together is nothing short of unbelievable. It is consistent in variety and for that I commend MS, SOB and anybody else who had anything to do with this record.
so_death_bye More than 1 year ago
love Remember the Name where'd you go good nice tracks
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Rising Tied is dramatic,and exciting.Mike Shinoda is the producer of this album,it is very different from linkin park.Fort Minor is hip-hop,pop,rap.I personally loved the album,you should purchase it.You may purchase it here at barnes& noble.
Guest More than 1 year ago
wow, Mike Shinoda's produced another great album yet again, though he didn't have to work alongside his LP bandmates this time (though he did feature Mr. Hahn in Slip out the Back) and... wow. This CD is worth every penny put into it, especially the track titled "Kenji", when he tells the story of how his family got through the American Internment camp Manzanar.
Guest More than 1 year ago
it's great. Songs that I most like are: "High Road" (This awesome piano and tambourine, I really love it), "Right Now" (text is really moving)"Where'd you go". I think that all tracks on this album is great, each of has its own message, and each is different. I'm glad that mike made this record and I'm waiting on new LP album. I heard on this album some LP inclinations :) :) (ex. "Red To Black") I think that If "High Road" will be the single in Europe perhaps it will be hit. Although TRT makes really good career.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park takes hip-hop to a new level assigning his own mike skills to create a fully fledged album, Fort Minor. Shinoda performs violin melodic tunes in addition with point making rhymes to set the tone in “Remember the Name” highlighting his movement in the album. “Petrified” is the Rising Tied’s answer to club beat bagging, house shaking hit which is indisputable to blast through bass instruments everywhere. “In Stereo” contains elements of exciting bouncing beats that work extremely well with the melodious rapping sound. The album is snippets of Shindoa’s history that spans from World War II in “Kenji” & critics assumptions in “Get Me Gone”. Fort Minor conveys a plethora of artists that help assist to get many of the harmonic, musical blusters and slick boom box beats to mould several covers. Shinoda shows with charged up pop choruses and courteous instrumental decoration of music that this is hip-hop done right. Shinoda contains a wealth of tracks and will appeal too many in the genre and others. Mike rises on this occasion, “Believe Me”!
Guest More than 1 year ago
1st of i must say that every track on this album is amazing, and i dont no which 1 is my fav, but if i had to chose i'd have to say ' Remember the name' Its just such a good beat and the lyrics are amazing to. If you liked Linkin park, you will love this aswell, Mike blew this album away, get it ASAP