The Rockefeller Fraud

The Rockefeller Fraud

4.9 11
by Chris Thomas

Who could ever imagine the "chance of a lifetime" turning into a nightmare and personal hell? It happened to Chris Thomas. He lost everything he had ever hoped for, including himself.

It was supposed to be a positive career move. Thomas had every reason to believe his journey would be rewarding, and he embarked on it with



Who could ever imagine the "chance of a lifetime" turning into a nightmare and personal hell? It happened to Chris Thomas. He lost everything he had ever hoped for, including himself.

It was supposed to be a positive career move. Thomas had every reason to believe his journey would be rewarding, and he embarked on it with great anticipation. But it was a scam, creatively orchestrated and meticulously detailed. This was an entire life-fleecing.

Chris Thomas dreamed of becoming a vocalist. As a child, he sang for the sheer joy of expression. As a teenager, he sang to cover up his loneliness. Finally, as an adult, he became a skilful musician, with the confidence, vision, and purpose required of an accomplished performer. Nothing could get in his way. The need to express his love for music became his ultimate focus. But under the guidance of a trusted financial advisor, employer, mentor, and friend, Chris Thomas was gradually ushered into a world no one could have imagined.

Chris Thomas writes of the devastation identity theft can bring. He provides excruciating details of how he was taken to the pinnacle of his dreams and thrown over. He was almost destroyed. All that was left was a thread of hope. It became his lifeline and his new beginning.

CHRIS THOMAS was given an opportunity for advancement that required him to relocate to New York City. With direction and assistance from a substantial employer, he moved to the Big Apple and became a victim of a national scam ring known as the Little Rockefellers. He was victimized by identity theft and fraud and a host of related crimes. After years of legal battles he relocated to Plano, Texas to begin a new life. He lives there now.

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The Rockefeller Fraud 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A wonderful story of courage and determination. You await what is happening next, and how the "villian" captures the heart of Chris in his web of lies. You also see how such a caring man is still willing to help someone in need even though his own circumstances leave you embracing him for his desire to offer assistance to the needy. Yes, you will be able to see through the "villian's" lies, but you also want to question how could anyone be so evil. This will leave your skin crawling, and a nauseous stomach, as you read. At the same time, you marvel at Chris' desire to not let anything or anyone destroy his desire for pursuing his dream of singing.
ccbutterfly More than 1 year ago
I devoured this riveting and heart-wrenching account from cover to cover. I simply could not put it down. It brings to light the reality of identity theft: That all the daily precautions of shredding mail and guarding PINs will never be enough as long as there exist enormous groups of intricately woven and well-connected teams such as the one that nearly destroyed this man's life. With such an elaborately planned scheme, the possibility of fraud seems ridiculous, even as it is happening. Somehow, following this nightmare of lies, deception and broken dreams, Chris Thomas has found the strength to live, to forgive, and to share the details so that his pain will not be wasted. His story is so shocking, you must read it for yourself and share it with everyone you know. Groups like this must be stopped.
Batmann More than 1 year ago
This book is a victim's day by day account of methodical fraud and deception administered him by one of his closest friends. As you read it, you will constantly ask yourself "Is this possible?" "How could this happen to someone?" and "How could someone allow this to happen to himself?" I recently became acquainted with Mr. Thomas at the local gym where he freely and unselfishly offers his knowledge and assistance to all people, including me. He learned that I had a back disease and immediately started observing and sharing his expertise. I didn't know about this book until I overheard a conversation between Mr. Thomas and another gym member discussing it. I immediately picked up the book and began asking myself the questions above. However, after considering my personal experience with Mr. Thomas' unconditional kindness, a more appropriate question may be: "How could someone who was so excruciatingly betrayed ever be capable of opening, sharing and being vulnerable to ANYONE ever again?"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first word that comes to mind when I write about this book is AMAZING!!! It is incrediable what all Chris went through to follow his dream to find out in the end that he was a victim of identity theft. But he never gave up trying to pursue what he thought would be the dream of a lifetime. I have to say that some parts of the book in the beginning made me laugh because of all what he saw in New York City but for the most part, this book made me sad to the point that I would cry! It was hard for me to put the book down because of my concerns on what would happen to Chris the next day. It is a very moving story and one that I want to share with all of my friends. I have told several people that they need to get this book to read for themselves. My heart goes out to Chris and I just cannot imagine what all he went through back then and now as he tries to rebuild his life in Plano, Texas. I would like Barnes & Noble to consider a book signing so Chris can help others out there who have been a victim just like him overcome the lowest of lows and how they too can be a surviver! This book taught me to never give up on my dreams and I know it will teach you the same thing. Thank you for reading my review and once you read this book, you too will want to post your comments to share with others!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Rockefeller Fraud is an incredible true story of a man who gave up his entire world as he knew it to live out his lifelong dream of being a professional singer. It is also a true story of how dark and evil this world we live in can really be. I would say that Chris Thomas and I are personal acquaintances. Chris is, without a doubt, one of the most compassionate and giving individuals I have ever met. In the spring/summer of 2010, I would see Chris at the YMCA in Plano TX where I worked. I would see this man a couple times a week work with a woman who was disabled and totally wheelchair bound. Over the course of several months, I witnessed Chris bring this woman from total dependence to independence and walking, at times without the help of a cane or walker. It was such a blessing to me to cheer this woman on and see her progress on a weekly basis. This is where I first began to see Chris' compassion toward others especially those with disabilities. As I spoke with Chris, (when he worked out himself), I learned of his faith, his beliefs and his walk with God. That was when I knew this man was for `real'. Chris would eventually work with me and my boys for a short time as a fitness trainer. This particular YMCA closed and I lost contact with him for several months until I saw Chris at a new workout facility. This is when I learned of his personal tragedy and the book he wrote. As I read his story, I wasn't so much amazed at the evil in the person(s) who would do something like this, but was amazed at his recovery from being in such a deep, dark `hole' in his life. I truly believe it was his faith and those individuals God put in his life that sustained Chris through this ordeal and kept that small glimpse of `hope' alive. Romans 8:28 says... `all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, who have been called according to his purpose'. This true story is a testimony of Chris' faith and his amazing ability to forgive which has again put him in a place to help and encourage others. I highly recommend this book to everyone. If you aren't in a crisis yourself, you might be at some point in your life and/or you may know of someone who is. Chris' actual memoirs of his brush with total despair, looking death in the face, back to living life with hope for the future will be a source of encouragement to all! My prayer for Chris is that his life will always be a testimony of God's love, that his story will be a source of strength to those in their place of need and that one day he will have an opportunity to bless us all with his God given talent to sing.
cabrown More than 1 year ago
I have known the author, Mr. Thomas, for approximately ten years. He is a wonderful, compassionate person, who is very talented. He also is an incredible voice teacher who taught my son voice for a number of years until he went off to college. I am a person who very, rarely will pick up a book and read it from cover to cover. Instead, I will just browse through it and then put it down. I could not do this with this book. Once I started reading it I did not want to put it down. I would finally have to make myself go to bed at night. This is an amazing story of a truly talented young man whose dreams, he thought, were finally going to come true. Little did he know, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, things would come to a complete halt. His identity was stolen and so was his life. I commend Mr. Thomas for having the courage to re-create his story by going back to the streets and parks of New York where he lived and slept and ate for days without any money or clothes other than what he had on his back. He has overcome many obstacles, but he will never, ever live a normal life again. I give this book 5 stars.
kimber6030 More than 1 year ago
I five this FIVE stars. This web site would only let me put in four. The Rockefeller Fraud is a true story of the authors' journey thru an elaborate plan of deception that took months to set up, and months to carry out. It is a true story of how someone can take over your dreams and aspirations; toil with the emotions of believing "this time it just might be my time" to make it big. The story line is based in New York City and takes the reader from living the high life, to sleeping on the streets in total despair. It is a memoir of the events that took place, the people he met along the way, his true feelings and emotions of joy, fear, loss, abandonment, and hopelessness. Reading this book will definitely give you a first-hand view of what it feels like to have your dreams and life torn from your very soul and thrown in a gutter. I found myself not wanting to put the book down because each new section showed a new day in his journey and I wanted to continue to find out what the next day would bring, I began to feel his emotional pain and disappointment as the plan unraveled and started to come to an end. I applaud Mr. Thomas for sharing his experience, it could not have been easy to revisit all that he went thru in the process of writing this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am not a big reader, but I got this book and i could not put it down. My emotions while reading this book ranged from exciting, to heartbreaking, to laughing, to being really ticked off. When I reached the end of the book, I sat still and cried. How could someone be so curel to plan,hurt, and try to destroy another person the way that this crimal did to Mr. Thomas. The arthor is a man who has over come the worst of mankind. And deserves the best of mankind. Thank you Mr. Thomas for sharing your story with us. You are truly an insperation and a true survior.
catCB More than 1 year ago
This is my Brother's book about Identity Theft and once I got the book, I reaaly didn't want to stop until I read the whole book.It is a very powerful recollection of what it did to him, when he encoutered that personal tragedy. Hopefully many others can benefit from him telling his story. It is a very well written book, with alot of honesty and feeling. It draws you in as your reading and I only hope others can read it and walk away with the knowledge of what he went thru and won't have to suffer and start all over again, as he did. I would advise you read it, Strongly. Cathy Bryant
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first it was very difficult to accept the fact that one man had gone through all of this tragedy. For the life of me I cant figure out why things happen to this degree. Regardless, this person is real and his story is true. He deserves the right to share his story and we all NEED to hear it. I would never want this to happen to me or anyone else in my family. The story broke my heart but at the same time it made me want to get up and fight for every moment of life that I have been given because every moment is valuable. I compel and challenge people with a dream and a vision for life to read this book and NOT be affected. The book is relevant and intense. You know how people say "I couldn't put it down?" Well, I can easily put a book down NO PROBLEM, but this book is one that I couldn't. My thoughts? Read this and see life differently.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a wild ride of a story!--about how a singer with real talent, and with a charming, innocent optimism, gets exploited by the calculated kindness and subtle cruelty of the criminal mind. Mr. Thomas is so compelled by his dream of success in the music business that he overlooks his own natural reservations about the "company" that offers to secure his place in the world of fame. Slowly and systematically, he is robbed of nearly everything. Anyone who has ever been taken by a scam will identify with this true story of orchestrated deception and identity theft.