Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll Vol.6 1950

The Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll Vol.6 1950


This CD, released in 2001, is part of a comprehensive study of the early influences of rock & roll. The blues and rhythm & blues sound created by African American artists, as well as a few crossover Anglo musicians, in the late '30s, '40s, and the '50s, laid the foundation for what was to become rock & roll. It was a sound characterized by a throbbing drumbeat and…  See more details below


This CD, released in 2001, is part of a comprehensive study of the early influences of rock & roll. The blues and rhythm & blues sound created by African American artists, as well as a few crossover Anglo musicians, in the late '30s, '40s, and the '50s, laid the foundation for what was to become rock & roll. It was a sound characterized by a throbbing drumbeat and sensual notes on piano and horns, often with lyrics to match its earthy quality. Volume six collects some notable recordings of the year 1950, just before the big rock & roll explosion caused by artists such as Bill Haley & His Comets and Elvis Presley. The compilation makes clear the great musical debt these artists, who became rich and famous, owed to earlier artists, many of whom remained poor and obscure. Nonetheless, the music is great as both an educational and listening experience. Among the cast of artists are some who are still well known, including Ruth Brown, Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino, Hank Snow, Red Foley, LaVern Baker, Wynonie Harris, and Tennessee Ernie Ford. But the recordings dig deeper in the archives for gems by little-known greats such as Ben Webster, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Annie Laurie, Cotton Roberts, and Lefty Frizzell. The listener can be edified by such tunes as "You're Fine but Not My Kind," "Shine, Shave, & Shower," and "I'll Be Jumped up and Down." When the album is over, there will be a greater appreciation for the many artists who contributed to making rock & roll the phenomenon that shaped a generation and still influences music.

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Fremeaux & Assoc. Fr


Disc 1

  1. I Want to Rock
  2. Teardrops from My Eyes
  3. I've Got the Boogie Woogie Blues @@Charlie Arthur
  4. Hey! Fat Man
  5. Everybody Goes When the Wagon Comes
  6. Chew Tobacco Rag
  7. You're Fine But Not My Kind
  8. Old Woman Boogie
  9. Hamburger Hop
  10. Shake Shake Baby
  11. Walk That Mess
  12. Hot Rod Race
  13. Come on, Let's Boogie
  14. I Ain't Gonna Let You In
  15. Hobo Boogie
  16. The Golden Rocket
  17. Hey Jack!
  18. Shotgun Boogie

Disc 2

  1. Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues
  2. Shuffleboard Shuffle
  3. Boogie in the Park
  4. Shuffling Shoes @@Wesley Holly
  5. The Band's A-Rockin'
  6. Safronia B.
  7. Rock Mr. Blues
  8. Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)
  9. Country Hix's
  10. Chicken a la Blues
  11. The Honeydripper
  12. We Got Good Business
  13. Mean Mama Boogie
  14. Rockin' Chair Mama
  15. Hillbilly Boogie
  16. Real Lovin' Mama
  17. Rockin' the Blues
  18. I'll Be Jumped Up and Down

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Tiny Bradshaw   Vocals
Pee Wee Crayton   Guitar
Floyd Dixon   Piano,Vocals
Paul Gayten   Piano
Wynonie Harris   Vocals,Choeurs
Little Willie Littlefield   Piano,Vocals
Joe Hill Louis   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Johnny Otis   Vibes
Red Foley   Guitar,Vocals
Tennessee Ernie Ford   Vocals
Lefty Frizzell   Guitar,Vocals,Performing Ensemble
Tiny Moore   Mandolin,Vocals
Hank Snow   Guitar,Vocals,Performing Ensemble
Johnnie Lee Wills   Fiddle,Leader,Vocals
Lee Allen   Tenor Saxophone
LaVern Baker   Vocals
Joe Liggins   Piano,Vocals
Ruth Brown   Vocals
Milt Buckner   Piano
Harry Edison   Trumpet
John Hicks   Guitar,Leader
Tom Varner   Steel Guitar
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Wallace Davenport   Trumpet
Arnold Ross   Piano
Ernie Royal   Trumpet
Joe Wilder   Trumpet
Don Wilkerson   Tenor Saxophone
Dave Bartholomew   Trumpet
Cecil Gant   Piano
Cliffie Stone   Baritone Saxophone
Speedy West   Fiddle,Piano,Steel Guitar,Baritone Saxophone
Johnny Bond   Guitar,Vocals
Charline Arthur   Guitar,Vocals
Goree Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Ray Abrams   Tenor Saxophone
Oscar Underwood Adams   Baritone Saxophone
Archibald   Track Performer
Ernie Ball   Steel Guitar
Ferdinand Banks   Tenor Saxophone
Leard Bell   Bata Drums
Billy Briggs   Steel Guitar,Vocals,Performing Ensemble
Henderson Chambers   Trombone
Sonny Cohn   Trumpet
David Coleman   Bata Drums
Joe Comfort   Baritone Saxophone
Bill Cooper   Baritone Saxophone
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis   Baritone Saxophone
Maxwell Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Mario Delagarde   Baritone Saxophone
Fats Domino   Piano,Vocals
Tommy Duncan   Baritone Saxophone
Sticks Evans   Bata Drums
Frank Fields   Baritone Saxophone
Rufus Gore   Tenor Saxophone
Bill Graham   Baritone Saxophone
Eddie Gray   Guitar
Robert Green   Bata Drums
Herb Hardesty   Tenor Saxophone
Roy Harte   Bata Drums
Haywood Henry   Guitar,Piano,Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Bata Drums
James Hudson   Alto Saxophone
John Hunt   Trumpet
Mari Jones   Vocals
Millard Kelso   Piano
Pete "Guitar" Lewis   Guitar
Ulysses Livingston   Guitar
Clarence Mack   Baritone Saxophone
Willard McDaniel   Piano
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Johnny Miller   Baritone Saxophone
Nelson Mills   Trumpet
Elmore Nixon   Piano,Performing Ensemble
Chips Outcalt   Trombone
Frank Pasley   Guitar
Nunu Pitts   Baritone Saxophone
Peppy Prince   Bata Drums
Leon Rhodes   Guitar
Red Saunders   Performing Ensemble,Bata Drums
William Scott   Baritone Saxophone
Calvin Shields   Bata Drums
Alvin Stoller   Bata Drums
Luther Taylor   Bata Drums
Floyd Turnham   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Chuck Walker   Baritone Saxophone
Devonia Williams   Piano
Lester Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Jack Wills   Leader,Vocals,Bata Drums
Billy Wright   Vocals
Joe Holley   Fiddle
Ocie Stockard   Fiddle
Clarence Hall   Tenor Saxophone
Conrad Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Lonnie Lyons   Piano
Allison Tucker   Bata Drums
Bobby Williamson   Baritone Saxophone,Vocals
Cousin Joe   Piano,Vocals
Paul Blunt   Piano,Baritone Saxophone
Orrington Hall   Alto Saxophone
Don Harlan   Clarinet
John Hartzfield   Tenor Saxophone
Harold Hensley   Fiddle
Jimmy Kelly   Steel Guitar
Eddie Kirk   Guitar
Bruce Lawrence   Baritone Saxophone
Billy Liebert   Piano
Wade Peeler   Performing Ensemble,Bata Drums
Red Tyler   Baritone Saxophone
Glynn Duncan   Vocals
Jerry Irby   Guitar,Vocals
Annie Laurie   Vocals
Cotton Roberts   Fiddle
Chuck Norris   Guitar,Performing Ensemble
Jerry Adler   Harmonica
Jimmy Robinson   Piano
Sam Price   Piano,Tenor Saxophone
Chuck Badie   Baritone Saxophone
Thomas Patton   Piano
Jack Rivers   Guitar
Willie Harper   Bata Drums
Willie E. Jackson   Alto Saxophone
Earl Caruthers   Mandolin
Chuck Adams   Baritone Saxophone
Benny Leaders   Leader,Vocals
John Alston   Tenor Saxophone
Calvin Boze   Trumpet,Vocals
Ellis Walsh   Bata Drums
Robert Gilliam   Accordion
Peter Burke   Bass,Piano,Drums
Dorothea Smith   Bata Drums
Western Rangers   Performing Ensemble
Roy Hogsed   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Jackson   Trumpet,Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Moore Band   Guitar
Willie Wilson   Trombone
Jimmie Dolan   Guitar,Vocals
John Spencer   Tenor Saxophone
James "Ham" Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Percy Joell   Baritone Saxophone
John Peck   Trumpet
Eddie Hurd   Clarinet
George Pryor   Baritone Saxophone
Clarence Cagle   Piano
Buster Magness   Steel Guitar
Leon Bass   Guitar,Vocals,Performing Ensemble
Curly Lewis   Fiddle
Gene Dewez   Accordion
Leslie Ayers   Trumpet
James Hurdle   Piano
Rusty Nitz   Baritone Saxophone
Hubert Robinson   Vocals,Choeurs

Technical Credits

Hank Snow   Composer
Henry Bernard   Composer
Rudy Toombs   Composer
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys   Composer
Billy Jack Wills   Composer
Louis Tierney   Composer
Lois Mann   Composer

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