Rubble Collection, Vol. 1-10

The Rubble Collection, Vol. 1-10


Originally appearing on LP from the Bam Caruso label in the 1980s, and then on CD on the Past & Present imprint in 2003, these first ten volumes (boxed) in the Rubble Collection were conceived and collected by Phil Smee. For fans of the Nuggets series, both the two American volumes and the British Nuggets, you won't find…  See more details below


Originally appearing on LP from the Bam Caruso label in the 1980s, and then on CD on the Past & Present imprint in 2003, these first ten volumes (boxed) in the Rubble Collection were conceived and collected by Phil Smee. For fans of the Nuggets series, both the two American volumes and the British Nuggets, you won't find a lot of overlap. The Nuggets comps were and are for people who want what was at least the stuff of legend, if not readily available. The collection here digs deep and are, for the most part, flawless in what they present. This set, and its companion volumes 11-20 (a separate box), are very different creatures. For starters, they dig a lot deeper into the hopelessly obscure 45s and tapes of Brit psychedelia, freakbeat, Mod, and pop. For every cut by Sharon Tandy & les Fleur de Lys, the Glass Menagerie, Pretty Things, and Flying Machine and the Clique, there is at least one to match from acts like Peter & the Blizzards, Skip Bifferty, Life 'N' Soul, and Factotums. You're getting the idea. This is for the listener who wants to dig down and get virtually everything. There are some things missing here (the second box picked up a lot of that slack), and like other series' that go down into the underbelly of the '60s, some of what's here is drek. But there are real gems, too -- ,check out the Sharon Tandy cuts like "Hold On," on disc nine, or the Velvett Fogg's "Lady Caroline," on disc ten, or Fairytale's "Lovely People" that kicks off volume six. Then there's the completely cracked and whacked, such as Dragonfly's "Celestial Empire," Orange Seaweed's "Pictures in the Sky," and Focus Three's "10,000 Years Behind My Mind." In addition to these ten handsome volumes in a single fold-in case, there is a 93-page booklet completely annotating tracks and offering discographies for artists who actually had them. In 2007, Fallout in the U.K. reissued this box again, in a limited numbered (on the bottom) limited license, limited edition of 1000 copies at a more reasonable price than the previous version.

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Disc 1

  1. Atmospheres  -  Wimple Winch
  2. Faster Than Light  -  Mirror
  3. Woman of Distinction  -  Caleb
  4. It's All Over Now  -  Peeps
  5. Always With Him  -  Living Daylights
  6. Never Had a Girl Like You Before  -  Misunderstood
  7. Cast a Spell  -  Open Mind
  8. The Spider & The Fly  -  Dakotas
  9. Rumble on Mersey Square South  -  Wimple Winch
  10. Magic Potion  -  Open Mind
  11. Let's Live for Today  -  Living Daylights
  12. I Must Be Mad  -  Craig
  13. I Will  -  Unit 4+2
  14. Grey  -  Hush
  15. Save My Soul  -  Wimple Winch
  16. The Morning After  -  Mindbenders

Disc 2

  1. Eastern Music  -  Mode
  2. Marmalade Hair  -  Wimple Winch
  3. World Spinning Sadly  -  Parking Lot
  4. Defecting Grey  -  Pretty Things
  5. The Kid Was a Killer  - Keith West
  6. Indian Thing  -  Shotgun Express
  7. Tracy Took a Trip  -  Executive
  8. Lollipop Minds  -  Wimple Winch
  9. You Break My Heart  -  Talismen
  10. Walking Through My Dreams  -  Pretty Things
  11. Love  -  Bo Street Runners
  12. Sweet Love  -  Sons of Fred
  13. Bluebell Wood  -  Wimple Winch
  14. Knocking Nails into My House  -  Idle Race
  15. After Tea  -  Spencer Davis Group
  16. Rosecrans Blvd.  - Gordon Waller

Disc 3

  1. Nightmares in Red  -  Brain
  2. 10, 000 Years Behind My Mind  -  Focus Three
  3. Talkin' About the Good Times  -  Pretty Things
  4. The Fox Has Gone to Ground  -  Bamboo Shoot
  5. Visions in a Plaster Sky  -  Wild Silk
  6. (He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman  - Mark Wirtz
  7. William Chalker's Time Machine  -  Lemon Tree
  8. Barricades  -  Koobas
  9. 10,000 Words in a Cardboard Box  -  Aquarian Age
  10. Mr. Evasion  -  Pretty Things
  11. Gardena Dreamer  -  Executive
  12. Fragile Child  -  Chances Are
  13. Hold On  -  Ipsissimus
  14. Shades of Grey  - Edwick Rumbold
  15. Model Village  -  Penny Peeps
  16. Revolution  -  Tomorrow

Disc 4

  1. Black Mass  -  Jason Crest
  2. The Wedding of Ramona Blair  -  Mirage
  3. Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad  -  Caleb
  4. Flight from Ashiya  -  Kaleidoscope
  5. Matrimonial Fears  -  Cymbaline
  6. On the Beach  -  Finders Keepers
  7. The Cooks of Cake & Kindness  -  Californians
  8. Strange Things Are Happening  -  Rings & Things
  9. Butterfly  -  Fox
  10. 3:30 AM  -  Unit 4+2
  11. A Dream for Julie  -  Kaleidoscope
  12. Come Alive  -  Tempus Fugit
  13. Golden Glass  -  Misunderstood
  14. [Untitled Hidden Track]

Disc 5

  1. That's the Way It's Gotta Be  -  Poets
  2. Anymore Than I Do  -  Attack
  3. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone  -  Flies
  4. Gotta Wait  -  Game
  5. Please Please Me  -  Score
  6. I'm Leaving  -  Mark Four
  7. Father's Name Is Dad  -  Fire
  8. Mother's Little Helper  - Gene Latter
  9. Gonna Get Me Someone  -  Game
  10. House of Love  -  Flies
  11. Hey Gyp  - Keith Shields
  12. Try It  -  Attack
  13. I Love Her Still  -  Poets
  14. Living Is Easy  -  Dream Police
  15. Run & Hide  -  Fairytale
  16. Hurt Me If You Will  -  Mark Four

Disc 6

  1. Lovely People  -  Fairytale
  2. Glasshouse Green Splinter Red  -  Kinsmen
  3. I Am So Blue  -  Poets
  4. Anniversary of Love  -  Ice
  5. Shades of Orange  -  End
  6. Tales of Flossie Fillet  -  Turquoise
  7. Magic Bus  -  Pudding Maker
  8. Neville Thumbcatch  -  Attack
  9. Red Sky at Night  -  Accent
  10. 8 1/2 Hours to Paradise  -  Elastic Band
  11. Created by Clive  -  Attack
  12. Suburban Early Morning Station  -  Two & A Half
  13. Peacefully Asleep  -  Life 'N' Soul
  14. I'll Cry With the Moon  -  Poets
  15. Beggar's Parade  -  Falling Leaves
  16. 20-10  -  Tinkerbell's Fairydust

Disc 7

  1. Pictures in the Sky  -  Orange Seaweed
  2. You Didn't Have to Be So Nice  -  Glass Menagerie
  3. Real Life Permanent Dream  -  Orange Machine
  4. Jump & Dance  -  Carnaby
  5. Harekrishna  -  New Formula
  6. So Sad Inside  -  Onyx
  7. The Flying Machine  -  Flying Machine
  8. You Said  -  Primitives
  9. You Gotta Be With Me  -  Onyx
  10. My World Fell Down  -  Ivy League
  11. Blue Turns to Grey  -  Epics
  12. Cloudy  -  Factotums
  13. Better Make Up Your Mind  -  Koobas
  14. I'm a Hog for You  - Erky Grant
  15. Help Me  -  Primitives
  16. Within the Night  -  Velvett Fogg

Disc 8

  1. Living a Lie  -  Yellow
  2. Hold On  - Sharon Tandy
  3. Prodigal Son  -  Eyes of Blue
  4. Here We Go 'Round the Lemon Tree  -  Jason Crest
  5. Lamp Lighter Man  -  Sheridan
  6. Tumblin'  -  Jigsaw
  7. On Love  -  Skip Bifferty
  8. High in the Tower of Coombe  -  Methuselah
  9. Upside Down  - Norman Conquest
  10. A Place in the Sun  -  Jason Crest
  11. The Madman Running Through the Fields  -  Dantalian's Chariot
  12. Daughter of the Moon  - Sharon Tandy
  13. Days When We Are Free  -  Mashmakhan
  14. Children of Tomorrow  -  Mike Stuart Span
  15. I'm Flying  -  Serendipity
  16. The World Will End Yesterday  -  Second Hand

Disc 9

  1. Celestial Empire  -  Dragonfly
  2. You Know That I'll Be There  -  Peter & The Blizzards
  3. Mother No Head  -  Group 1850
  4. Slow Motion Mind  -  Tower
  5. Do You Feel Alright  -  Outsiders
  6. Buses  -  Sharks & Me
  7. Good Weekend  -  Short '66
  8. Wedding of 100 Brides  -  Motions
  9. Back to the City  -  Sandy Coast
  10. Lotus Love  -  Zipps
  11. Girl of My Kind  -  Bumble Bees
  12. Mini Minnie  -  Young Ones
  13. Swedish Tears  -  St Giles's System
  14. So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall  -  Q 65
  15. A Girl Named You  -  Supersister
  16. Such a Cad  -  Baroques
  17. That Day  -  Golden Ear-Rings
  18. [Untitled Hidden Track]

Disc 10

  1. Tamaris Khan  -  Onyx
  2. Frederick Jordan  -  Glass Menagerie
  3. We Didn't Kiss Didn't Love But Now We Do  -  Clique
  4. A Step in the Right Direction  -  Montanas
  5. Linda Loves Linda  -  Floribunda Rose
  6. Lady Caroline  -  Velvett Fogg
  7. Riding on a Wave  -  Turnstyle
  8. Frosted Panes  -  Kytes
  9. Running Wild  -  Fresh Air
  10. Stay a While  -  Orange Seaweed
  11. Hungry  -  5 a.m. Event
  12. Gotta Keep on Moving Baby  -  Game
  13. She's a Rainbow  -  Glass Menagerie
  14. Stay Indoors  -  New Formula
  15. Buffalo  -  Writing on the Wall
  16. You Can All Join In  -  Orange Machine

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Steve Howe   Guitar
Elton John   Group Member
John Carter   Bass
Terry Clarke   Vocals
Ronnie Ross   Drums
Bobby Pierce   Guitar
Pete Sears   Keyboards
Russ Ballard   Guitar
Graham Gouldman   Bass
Gordon Haskell   Bass,Vocals
Bryn Haworth   Guitar
Alan Hull   Guitar
Nic Potter   Bass
Eric Stewart   Guitar,Vocals
Twink   Drums
Mark Wirtz   Keyboards
Lawrence Arendes   Drums
Craig Austin   Bass,Vocals
Dick Bland   Bass
Steve Brayne   Guitar
Danny Bridgeman   Drums,Vocals
Rick Brown   Vocals
Stuart Calver   Vocals
Phil Chesterton   Drums
Jack Collins   Drums
Martin Cure   Vocals
Stan Curtis   Organ
John Dalton   Bass
Herman Deinum   Musician
Roger Dell   Drums
Rob Elliot   Vocals
Ken Elliott   Keyboards
Keith Ellis   Bass
Guy Evans   Drums
Bill Figg   Drums
Mick Gallagher   Piano
Eelco Gelling   Musician
Colin Gibson   Bass
John Gladwin   Glockenspiel,Vibes
Ray Glynn   Guitar,Background Vocals
Mick Green   Guitar
Melvyn Hacker   Bass
Paul Hancox   Drums
Robert Henrit   Drums
Tony Hill   Guitar
Alan Hodge   Guitar
Brian Howe   Bass
Neil Hubbard   Guitar
Dave Hynes   Drums,Background Vocals
Tom Jackman   Drums
John Beverly Jones   Vocals
Tony Jones   Guitar
Alex Lane   Keyboards
Bill Lane   Guitar
Stu Leathwood   Guitar
Robin McDonald   Bass
Chris Mercer   Saxophone
Rick Moe   Drums
Gerry Morris   Bass
Roy Morris   Guitar
Dee Murray   Bass,Background Vocals
Lynton Naiff   Organ
Kieran O'Connor   Percussion
John O'Hara   Group Member
Davy O'List   Guitar
Carl Palmer   Drums
Eddie Pumer   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Caleb Quaye   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Reeves   Drums
Terry Rowley   Guitar
Andy Scott   Guitar
Grant Serpell   Drums
Derek Smallcombe   Guitar
Robert Jan Stips   Keyboards,Vocals
Mick Thompson   Rhythm Guitar
Ron Van Eck   Bass,Guitar
Sacha Van Geest   Flute
Marco Vrolijk   Drums
Graham Waller   Organ
Lesley Ann Warren   Drums
Garth Watt-Roy   Guitar,Vocals
Norman Watt-Roy   Bass,Vocals
Winston Weatherill   Guitar,Sitar
Keith West   Vocals
John Weston   Guitar
Steve Whiting   Bass
Terry Wincott   Guitar,Vocals
Dick Smith   Vocals
M.J. Bradley   Drums
Doles Dickens   Guitar
Terry Martin   Guitar,Vocals
Glyn James   Vocals
Sean Jenkins   Drums
Johnny Kelman   Guitar
Bob Land   Bass
Howard Lubin   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Maxfield   Guitar
Tommy Moeller   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Moules   Vocals
Ric Rothwell   Drums
Paul Wilkinson   Drums
Ted Yeadon   Organ,Vocals
Kip Smith   Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy O'Neil   Bass
Glenn Ross Campbell   Steel Guitar
Roye Albrighton   Guitar
Demetrius Christopholus   Guitar,Vocals
William Devries   Bass,Vocals
Kees Kranenburg   Musician
Malcolm West   Bass
Roddy Stephens   Vocals
Pat Hynes   Guitar
Ronald Splinter   Bass,Guitar,12-string Guitar
Steven Clark   Bass,Flute
Jack Jones   Drums
Peter Daltrey   Keyboards,Vocals
Geoff Brown   Vocals
Keith Guster   Drums
Marcia Ashton   Drums
Buzz   Harmonica,Conga,Drums,Maracas,Tambourine
Mike Harper   Vocals
John Hollis   Guitar
Johnny Turnbull   Guitar
Wally Tax   Organ,Flute,Guitar,Harmonica,Balalaika,Cymbals,Tambourine,Vocals,Vibes
Rod Hood   Vocals
Jim Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Boudewijn de Groot   Vocals
Graham Amos   Bass
Andy Andrews   Bass
Barry Ashall   Bass
Frank Beek   Organ,Bass,Guitar,Piano,Vibes
Ian Bellamy   Vocals
Nick Bigsby   Drums
Rosco Birchmore   Bass
Mike Brancaccio   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Brookes   Group Member
Alan Brown   Bass
John Cahillane   Vocals
Bruce Carey   Bass
Steve Cotton   Organ
Len Cox   Bass
Curt Creswell   Guitar
Walter Day   Drums
Timothy DeFeu   Bass
Lia DeVries   Vocals
Terry Dobson   Organ
Ricky Dodd   Saxophone
John Elcock   Guitar
Martin Fallon   Guitar
Roger Forbes   Rhythm Guitar
Ron Fowler   Bass
Phil Fox   Drums
Roger Greenwood   Guitar
Tommy Guthrie   Drums
P.J. Habberley   Group Member
Jeff Harrison   Drums
George Hart   Violin
Will Hayward   Guitar
Robert Trewis   Group Member
Roy Hither   Drums
Steve Hoard   Vocals
Stuart Hobday   Vocals
Graham Hollis   Drums
John Horne   Guitar
Leonard "Michael" Horne   Vocals
Tim Huckstopp   Drums
Pete Hynes   Vocals
Vic Jansen   Bass
Chris Jeffries   Saxophone
Lex Luft   Guitar
Tony Mansfield   Drums
Roger McCabe   Bass
Moggy Mead   Guitar
Kees Meuren   Drums
Norman Miffen   Guitar
Dave Millidge   Bass
Steve Miners   Guitar
Anthony Mortlock   Guitar
Gary Murphy   Drums
Keith Neale   Bass
Ray Neale   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Nedel   Drums
Leslie Nichol   Guitar,Vocals
Tony O'Reilly   Drums
Richard Pannell   Guitar
Will Patrick   Guitar
Chaddy Penketh   Bass
Gus Peters   Guitar,Piano
Tony Priest   Vocals
Mally Rabbit   Organ
Mike Scott   Bass
Derek Sharpling   Clarinet,Vocals
Gordon Shaw   Bass
Roger "Spodge" Siggery   Drums
Neil Stanley   Organ
Ewan Stephens   Drums
Geoff Syrett   Guitar
Mike Triebwasser   Bass
Steve Turner   Guitar
Chris Warnett   Vocals
Dave Windross   Bass
John Wood   Guitar

Technical Credits

Willie Dixon   Composer
Steve Howe   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Jeff Lynne   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Pete Townshend   Composer
Ray Fenwick   Composer
Gordon Haskell   Composer
Phil May   Composer
Dick Taylor   Composer
Peter Bardens   Composer
Ralph Bass   Composer
Guy Fletcher   Composer
Tony Hatch   Composer
Stu Leathwood   Composer,Animation
Rod Lynton   Composer
Gregg Parker   Composer
John Povey   Composer
Eddie Pumer   Composer
Keith Richards   Composer
Geoff Stephens   Composer
Bob Wackett   Composer
Wally Allen Waller   Composer
Keith West   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson [II]   Composer
Johnny Kelman   Composer
Tommy Moeller   Composer
Phil Smee   Liner Notes,Artwork,Concept,Cover Design,Sleeve Notes
Demetrius Christopholus   Composer
T.J. Tindell   Composer
John Carter   Composer
Hans VanEyck   Composer
Tony Stratton-Smith   Composer
Peter Daltrey   Composer
John A. Morris   Roadie
Geoff Brown   Composer
D. Alexander   Composer
Donovan Leitch   Composer
Andy Somers   Composer
Mike Brancaccio   Composer
John Nottleton   Cover Art
Harvey S. Williams   Cover Design
George Money   Composer
Richard Morton Jack   Liner Notes

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