by Olivia Newton-John

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Olivia Newton-John   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals
Mark Heard   Guitar,Keyboards
David Baerwald   Bass,Guitar,Bass Guitar
Elton John   Piano,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Gerald Albright   Saxophone
John Capek   Keyboards
James Newton Howard   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Bill Meyers   Percussion,Keyboards
Davey Johnstone   Guitar
Bruce Roberts   Background Vocals
Davitt Sigerson   Background Vocals
Steven Soles   Background Vocals
Lincoln Adler   Saxophone
Ned Albright   Background Vocals
Lenny Castro   Percussion
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Davey Faragher   Bass,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
Chuck Findley   Trumpet
Jerry Friedman   Guitar
Charlie Giordano   Keyboards
Randy Goodrum   Keyboards
Gary Grant   Trumpet
Ed Greene   Drums
Gary Herbig   Tenor Saxophone
Jerry Hey   Trumpet
Dan Higgins   Tenor Saxophone
Dann Huff   Guitar
Kim Hutchcroft   Baritone Saxophone
Abraham Laboriel   Bass,Bass Guitar
Michael Landau   Guitar
Janis Liebhart   Background Vocals
Lew McCreary   Trombone
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica
David Ricketts   Keyboards
Jimmy Ripp   Guitar
Julia Tillman Waters   Background Vocals
Jason Scheff   Bass,Bass Guitar,Background Vocals
Jef Scott   Guitar,Background Vocals
John Sheard   Keyboards
John Philip Shenale   Keyboards
Amy Sky   Background Vocals
Neil Stubenhaus   Bass,Bass Guitar
Bob Thiele   Keyboards
Carlos Vega   Overdubs
Maxine Willard Waters   Background Vocals
Luther Waters   Background Vocals
Oren Waters   Background Vocals
Jimmy Rip   Guitar
Billy Meyers   Keyboards
Leon Ware   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Charlie Gordon   Keyboards
Gary Grent   Trumpet
Phil Shanale   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Bob Thiele   Keyboards
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone
Tom Keane   Background Vocals
Robert Thiele   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Mark Heard   Programming
Elton John   Producer
John Capek   Programming
James Newton Howard   Programming,Producer
Davitt Sigerson   Producer
Randy Goodrum   Programming
John Beverly Jones   Engineer
Sandy Linzer   Producer
Lew McCreary   Contributor
Ross Pallone   Engineer
Jack Joseph Puig   Engineer
David Ricketts   Programming
Bob Schaper   Producer
Bill Scheniman   Engineer
John Philip Shenale   Programming
Bob Thiele   Programming
Hank Medress   Producer
Billy Meyers   Programming
Leon Ware   Programming
Phil Shanale   Programming
Bob Thiele   Programming
Robert Thiele   Programming

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