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The Sacred Sin

The Sacred Sin

4.0 8
by Estevan Vega

Everyone has a past. One that is inescapable. Jude Foster, an L.A. homicide detective, is on the brink of mental collapse. A year ago, he was left for dead by Morgan Cross, a once-close friend and partner. Now, although forced to undergo mindless psychoanalytical diatribes in order to be reinstated into the department, the world apathetically spins on. When a dead


Everyone has a past. One that is inescapable. Jude Foster, an L.A. homicide detective, is on the brink of mental collapse. A year ago, he was left for dead by Morgan Cross, a once-close friend and partner. Now, although forced to undergo mindless psychoanalytical diatribes in order to be reinstated into the department, the world apathetically spins on. When a dead body is found in West Hollywood, an investigation is set in motion and Jude realizes, with the aid of Rachel Cragin, his annoying new interim partner, that the first victim is only the beginning. The markings on the bodies are trails to a more sadistic pattern of evil, one Jude may or may not recognize. But how does someone stop a killer who's slaying his victims by stealing their souls, without ever touching them? As the time ticks, the countdown begins. They will have one week to uncover the sacred sin . . . and the darkness that lies within all men.

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The Sacred Sin 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
kittydanza More than 1 year ago
THE SACRED SIN, by Estevan Vega, is a supernatural and psychological thriller about a detective returning to the job after his partner almost killed him. At only eighteen, Vega showcases his extraordinary writing talent in his sophomore book. This book was a different story for me. I enjoyed the suspense and mystery. Although I did know Estevan was only eighteen when this was published, the writing confirmed that his skill is way beyond his years. The writing was tight and concise, getting right into the story from the first page. Besides the distinct storyline, Vega created some honest-to-goodness characters. I felt a connection with Jude and his stubbornness to get over the fact that his partner tried to kill him. I know he loved his job and for something like that to get in the way was very difficult to recover from. For as much as Jude disliked Rachel from the start, I liked her. I think she was the ying to his yang and the motivating factor for Jude to get over his problems. Overall, the story was good. This is a fantastic second novel for such a young author. I was introduced to his writing from his third book, Arson. These two books are like night and day. The immense progression in style and format is astonishing for a three year difference between books. This great achievement gives no doubt in my mind that he is a naturally talented writer with a bright future.
bridget3420 More than 1 year ago
Jude Foster, a detective, has just been assigned a new case and a new partner. Jude doesn't play nicely with others. His previous partner, Morgan Cross, tried to kill him, so you can see why he has trouble trusting. Jude's not sure which situation is worse, being partnered with Rachel or the fact that a killer is on the loose who kills his victims without touching them. How do you track down pure evil that doesn't leave behind any clues? It seems that when each dead body turns up, they are faced with more questions than answers. Can they crack the case before it's too late? I have to start by saying that I'm not easily scared. When I was 14 I would walk up to the video store at 10 o'clock at night, rent a few scary movies and then watch them by myself in my bedroom with the lights off. I still to this day don't know many people who could do that as an adult, let alone a teen. Anyway, it takes a lot to scare me or even creep me out. I have to admit that parts of this book freaked me out. Needless to say I'll definitely be checking out "Servant of the Realm". **WARNING: child abuse**
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Meet Jude Foster. He is a disillusioned LA homicide detective. A year ago, his previous partner nearly killed him in an old church. Now, saddled with a new interim partner, Rachel, Jude is investigating more bizarre homicides. The victims are untouched, except for a bizarre cross mark on their bodies that seem to have come from the inside rather than with any outside injuries.

Jude is struggling with inner demons over the betrayal of his previous partner, Morgan Cross, and is obsessed with finding the unknown murderer. He believes that Morgan, the recent crimes, and the ever elusive "Victor" are all connected.

With a story that travels from LA to Haiti and back again, the reader is entranced in the nightmare murder investigation that Jude is caught smack dab in the middle of. His brother gets caught in the web of intrigue, as does an old priest who befriended Jude years ago.

Mr. Vega is a new young writer with a talent for keeping the reader in suspense until the very end. It wasn't until the last chapter that everything is revealed and the story can be wrapped up. At only eighteen years of age, Mr. Vega has a long future ahead of him. He's definitely an author to keep your eye on!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jude Foster is an intense and angry detective, hell-bent on capturing a murderer. Someone is killing people in L.A. - violently, and without using any weapon other than pure evil. Luckily, Jude knows the suspect. Unluckily, it is his former partner Morgan Cross, who has become something dark and evil that feeds on people¿s fears and weaknesses. The past drives these characters. When Jude¿s comes home to haunt him, he is forced to face torturous inner demons, thanks to Cross. Through the use of flashbacks and memories, suspense is built and revealing of incredible pain and suffering of both the detective and the fugitive. With each successive kill, the demonic Cross has become stronger, and Jude must summon everything within him that is still good and whole to live and to conquer. Estevan Vega has positioned his protagonist to face himself and see his own dark side, providing an enormous conflict within Jude. By making his characters human with real, albeit sad, back stories, Vega has us wondering if we should be checking our own shadows for demons. The Sacred Sin is a second novel by a prolific eighteen year old with a bright future. Watch this author. As he gains experience, he will undoubtedly be an awesome best selling writer. His story line is good, and with a proofreader to perfect the flow of his words, his next novel will be even better.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At the young age of eighteen, Estevan Vega has proven himself as a talented, ambitous writer with this second book. 'The Sacred Sin' is a well-written descriptive story, with great characters and just the right amount of suspense. On the downside, some may find it a little too descriptive as the story moves slowly along. Jude Foster, a detective with a past, pursues a supernatural killer. The story is intriguing and entertaining. A good read. Vega is growing as a new writer, and I look forward to his next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am not going to give you any clues to this book. It is a must read. While reading The Sacred Sin I couldn't believe it was actually written by a teenager. Mr. Vega is perceptive beyond his years. He certainly can compete with his older college graduate contemporaries. His potential is phenomenal. We haven't heard the last from this young man. Buy up those first editions because we have the next Stephen King in the making. And I think he will suprise us with each new book he writes as not to be molded into any one genre. This is the makings of a true literary artist. Let's watch this young man closely as he blossoms into the next best selling author. And make sure you put The Sacred Sin on your shelf. It might be worth a pretty penny on Ebay in the near future. '
Guest More than 1 year ago
By the age of 18 Estevan Vega accomplished something most people dream about their entire life. He published a book. Actually, by the time he was 18, he already published two books. This is quite amazing by itself, but even more amazing is the depth and maturity of Mr. Vega¿s writing. If the back cover of ¿The Sacred Sin¿ would not have disclosed his age, I would have never guessed that he is still a teenager.Mr. Vega deals with the ¿darkness that lies within all men¿ with unusual maturity, showing the reader how it is not only vice but also complacency that is evil and utterly malevolent in its nature. The main character, Jude Foster, oozes hatred toward any- and everybody, including himself and as such is not a difficult prey for the vile supernatural forces. The rest of the characters are less well developed and slightly clichéd, but I am certain that Mr. Vega will be able to overcome this challenge in his future works. His story moves well in general and provides enough surprises to keep it interesting and flowing smoothly.Overall I enjoyed reading ¿The Sacred Sin.¿ The story was captivating and challenging enough to keep my interest throughout. I am sure it will be greatly enjoyed by readers who like mysteries, especially those with some supernatural elements.
Guest More than 1 year ago
love how the book was written the more I read, the more enthralled I became. The plot was interesting and I was totally surprised by the ending. While reading, I found myself excited, sympathetic, disgusted, happy, sad, surprised and so much more. Well done, well done.