The Saint

The Saint

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by Melanie Jackson

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HAVE YOU BEEN NAUGHTY?One hundred and sixty years ago Kris Kringle walked the earth spreading the message of love and peace between peoples. Then he was kidnapped and given a drug that wiped out his memory, while the goblins hijacked Christmas.OR NICE?Kris has been found. But he’s not what you think. In fact, he’s not what anybody thinks, unless they


HAVE YOU BEEN NAUGHTY?One hundred and sixty years ago Kris Kringle walked the earth spreading the message of love and peace between peoples. Then he was kidnapped and given a drug that wiped out his memory, while the goblins hijacked Christmas.OR NICE?Kris has been found. But he’s not what you think. In fact, he’s not what anybody thinks, unless they happen to know he wears Armani, drives a vintage Rolls Royce and dislikes reindeer. Even more he dislikes the fat caricature the goblins stuck him with. He’s the most powerful death fey living, who gave up mortal women because none could complete him. He’s about to reclaim Christmas. That’s why he needs Adora Navarra, a biographer. Only she—along with the help of the fey already fighting the goblin menace—can help take back his image and punish the wicked. And only she can complete him. Santa Claus is about to go to town.

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Melanie Jackson and her husband, also a writer, live in the California Gold Country. She is a two-time nominee for the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award. She was also a finalist for the 2004 Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in the category of Contemporary New Reality. Her fluid, evocative style and compelling characters and action have helped her develop a devoted following. Jackson has published over 20 titles with Dorchester.

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The Saint 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
avid-readerLM More than 1 year ago
Interesting spin on santa. not as good as her other books though
Guest More than 1 year ago
Melanie Jackson has matured in her writing style and while the previous 'Wildside' books can stand alone 'The Saint' wraps up the series very nicely. I really liked the excepts from the book of Niklas and snippets of Niklas's life at the beginning of each chapter.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The last of the Goblins!!? Say it ain¿t so, Miz Melanie! We don¿t know nuthin'¿ about birthin¿ Gremlins!! You haven¿t destroyed the Kentucky Derby or the Highland Games¿.The Goblins meet the Loch Ness Monster (Toho was screaming for the rights to make a movie of this one!!). Goblins destroy the Olympics¿Goblins take over the Romantic Times Convention...Goblins purchase Dorchester Publishing and makes all their writers write Goblin tales! Everyone already knows they have seized Amland (Amazon). We simply NEED more Goblins!! Melanie Jackson created one of the most original series and each book was special, bringing forth characters that were cross-fey, mixing lore and fantasy and giving readers a fresh touch of magick! So I REFUSE to accept this is the last one. I shall gnaw on your editor¿s ankle. Send him a basket of Goblin Fruit ¿ yeah, that¿s the ticket. In the Saint ¿ no, it¿s not Simon Templar ¿ this Saint, a Death Fey, travels about our planet spreading merry ho ho, sort of a cupid ala Saint Nic, bringing romance and love, thus dispelling evil. The Goblins down in Goblinville ain¿t happy, no siree¿so they poison him. But you cannot kill a Death Fey, so one day he vanished and even Rudolph couldn¿t find him to play reindeer games. He is discovered wandering the northern tundra living with the Coca-Cola bears and with his mind a blank. The fey naturally assume this is an evil Goblin plot to take over Christmas. And lo, were they ever right! As Kris slowly gets his wherewithal back, he is shocked to learn the Goblins have been up to their old tricks and have messed with the hohoho season (won¿t the retailers be soooooo mad!!). To help solve what happen and find Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen, Kris hires one Adora Navarra to put a new spin on the man in the Red Suit¿s PR. Naturally, Adora has bought into the Goblin Menace¿s Memory Mess. She is just a wee tad resistant to writing the biography of this nut-case¿hum¿Kris Kringle in Armani. Soon the lass is not really caring if he thinks he is Simon Templar, Santa or Billy Jack in HoHo town as she follows him, meeting the various fey warriors that have been battling the Goblin plots, while they prepare for a major showdown. It¿s an utterly brilliant, charming tale of whimsy as only Jackson can deliver. The series in order: Traveler, The Outsider, The Courier, Still Life, The Master and The Saint. More Goblins ¿ PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was not the same quality of the other Wildside books. The continuing story from the other books was not in this one. This book is also slow paced and goes nowhere for the first 200 pages.
harstan More than 1 year ago
The Saint traveled the planet spreading good cheer, encouraging love between people, and destroying evil. More renowned as Santa Claus he abruptly vanished over a hundred-sixty years ago, but finally in 2006 he has been found wandering the northern wastelands living amidst polar bears and suffering from total amnesia. The Fey assume most likely the Goblins, who hijacked Christmas and painted the Ho Ho Ho fat boy image, managed to slip him a Mickey the drug Fed wiped out his memory. Currently he recovers in the fey community of Cadalach.---- Appalled to know how the Goblins stole Christmas, Kris, as his friends and family call him, hires author Adora Navarra to write his biography though the writer¿s more popular works collect dust on library shelves. She, in turn, is concerned about accepting a job from an obvious nut case, but needs the money that his Armani suit represents. What really frightens her is her attraction to the lunatic who hired her. Adora begins to wonder if insanity is catching as she meets fey, dragons and goblins when he takes her to his hometown. She will soon learn this is only the tip of the magic iceberg as she plays a key role in an upcoming scenario.------ Fans will enjoy this fun whimsical Wildside romantic fantasy that adds depth to the chronicles that so many readers appreciate. The story line is action-packed as Kris plans to regain his original image of a hunk not afraid to fight for what he believes is right. Interestingly he finds himself fascinated by the mortal, having given up human females centuries ago. The key to this superb fantasy is Adora, whose reactions seem so perfect from initially questioning her safety with her lunatic client to pondering whether insanity is catching to falling in love while battling at her beloved¿s side against Goblins. Melanie Jackson provides a delightful charmer.---- Harriet Klausner