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The Samson Effect: A Novel

The Samson Effect: A Novel

4.6 15
by Tony Eldridge

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Dr. Michael Sieff and Dr. Thomas Hamilton have stumbled onto a finding so astonishing that it could reshape the political and religious boundaries of the world. Hidden in a cave in Hebron, Israel they find an ancient scroll that gives evidence of a substance so powerful, it gave the Biblical strong man Samson his great strength.

In the quest to uncover this


Dr. Michael Sieff and Dr. Thomas Hamilton have stumbled onto a finding so astonishing that it could reshape the political and religious boundaries of the world. Hidden in a cave in Hebron, Israel they find an ancient scroll that gives evidence of a substance so powerful, it gave the Biblical strong man Samson his great strength.

In the quest to uncover this powerful secret, they run into two other groups who also know of its existance. The first is a group of protectors chosen each generation to keep the ancient secret and use it when the moment is ready. The second is a ruthless Palestinian ruler who wants to use it to create an invincible army for Allah to purge the world of infidels and bring it under his control.

Joined by an unlikely ally, Sieff and Hamilton travel the globe, dodge bullets, endure betrayal, and ultimately have to confront the most powerful enemy that this world has seen in ages. Facing unimagineable odds, they are the only two standing between freedom and conquest of the world.

This is the page burner that New York Times best selling author Clive Cussler calls a "first rate thriller brimming with intrigue and adventure."

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Meet the Author

Tony Eldridge grew up in Westfield, Indiana and currently lives in Forney, Texas with his wife Emily and their young twin boys, Connor and Landon. He is the creator of the Marketing Tips For Authors Blog and the author of Conducting Effective Twitter Contests: With Videos and The Samson Effect. Both books can be found on Amazon.com, as can the Kindle subscription to his blog.

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The Samson Effect 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Samson Effect, first novel by author Tony Eldridge is truly magnificent, captivating and triller-rific. An ancient guarded secret for centuries, sets the scene for intense reading with each turn of the page. Filled with mystery, suspense, passion, danger and lots of action-packed heart-pounding unexpected moments. A cast of characters portrayed at its' best - you'll certainly have a favorite, especially with some slapstick humor thrown in from time to time. The storyline was brilliantly conveyed in half the length and time it takes to read most traditional novels, due to the well-written styles of the author. Will keep an eye out for any future novels. The Samson Effect is a definite must have bookshelf addition and worth its ticket price if it ever reaches the big screen.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hang on to your seat! The excitement begins in chapter one and it's a non-stop ride through danger, political intrigue, romance and jubilation. Just when you think you can catch your breath, the next hill takes you deeper into the valley of the shadow of death. The author brings you up close and personal with biblical facts and intertwines them with a fictional story that leaves you wondering if this could really happen. Archaeologist, Dr. Thomas Hamilton and his colleague, Michael Sieff, an Israeli linguist, are both in search of ancient manuscripts that describe a sacred plant that the Hebrew priests used in conjunction with God¿s blessing whenever a ¿deliverer¿ was needed for Israel. Upon finding these documents they discover that the plant is not only real but also its location is described. Palestinian militants are in pursuit of the same in order to fulfill the promise of a global Jihad. There is also an ancient sect of Hebrew priests who are the protectors. All must be overcome in order to obtain The Sampson Effect, a plant extract capable of endowing super human strength upon its consumer. World domination is at stake. The reader learns about the history of the nation of Israel and its many deliverers as the author superimposes these ancient facts, along with the fictional legend of The Sampson Effect, upon the backdrop of the present day political climate in the harsh and unforgiving environs of the Middle East. This is the author's first novel. I found myself wanting a little more in the way of character development. I really liked the characters, but I felt they needed to be brought out more. I wanted to know what really motivates them besides the obvious. More insight into their psyche would be helpful. The author's development of the landscape setting was also rather basic. As the reader I want to feel as though I have to wipe the sweat off my brow, in the heat of the pounding rays of the sun. Though I felt these attributes of the novel were adequate, I know that it would be a much better piece of literature if these areas were improved. The story is thrilling and adventurous. In many ways I guess I just wanted it to go on longer. By the time I got to the end, I couldn¿t believe it was over. Without neglecting his story line, the author leaves you open for what could be a series of stories. If that is his intention, I can¿t wait for the next story. This could easily be adapted for the screen and, in my opinion would make a blockbuster motion picture! This book is a 'must read.'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tony Eldridge is out of the starting gate and is definitely leading the pack. 'The Samson Effect' is solid, entertaining, surprising and thrilling--in short, everything you want in a book you can't put down. br br When you open this book you are crossing the chasm from platform to the front seat of the roller coaster. By the end of the first chapter you have crested the first rise and begin the thrilling descent for an exciting ride with ups, downs, twists, turns and spirals that you aren't expecting. br br Doctors Hamilton and Seiff make a great team as they search to find the Samson Effect 'the Lord's Strength' without letting it fall into the wrong hands. But whose hands are the wrong ones? Eldridge keeps you guessing at everyone's motives and wondering, will Hamilton really do the right thing and what is the right thing? br br Order your copy today. br br I can't wait for the sequel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I received this book 48 hours ago & have had NO sleep until 8am this morning. This book is utterly riveting,fast paced,action packed & LOADED with intrigue. For a first novel,this is truly,truly brilliant. I look forward to hearing LOTS more from Tony Eldridge.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved it, what a wild adventerous ride.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A lot of action, good storyline.
Rai-Aren More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of ancient mysteries, action adventure stories & thrillers, so I was immediately intrigued when I came across The Samson Effect & the blurb from Clive Cussler sealed the deal. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it's an engaging read with a good sense of place, relentlessly fast pacing, and is populated with lively, colourful characters. A secret held since biblical times has been protected by an ancient order, but there are opposing forces closing in on it. It can impart superhuman powers & near invincibility, so the draw is irresistible. Should it fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be disastrous. Mr. Eldridge certainly has a flair for storytelling and creating an interesting mystery. I would have liked it if he had taken even more time in telling it - relationships & events happened quickly and could have afforded a lengthier path to develop. The ending hints at more mysteries to come, which I hope does happen. I would not hesitate to pick up the next novel by this author. Recommended for readers who enjoy thrillers, action adventure tales, quick reads, and ancient mysteries. Rai Aren, co-author of the award-winning mystery novel Secret of the Sands
Megalith More than 1 year ago
The Samson Effect is an exciting mystery-thriller centered around one of the Bible's most memorable characters. When biblical archaeologist Thomas Hamilton discovers that the source of Samson's strength was not his hair, but instead came from a concoction brewed from a rare herb, he and his friend Michael Sieff set off to find what remains of this ancient herb. Predictably, Hamilton and Sieff are not the only ones on the trail of the Samson effect. They are in competition with Jewish and Muslim sects, both of whom will stop at nothing to claim the prize. Also thrown into the mix is a group of protectors committed to defending the secret. The main characters quickly find themselves not only trying to satisfy their own scholarly interest, but seeking to protect the world from the dangerous consequences that would result from the herb falling into the wrong hands. Eldridge spins an intriguing tale. The pacing is good, if a little frenetic at times. The mystery element is unraveled at a steady rate, and the premise is interesting and unique. The plot fits neatly into the present-day political climate. The setting is well-rendered, and the Old Testament references add flavor to the story. On the downside, though the book is highly readable, the writing tends to be choppy at times. The main character is interesting, but the secondary characters, like so many in the genre, lack depth. Overall, The Samson Effect is a strong debut novel. Pick it up to get you in the mood for the forthcoming Indiana Jones movie, or just pick it up.
dennis_batchelder More than 1 year ago
Tony Eldridge's premise in THE SAMSON EFFECT: the "Lord's Strength" of the Old Testament heroes was derived from an ancient, thought-to-be-extinct plant. Fast forward to today: two biblical researchers' quest to find the plant's one remaining seed trigger deadly reactions from both the protectors of the secret and a Palestinian terrorist.

The book is pretty much non-stop action: right from the start people get shot and buildings get bombed. In the midst of all the action, friendship, love, and betrayal, Eldgridge presents an interesting take on what would happen if a superman susbtance was out there for the taking.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book pulls you in from the first few pages and will not let you go. The action is fast and nonstop until the very end. The Author makes his characters very beliveable and complex without taking you away from the intense action. This book will keep you reading into the night because you want to know what happens. Besides being a great read, this book reminds the reader that the right answer is not always easy to find but you are compelled to be involved with their search. The Samson Effect offers you a way to look deeper into the lives of people struggling in the world today and to see the scars left on all sides. Tony Eldridge has given us a great book that has you following strong characters through fast paced action on their search for the ultimate answer. This is quite a first book. Samson Effect is not a very long book but it does not leave a thing out. I look forward to his future work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Samson Effect' by Tony Eldridge is a must-read! As soon as I began reading this book, I couldn't put it down. Each chapter is filled with suspense, and the author manages to end each chapter in such a way that you have to read on to find out what happens. I expect this book to become a bestseller, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it becomes a motion picture. Look out Indiana Jones, here comes 'The Samson Effect!'
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I got home from work on Monday, the Samson Effect had arrived, and once I started reading I simply could not put the book down. The first chapter pulled me into the action quickly and every subsequent chapter had me wondering how the deepening intrigue was going to be resolved. This is more than an action adventure. Ny mind stretched beyond the fictinal story to consider the broader context - from Biblical history to current events. The title hints at the Old Testament link. Modern-day Middle-East conflicts are effectively played out in individual relationships between the story's characters. And regarding the characters in the story, the bad guy is evil personified. But beyond that, even the protagonists struggle with conflicting priorities and alliances. The storyline twists and churns along the channels etched by the religious, romantic and familial relationships of the various characters. And like a rapid river ride, the reader is swept along, not knowing what the next bend holds in store. I was constantly reminded of 'Sahara' and 'Indiana Jones' as I read the 'Samson Effect.' I am sure Hollywood will be calling Mr. Eldridge soon. Like they say, the book is always better than the movie - so be one of the first to enjoy reading the Samson Effect.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Short and sweet... Read it, it's a great story with enough twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like reading Clive Cussler and Dan Brown, I suggest you buy The Samson Effect so you can say you¿ve been one of the first people to read Tony Eldridge¿s outstanding book. By the end of Chapter 1, I was in the book ¿hook, line and sinker.¿ Dr. Thomas Hamilton and his friend, Michael Sieff are absolutely fascinating characters, as are the rest of the ¿cast¿. However, many are actually not who you believe they are - at one point I started to wonder if the lead character was who I thought he was! The one true character of ¿evil¿ is wonderfully written and I could well imagine his madness. I never wanted to put the book down because is it packed with action, intrigue, suspense, rivalry and love. (I appreciated the fact that the love interests in the book, were kept subtle and sweet and not explicitly defined.) Just when I thought I had the story line figured out ¿BAM,¿ I did not! Elbow macaroni does not have as many twists as The Samson Effect and there are several twists that caused me to I catch my breath and then I would laugh out loud because I certainly had not seen ¿that¿ coming. This is a very readable book by a new author, it is neither too long, nor too short - I¿d call it perfect - take a chance on The Samson Effect!