San Francisco Oracle Facsimile Edition

San Francisco Oracle Facsimile Edition

by Allen Cohen

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Library Journal - Library Journal
This full-color re-creation in book form of all 12 issues of the psychedelic newspaper published in Haight-Ashbury from 1966 to 1968 provides a unique historical record for students of the 1960s, representing the works of the Beat poets, the hippies, and the followers of the anti-war movement. Famous for publishing such writers as Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder, William Burroughs, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary, Buckminster Fuller, and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the tabloid also was well-known for its artwork, graphic designs, and rainbow colors. Editor Cohen, who was one of the paper's founders, contributes a fascinating history of the publication and its creators and contributors. Despite a table of contents, the book's usefulness as a reference is weakened by the lack of an index, and its $175 price (due to the archival paper used to preserve the book's historical value) makes this facsimile edition an optional purchase for libraries.-- Melinda Stivers Leach, Precision Editorial Svces., Wondervu, Col.

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