The Saturn Game: The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson

The Saturn Game: The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson

by Poul Anderson

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Publishers Weekly - Publishers Weekly
The third volume of works by SFWA Grand Master Anderson includes 18 masterful short stories (which have collectively won three Hugos and a Nebula), seven limericks, and two untitled songs. Anderson's tremendous range is on display in the paranormal fantasy "Operation Salamander," which combines college football, werewolves, and magical fire in an action-packed tale; the libertarian "Robin Hood's Barn," which observes mankind's need for new frontiers; "Sam Hall," in which a man destroys a government by inventing a folk hero; "A Tragedy of Errors," the sometimes funny tale of Roan Tom, a gruff pirate space captain; and the Sherlock Holmes pastiche "Eve Times Four." Anderson imbues his works with political philosophy, gun-slinging, and emotional depth, mixing hard science with superior world-building and intelligent storytelling. (Sept.)

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