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The Sea King

The Sea King

4.4 13
by Jolie Mathis

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Kol Thorleksson, the powerful Viking warrior known as the Sea King, owes his life to the young Saxon woman who risked everything to free him from bondage. Two years later, he has returned to Norsex, this time to wreak vengeance on those who plotted to destroy him. He is shocked to discover that the lovely woman who helped him regain his freedom is the sister of the


Kol Thorleksson, the powerful Viking warrior known as the Sea King, owes his life to the young Saxon woman who risked everything to free him from bondage. Two years later, he has returned to Norsex, this time to wreak vengeance on those who plotted to destroy him. He is shocked to discover that the lovely woman who helped him regain his freedom is the sister of the tyrant who sought to take it away.

Not a day has passed without Princess Isabel of Norsex thinking of the handsome Viking who crossed her path. But when her peaceful world is threatened by barbarians, the last thing she expects is to find Kol at their helm. Now, with danger lurking in every corner of her kingdom, Isabel finds herself torn between her sworn allegiance and her traitorous heart.

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Meet the Author

Jolie Mathis lives in Texas with her family, and is always at work on her next book. She can be contacted at .

Jolie also writes Victorian-era historical paranormal novels as Kim Lenox, and invites you to visit her website at www.kimlenox.com as well.

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The Sea King 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This debut book from Jolie Mathis is awesome! The plot twist is brilliantly written.... never saw that coming! The Sea King draws you into the story from the beginning and you become part of the characters lives so quickly. We can expect great things from Jolie Mathis!! I can't wait for another book from this author!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Make way, make way! Here is a new and refreshingly clear voice entering the historical romance writers realm with a debut that is pretty darn special!********************Isabel, the favored but wild princess of Calldarington was never happier than escaping the confines of the keep where unfettered, she could race her horse across the land. When a sudden storm ripped through the sky she was tossed from her horse¿s back into the river and nothingness. The coldness of the river was soon replaced by the strength and warmth of the arms that encircled her and upon opening her eyes, the crystal blue eyes of the guardian angel that rescued her. When next she awoke it was to discover that her rescuer had been accused of attacking her, tortured and imprisoned by her half-brother King Ranulf. Creeping from her bed, Isabel descended to the dungeon, found her rescuer, more dead than alive, and helped him to escape. ********************Two years later, her angel Kol Thorleksson returned at the head of his Viking army to extract vengeance against Ranulf, the king whose `hospitality¿ had almost killed him. During the battle, Ranulf escaped leaving behind his two sisters one of which Kol would recognize as the young innocent he¿d rescued from the river, the one he could not wrest from his mind, the one he thought was a peasant girl ¿ Isabel. To his dismay, gone was that innocence. This Isabel looked upon him with a passion born of hatred and loathing, believing that he had molested her when she was unconscious leaving her ruined and pregnant. Someone fathered her child and Isabel was convinced he did. Kol knew without a doubt he did not. As Isabel¿s hatred for Kol burned her being, Kol would do all in his power to convince her of his innocence and gain her good graces, even as he planned to use her to draw her brother, his enemy back into his hands.********************This is one of those exciting fast paced Viking action tales that the reader will find immensely hard to put aside. The protagonists are both vividly drawn and the tension drawn between the two serves well to ignite the passion each is afraid to reveal to one another. The author elicits powerful emotions throughout with in depth character studies. With a flair for originality this author gifts the reader with a stunning debut that is sure to leave the reader emotionally satisfied with a steamy and exciting romance of a poignant love story that was destiny fulfilled! This is a truly inspiring debut and an author who bears watching!********************Marilyn Rondeau, RIO ¿ Reviewers International Organization
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Holes in the story. Dont like parts of the plot such as the rape and the annoying stupid sister
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Destiny weaves a wicked web, a dangerous mixture of deceitful lies and hidden truths in this thrilling tale by new author Jolie Mathis. Trapped in shades of thick grey, the characters in 'The Sea King' have a lifetime of betrayal to overcome. One tale of love shall endure, the obstacles in its path mere hindrances compared to the depth of feeling that abounds from our hero and heroine. Kol Thorleksson, Viking conqueror, came once to the lands of Norsex and was condemned a villain. The beguiling girl he saved was indeed his downfall, yet he could not doubt her courage when she in turn freed him from his prison. Two years later, he clings still to the image of the girl that freed him as he ravages the land of the king that tried to end his life. That girl, now a woman, was the Princess Isabel. She is torn by this man, this angel savior whose memory she grasped like a lifeline. Something evil happened to her the day that angel rescued her, but is he the man responsible for her ruin? How can he be when her heart beats for his touch? As danger and false allies appear from every aspect of her life, will Isabel and Kol live long enough to come to terms with their scars? Only a reckoning can untwist this sordid skein of treachery, and that reckoning will shake everything Isabel has ever known. The level of sheer good in this book is astounding. Ms. Mathis is a talented new author that sets a remarkably high standard with this break out romance. Her writing is superb, smooth flowing and uncluttered. Kol and Isabel are a gripping couple, their individual story fascinating to behold. So much lies between them, so much conflict and so much love. Kol is an imposing man, flawed in his own mind and tormented, but strong and sensually dominant as well. Isabel was a wonderful heroine bold, calm in the midst of tragedy and fair of heart. She is a true leader. Many secondary characters add to the ever-heightening sense that all is not right in the kingdom of Norsex, especially with its nobles. Many plot twists kept me on my toes, breathless to discover the real traitor. More please Ms. Mathis! I'm ready to go a-Viking again!
harstan More than 1 year ago
While riding her horse, Isabel is dumped into the river. A Danish warrior rescues her. However, her brother King Ranulf captures the Dane and punishes him. No one listens to Isabel when she insists he saved her life eventually she is drugged. When she awakens she feels obligated to the Dane and helps him escape. --- Two winters later Kol Thorleksson leads several hundred mercenaries on an assault of the stronghold of Norsexian King Ranulf out of revenge. He captures Ranulf¿s sisters Rowena and Isabel, but the monarch is gone. Isabel is stunned as she recognizes that Kol is the man she freed only to have him return and kill her Saxon kin. Kol catches Isabel as he meets her two years old son Godric. Though she cannot remember what happened she holds Kol culpable for raping her. Since Kol cannot sire children due to his mother¿s curse, he wonders if she freed him two years ago so she can accuse him of raping her in order to protect her lover. Kol knows he wants Isabel, but will not allow his desire to make any decisions for him. He also believes he is not good enough for any female¿s love whether it be his mother or Isabel, but especially one who holds him in disdain. Isabel feels like a traitor as she falls in love with the invader. --- THE SEA KING is an interesting medieval romance with a superb twist involving who sired the lad. Kol is terrific as a courageous lead overcoming a doomed past starting with his birth when his mom dumped him to die on an icy river. He is one hero readers will deservedly sympathize with. A minor quibble is that though Godric is a toddler he acts much older. Still this is a superb historical romance that readers will appreciate. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Princess Isabel is the half-sister of King Ranulf. When she is thrown from her horse and into the river she expects to die. Instead she is rescued by a handsome man. As she awakens from her injuries, she learns that her savior is being whipped for harming her. Unable to make anyone listen to her and stop the abuse, she can only wait until everyone sleeps before helping the man escape. ................... Two years have passed. Kol Thorleksson wants revenge against King Ranulf for the injustices done to him on his previous stay. However, Ranulf escapes the siege, leaving his two sisters behind. When the two princesses are brought into his presence, Kol is stunned to learn that one of them is the lady he rescued two years previously. No matter that Isabel helped him escape, Kol plans to use her as bait to lure Ranulf out of hiding. Kol is also stunned to learn that Isabel has a two-year-old son, Godric, and that HE has been named as the father! Kol is positive Isabel told the lies to protect another man. After all, he never seduced her. But Isabel seems to honestly believe her lies. ...................... Isabel had no idea who Kol was when she helped him two years ago. If she had known he was a mercenary out to kill her brother OR that he had gotten her pregnant while she had been unconscious, she would have killed him herself. Now her people believe her to be a traitor. No one would wed her since she has been ruined, and Ranulf has made her a virtual prisoner in her own home. But prisoner to an over protective brother is one thing. Prisoner to a merciless barbarian is quite another! The Dane even has the nerve to use their son as leverage to keep her in line. No matter how handsome and attractive this devil may be, Isabel refuses to betray her brother and king, Ranulf. With luck, Isabel will be able to kill Kol and save her brother the trouble. .................... ***** In a word, 'W-O-W!' You have GOT to read this book! All through the story I kept wondering who Godric's father really was. I had several theories, all of them wrong. Author Jolie Mathis shows readers her sly and wily side. At the same time, she keeps you totally enthralled with the lives of her characters. It is utterly impossible to resist Kol and Isabel. They are so real, so believable. It is as if the author breathed life into them. They seemed to jump off the page and into my heart. Honestly, if you read only a single book this entire year, let it be this one! *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Princess Isabel is out playing ¿hooky¿, riding her horse Merwyn and dreaming of having a lover that she is to marry. Rushing home before a storm, she is jumping the horse when a clap of thunder causes the animal to toss her into the river. At first, she thinks she is dying, but then a handsome stranger, Kol Thorleksson, rescues her from drowning. Instead of being rewarded for his heroism, Kol is whipped. Isabel¿s half-brother, King Ranulf, believes Kol attacked her, so commands he be punished. Isobel awakens from being unconscious and finds Kol is being beaten because Ranulf believes he tried to harm his sister. She tries to make them stop, to explain he didn¿t hurt her, instead saved her, but cannot. Later, she helps Kol to escape. Kol vows revenge against Ranulf for the whipping. Two years later his chance comes. He lays siege against Ranulf¿s fortress. Ranulf escapes, but leaves his two sisters behind. Kol¿s rage over losing Ranulf is nothing compared to the anger he experiences when he discovers Isabel is one of the princess-sisters to Ranulf. His fury grows when he learns Isabel has a two-year-old son and has named Kol as the father of her child. Kol knows he is not the father of Isabel¿s child and believe she named him as the sire to protect another. As time goes on Kol realizes Isabel actually appears to believe he is the father of her child. Isabel had no idea who Kol was when she helped him escape, or no idea¯she believes now, that he had made her pregnant. Her people believe she is a traitor to them because Kol was the Danish enemy out to cause Ranulf¿s people harm, and she helped him. Kol plans to use Isabel and the child to trap Ranulf. Only it¿s Kol who is trapped by Isobel¿s charm. Kol knows he didn¿t attack Isobel, even though she now believes this. But the child IS there, evidence someone fathered her baby. Ignore the questions this premise presents and let the delightful story unfold under the charming voice of the writer. Jolie Mathis pulls out all stops and gives you a wonderfully entertaining book, with a strong hero and heroine who will steal your heart. I adore Viking tales, so it's great to see this long-neglected era of Historical Romance being done again. A marvelous debut book. I am sure we will be hearing more from this writer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liek mudkipz.