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The Search for the Perfect Golf Club

The Search for the Perfect Golf Club

5.0 2
by Tom Wishon, Tom Grundner

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The Search for the Perfect Golf Club 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tom Wishon appears to be a one of a kind in the golf club industry. If you check out his clubmaking website at wishongolf.com, more specifically the forum, you'll find that he has a cult like following. His 'firsts' in the industry will be there - you will be amazed. If you read this book (which I completely recommend) you will undergo an almost spiritual revelation with your game. It provides some interesting insights into the industry and ways you can apply this to your equipment and unltimately game. I have to be honest 'buy this book at your own risk'. You will read this book, enjoy every bit of it, start hitting balls at the range with impact tape, lead tape .. floating golf balls in heavy water ... sound wierd ... you'll enjoy every second. Then you'll start to 'tinker'. What will happen from this point is you'll spend a few $100 dollars on a reshaft, regrip, swingweight change etc but you'll also get increasingly frustrated. You will now quickly realise that anyone who works in a 'named' golf store doesn't know what they are talking about, clubs off the rack are for NO ONE and that all the golf information that most people talk about is marketing mumbo jumbo. Once you've sunk a small fortune into your set and swore you'll never go back to 2/3 'named' stores again, you'll get smart. You'll check out Tom Wishons consumer site at twgolftech.com and find the nearest clubmaker to you. (because now you know a 'named store' clubfitting is complete garbage). You'll book in a fitting and get fitted and start playing the best set of clubs that you will or at least have ever owned. Using one of these fiters, will probably be cheaper that buying a new set of clubs off the rack - that don't fit - (yes, they also do mizuno, taylormade etc) , and what do you know, you have completed your search for the perfect club. TIP: Read this book, keep it, re-read it and go straight to getting fitted at a qualified fitter. You will NEVER look back. I even ended up buying Tom's clubheads rather than simply refit my mizuno mp32's. Amazingly, they are superior (or at the very least the same) AND a number of dollars cheaper ... even with the fitting. I just wish I had of read this book a long time. The 'Search', as it's affectionately known, is better than any other 'golf instructional book' I've ever read. But this isn't a golf instructional book, it'll just make you realise that what you're currently playing isn't what you should be. This book should also be a pre-requestite to anyone who even thinks about working in a golf store. It should be required reading.
newsman More than 1 year ago
Of course, the wrong fitting for golf equipment can get in the way of playing your best golf. This book gives the many factors that are relevant to proper equipment fitting. Off the rack equipment may not fit you because it is designed to fit the 'average' person. Golf manufacturers make it difficult to know exactly what you are buying - sometimes intentionally so. Any serious golfer has to know the information in this book and Tom Wishon explains it all very well.