The Season: Rush

The Season: Rush

4.2 10
by Nicole Edwards
Kingston Rush

Becoming a goaltender in the NHL is the only thing I ever wanted for myself.

Goal accomplished.

Two years ago, I was the best goalie in the league, for the third time. With our Stanley Cup win, the Austin Arrows were on top of the world. Nothing could possibly bring us down.


Turns out, even when you're


Kingston Rush

Becoming a goaltender in the NHL is the only thing I ever wanted for myself.

Goal accomplished.

Two years ago, I was the best goalie in the league, for the third time. With our Stanley Cup win, the Austin Arrows were on top of the world. Nothing could possibly bring us down.


Turns out, even when you're at the top, you can find yourself back at rock bottom.

But it gets worse.

Not only did the team fall from grace, then I did too. I was accused of something I didn't do. And now I'm being forced to repair my tarnished reputation.

Only I don't know how to do that.

When the suggestion is made for me to pull off this ruse for the media, I know what I'm getting into. I also know there's only one right answer.

But it's complicated, and I'm not the only one who could get hurt.

There's only one major problem.

I can't say no.

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Meet the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When she's not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with a book in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers -- even when she's supposed to be writing.

Nicole also writes contemporary/new adult romance as Timberlyn Scott.

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The Season: Rush 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Lplovestoread 19 days ago
4.5 hockey sticks for #MountRushmore Love Brothers best friend romances and LOVE Nicole Edwards ! The story Of Kingston and Ellie is a good one . Weaves in and out of their lives she the single Mom and owner of the local bar and him a veteran "bad boy " goalie for the town's hockey team . The same one her brother plays on , the same one that the players frequent her bar . They each don't know it but for years while they have "flirted " around their real feelings never wanting to cross the gaol line mainly because of Spencer ( BFF and brother ) but they each have more reasons for not getting involved . Read this now to see what happens when they do finally "make a goal" , how Spencer reacts and if Kingston is as much of a "bad boy" most claim him to be .
Anonymous 28 days ago
Years of crushes finally bring this story up front. Doing a favor for the bad boy hockey player, brings Ellie to the truth....dreams do come true. Mix this with a newly found dad and bright daughter and you have a good story to tell. Didn't like that she left some unanswered questions at the end.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Very slow read through out the book. I have read several hockey theme series and unfortunately this theme is not Ms. Edwards cup of tea.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Of course Nicole has done it again with AWESOME beginning to yet another series. Kingston and Ellie's story was very interesting and I love how the reader is left to wonder about other characters such as Noelle and Spencer. I also loved how Bianca's point of view was added. Really looking forward to the next book!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Very slow beginning and even slower story throughout. Loved her other books but this one was not a hit with me .
Anonymous 3 months ago
Loved the story between Kingston & Ellie and the secondary storylines. Great character interactions throughout. And have some tissues near by. Looking forward to the next book in this series.
JWright57 3 months ago
I'm really not sure where to begin maybe I should just start with Nicole Edwards has given us yet another 5 Star read, this book has everything I look for in a sports romance and more. Kingston Rushmore is the six foot three sexy goalie for the Austin Arriws and he was the best goalie in the league but that was a couple of seasons ago that was before someone tried to tarnish his reputation. Kingston has crushed on his best friend Spencer little sister for years what he didn't know was that Ellie felt the same way about him, when Spencer and the team social media team suggest he pretend date Ellie he jumps at the chance but she is not so quick to jump into this arrangement after all she has her daughter Bianca to think off. Can they become friends with benefits without someone getting hurt or without their friendship getting ruined... This book has it all you get enough knowledge of the game to understand what the game is about as well as enough sizzling hot sex to make to run for a fan and what can I say about #MountRushmore or #ProjectKinkify apart from the hashtags say it all. This story is sexy, funny and at times a bit sad but let's be honest that's life and Nicole Edwards has given us another wonderfully written book that feels like real life. That's not to say I don't have another book boyfriend and he just so happens to go by the name of Kingston. Looking forward to more in this series. I was so lucky to win a copy of this Arc from the author. Thank you Nicole Edwards
Rina_S 4 months ago
Omg I am in love I am in lust I have a new book boyfriend And His name is Kingston Rush!! This book was Hot Sizzling Emotional Beautiful And Heartwarming Nicole has done it again! This book is so wonderful! I literally could feel the emotions of the characters and was so immersed in the story that I wish they were real!!! My heart, my feelings all went through the ringer somewhat at what the characters go through! A truly riveting book that you will not want to put down. Add it to your TBR list or you will be missing out!!
MMRNY 4 months ago
Ellie and Kingston=GOAL!!! Nicole Edwards has done it again!! The Season:Rush is a great start to this wonderful new series about sexy hockey players and the women they fall in love with. OMG did I love Ellie and Kingston!! A beautiful single mom and a super sexy hockey player known as Mount can already see the sparks flying...and boy, oh boy were there sparks!! They were perfect for each other even though they were oblivious to the fact, and yes, there came a point where I wanted to strangle both of them, but at the same time love and the need to protect one's self makes folks act crazy and do silly things. This story was so well written and beyond enjoyable. The Season:Rush was a fun, witty, and emotional read. I cannot wait for the next book in this series...I am seriously hoping that it is Spencer and Noelle. Great job, Nicole Edwards!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Love the start of this series, kingston and ellie were great together...cant wait for more