The Second Virgin Birth

The Second Virgin Birth

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by Tommy Taylor

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Do we have the technology enabling Christ to be born again of a second virgin mother? A six year old little girl in Alabama knows we do. The Pope is afraid we do. The world asks 'should we if we can?' The book follows the life of a little girl in Alabama who goes completely insane at the age of six and is confined to a state mental hospital. In a strange twist of fate


Do we have the technology enabling Christ to be born again of a second virgin mother? A six year old little girl in Alabama knows we do. The Pope is afraid we do. The world asks 'should we if we can?' The book follows the life of a little girl in Alabama who goes completely insane at the age of six and is confined to a state mental hospital. In a strange twist of fate, she is chosen, 'by God,' to become the mother of his son, the next Madonna in the second coming of Christ. Explore her life as there are those who adore and worship her and there are those who loathe her and will do anything to end her life before her son is born. This story is a true 'can't put it down' book.

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As the author of the book "The Second Virgin Birth," I thought you might be interested in why I wrote the book in the first place. I truly believe that each one of us has inside our very souls, something that we need to accomplish before we pass from this world to the next. Mine was to write a book. One that was not just entertaining but inspired thought among its readers. One that could cause heated debates among friends about its not so simple and clear-cut meanings. I feel that I have accomplished my goal with a book written on a subject that could touch us all and with characters that are so lifelike that they could become your true friends or your worse enemies.
My idea for this book began after a personal tragedy in my life. I began to think what if we could truly bring a loved one back. Do we have the technology to cause them to be able to walk among us again? But I did not stop there, if we could bring back a loved one; why not bring back the most unimaginable loved one of all. After reading this book, it is my wish that you question all the possibilities and let your imagination ascend to a new elevation while contemplating our future and the sequel.
Tommy Taylor lives in Bedford Texas, with Barbara, his wife of thirty years, They have two daughters, Kiersten and Christi.

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The Second Virgin Birth 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Ravenswood_Reviews More than 1 year ago
"THE SECOND VIRGIN BIRTH" BY TOMMY TAYLOR What if history really did repeat itself, so closely that the entire world would be graced with the second coming of Jesus Christ in the same way as before. This book explores that possibility through the story writing genius of Tommy Taylor. I was completely hooked from beginning to end and the way he has woven the tale is both intricate but so possible it leaves you breathless. As controversial as some of the material in this book may be to some it has the power to leave you questioning whether or not it could be truth. Perhaps as Tommy says, the happenings in this book have not come to fruition yet... but they will. I challenge you to read this book and not fall into the realm of possibility and come out still with no doubts in your mind. My rating: 5 Ravens Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud
Loggie More than 1 year ago
On the surface "The Second Virgin Birth" is the story of a pair of scientists that seek to clone Jesus. This premise alone is enough to ensure excitement and draw a fan base. But this novel is something more. Tommy Taylor has managed to develop interesting characters caught up in events far larger than themselves, events that force his characters, and his readers, to confront many of their most intrinsic beliefs. What are our deepest beliefs and what is their source? What do we truly worship, church, God, fame, fortune? How far would we be willing to go if we were forced to stand up for our beliefs? This book is an excellent adventure tale. However, it is also a thought provoking story that leaves the reader thinking, wondering, and impatient for a sequel. Tommy Taylor's first novel is far more engrossing than many long time successful writers. I, for one, look forward to many more of his books in the future.
Ski-Bray More than 1 year ago
The Second Virgin Birth is a unique, original story about the cloning of Jesus. The last I've heard at least twenty different kinds of animals have been cloned, and it is probably possible to clone a human today. It could already have been done somewhere; we just don't know about it. Something to think about - if you wanted to clone Jesus, where would you get the DNA? Of course, the obvious answer is the Shroud of Turin, but in this novel four other relics are found. As I started the book, the first thing that struck me was the author's foreword: "Everything in this book is true . it just has not happened yet." Wow! That's quite a statement. Everything??? I think the author should have toned down this statement a little, maybe saying, "Some of these events could be true . they have just not happened yet." Well, the book is fiction, so I'll just consider the foreword to be fiction as well. Now from reading the above statement, you might think I didn't like the book. I enjoyed it very much. An intriguing story, I found myself reaching for the book whenever I had free time. There are so many areas the author could have explored further. The conflict in the book was centered mostly around financial profits from this project. It would have added to the book if some moral issues had been worked into the story as well. There were some inconsistencies in the book. For example, Mary seemed to have a mesmerizing effect on people who only glimpsed her briefly, bringing out the best in them. Yet she didn't seem to have this effect on some of those who were most closely associated with her. They still seemed greedy and self-centered, only worshipping the "Church of the Almighty Dollar." The author brings up an interesting idea - if Jesus did walk the earth again, would people of all faiths abandon their religions and begin worshipping this living god? Will it be man who brings about the second coming of Christ? In an interesting touch, the author works in Biblical details into the story. The ending was satisfying and leaves room for a sequel. As much as I liked this book, you may be wondering why I only gave it 4-stars. As I rate a book, I consider everything - the cover, story, and editing. The story and cover I would easily give 5 stars; however, I felt that the book needed more careful editing. I could see this book being picked up by a big publishing house, given a good round of editing and a little polishing of the language - another Da Vinci Code! A highly recommended book, I look forward to reading the sequel.
authorsamoliver More than 1 year ago
We are living in a time when the imaginative thoughts of people are given full reign unlike any other time in our history. Tommy Taylor has taken his free thoughts to imaginative levels one can only say is inspired to stretch the hearts and minds of theologians everywhere. The thought of Christ entering our world through cloning is more than a possibility. Even if science makes the slightest mistake in the remaking of the Christ story, there will be some who believe and those who do not believe. Such is the case in any story fabalized into society. People will take the story to places where their own interpretations can be accepted and use their personalities to challenge the beliefs of others for their own agenda. For the last 2,000 years, our world has taken the first virgin birth to relate to or engage in conflicts to mediate his or her own personality seeking manifestation in the world of form. Why would this book be any different? I believe it would be more than facinating to live in a time where the events spoke of in this fictional story became a nonfictional reality. I can't help from wonder though who would be crucified first. Would it be the second coming of Jesus or his mother? This book is one that should be read by anyone and those going into ministry. It is a book needed to be taken seriously by considering it's premises as a wonderful work of art expanding the hearts and minds of those who read it. Sam Oliver, author of, "The Path into Healing"
Guest More than 1 year ago
As both a writer and reader of fiction, I realize how difficult it is to come up with an interesting story, and more so, something that is new and innovative. I believe Tommy Taylor has done just that though - 'The Second Virgin Birth' is a unique fusion of a very old theme with that of our modern way of life, including the technologies we live with and depend on for our existence, as well as the choices genetic technology now permits us to make, in fact sometimes forces us to make. Not only that, Taylor looks at religion from the thought-provoking perspective of 'What if the Savior was actually born today?' How would people react - the faithful and faithless, how would the leaders of the mighty religions deal with Him, how might His birth change the path the world has taken? Ultimately, Taylor poses the question: How would that affect the meaning of faith itself? The basis of this story is the discovery of the DNA of Jesus Christ - and the questions it poses to a science that is capable of bringing 'Him' back to life. Why? For riches? For power? For prestige? For ultimate control? For the beginning of a new age? But things just aren't as straightforward as that, and that's what I really like about Taylor's development of his story. Enter into the plot a girl, Mary, who has been 'chosen' to be the Mother of God's Son by perhaps more than just chance. How do her motives and thoughts come into conflict with those of the scientists and power brokers who are determined to bring the Son of God back to life at any cost? As it goes, many people adore Mary, but others despise her for what she is doing and what she represents. For me, this aspect of the story provided a tantalizing glimpse at the foundations of religion itself. I found this book to be a fast, entertaining read with enough mystery to keep me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. I kept wondering - how was all of this going to end? And that, I can't tell you - you'll have to read the book yourself. And you should. Thanks, Jim Erjavec, Author of The Caverns of Mare Cetus