Secret Garden [Original London Cast]

Secret Garden [Original London Cast]

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  1. Opening  - Joel E. Chaiken
  2. Scene: India  - Daisy Egan
  3. There's a Girl
  4. Scene: The Library at Misselthwaite Manor  - Robert Westenberg
  5. Scene: A Train Platform in Yorkshire/The House Upon the Hill  - Barbara Rosenblat
  6. I Heard Someone Crying  - Daisy Egan
  7. Scene: Mary's Sitting Room/If I Had a Fine White Horse  - Daisy Egan
  8. A Girl in the Valley  - Rebecca Luker
  9. Scene: The Ballroom  - Daisy Egan
  10. It's a Maze  - Daisy Egan
  11. Scene: The Greenhouse  - Daisy Egan
  12. Winter's on the Wing  - John Cameron Mitchell
  13. Scene: The Edge of the Moor  - Daisy Egan
  14. Show Me the Key  - Daisy Egan
  15. Scene: Archibald's Library/A Bit of Earth  - Daisy Egan
  16. Storm I  -  Patricia Phillips
  17. Lily's Eyes  - Robert Westenberg
  18. Storm II  - Daisy Egan
  19. Scene: Colin's Room  - Daisy Egan
  20. Round-Shouldered Man  - John Babcock
  21. Final Storm  - Daisy Egan
  22. Girl I Mean to Be  - Daisy Egan
  23. House Upon the Hill -- Transition/Scene: Archibald's Dressing Room  - Robert Westenberg
  24. Quartet/There's a Man -- Transition  - Nancy Johnston
  25. Race You to the Top of the Morning  - Mandy Patinkin
  26. Wick  - Daisy Egan
  27. Scene: Colin's Room  - Daisy Egan
  28. Come to My Garden/Lift Me Up  - Joel E. Chaiken
  29. Come Spirit, Come Charm  - Daisy Egan
  30. A Bit of Earth (Reprise)  - Michael DeVries
  31. Scene: The Library/Scene: Mary's Room  - Daisy Egan
  32. Hold On  - Alison Fraser
  33. Letter Song  - Daisy Egan
  34. Where in the World  - Mandy Patinkin
  35. How Could I Ever Know  - Rebecca Luker
  36. Finale  - Michael DeVries

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mandy Patinkin   Vocals
Brown   Violin,Viola
Drew Taylor   Vocals
David Nadien   Violin
Barbara Rosenblat   Vocals
Sanford Allen   Violin
Neil Balm   Trumpet
Julien Barber   Viola
Vicki Bodner   Woodwind
Jeff Carney   Bass
Harold Coletta   Violin,Viola
Katie Dennis   French Horn
Matt Finders   Trombone,Tuba
Gerald Tarack   Violin
Maria Kitsopoulos   Cello
Kevin Kuhn   Guitar
Regis Landiorio   Violin
Jesse Levy   Cello
Charles Libove   Violin
Richard Locker   Cello
Louann Montesi   Violin
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin
Jean Perrault   Violin
Jim Saporito   Percussion
Mark Orrin Shuman   Cello
Richard Sortomme   Violin
Andrew Sterman   Woodwind
Ann Labin   Violin
Keith Underwood   Woodwind
Nina Kellman   Harp
Yong Kim   Violin
Dale Stuckenbruck   Concert Master
Eugene Orloff   Violin
Michael Kosarin   Conductor
Rebecca Luker   Vocals
John Mitchell   Vocals
Alison Fraser   Vocals
Kaitilin Mahony   French Horn
Jeanine Levenson   Conductor,Keyboards
Steve Schneider   Dulcimer,Guitar,Hammered Dulcimer
Frank Dipasquale   Vocals
Betsy Friday   Vocals
Paul Jackel   Vocals
Rebecca Judd   Vocals
Kimberly Mahon   Vocals
Don McGeen   Woodwind
Don McGreen   Woodwind
Sue Prey   Viola
Alex Timerman   Vocals
Kay Walbye   Vocals
Robert Westenberg   Vocals
Peter Samuel   Vocals
Peter Marinos   Vocals
Peter Gordon   French Horn
John Babcock   Vocals
Evan Johnson   Violin
John Miller   Bass
Michael DeVries   Vocals
Nancy Johnston   Vocals
Tom Toner   Vocals
Daisy Egan   Vocals

Technical Credits

Geoffrey Burgon   Composer
John Ashton   Composer
Tim Butler   Composer
Vince Ely   Composer
Paul Goodman   Engineer
Duncan Kilburn   Composer
Roger Morris   Composer
Lucy Simon   Composer
Andrew Sterman   Contributor
Richard Butler   Composer
Thomas Z. Shepard   Producer
John Babcock   Contributor
Stephen Schwartz   Composer
Marsha Norman   Composer,Lyricist,Liner Notes
Ben Rizzi   Engineer

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The Secret Garden [Original Broadway Cast] 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm not sure where this played... I think it was a work shop musical but I do think it has a lovely score and is well worth adding to the collection. Additionally, the cast does an excellent job of not making the children's parts too falsely juvinile and not singing the adult parts in the pained laborious manner which has become so popular in the pseudo operatic world of broadway today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the original Broadway cast recording. The cover picture is also different