The Secret History of Gender: Women, Men, and Power in Late Colonial Mexico

The Secret History of Gender: Women, Men, and Power in Late Colonial Mexico

by Steve J. Stern

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Secret History of Gender: Women, Men, and Power in Late Colonial Mexico

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The University of North Carolina Press
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One of the most significant contributions to Latin American and women's history published in the past two decades.—Western Historical Quarterly

The Secret History of Gender is notable for the density and insight of its argument, its enormously broad theoretical reach, its thoughtfulness, its empathic quality, and the consummate skill with which Stern sets forth his highly ethnographic, detailed empirical material. This is a truly pathbreaking book.—Eric Van Young, University of California, San Diego

This is a complex book well worth reading, and Stern provides important insights that scholars may debate for some time in the future.—Journal of Social History

Theoretically sophisticated and empirically rich. . . . Stern's study illuminates the complex relationship between colonialism and patriarchalism.—Latin American Research Review

An elegant and convincing analysis of gender relations.—Colonial Latin American Historical Review

A masterful effort to uncover the embeddedness of gender in the history and politics of Mexico. . . . [Stern] weaves a pattern that is both seamless and seamed, contradictory and complementary.—Donna Guy, University of Arizona

It would be a pity if The Secret History of Gender, a state-of-the-art social history of late colonial Mexican patriarchy, were to become the secret treasure of Latin American scholars. Inverting the metropolitan gaze, Steve Stern plumbs Mexican archival sources to derive a conceptual apparatus for understanding the everyday workings of patriarchal politics under prefeminist and nonfeminist historical settings in the West. The result is a brilliant contribution to the comparative study of gender, power, and popular culture everywhere. Share the secret!—Judith Stacey, University of California, Davis

Prodigiously researched, engagingly written, and empowering in its analysis, Stern's book will reshape the way that Latin Americanists and others conceptualize the history of peasant and plebeian politics, community, the family, and gender struggle. I know of no other colleague who is at once so theoretically broad, yet has such an eye for illustrating his synoptic vision with evocative and poignant human episodes.—Gilbert M. Joseph, Yale University

A remarkable work, theorizing patriarchy as ever-changing rather than static. It stands as a social history which couples conceptual power with quantitative data, qualitative assertions and glimpses into the everyday world of colonial Mexico.—Canadians Journal of Latin American/Caribbean Studies

This is a theoretically sophisticated and empirically rich study of gender and popular political culture in colonial Mexico. . . . It illuminates in a variety of ways the complex relationship between colonialism and patriarchalism.—American Historical Review


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