The Secret Life of God: Discovering the Divine within You

The Secret Life of God: Discovering the Divine within You

by Rabbi David Aaron

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much does our perception of God really matter? Many of us aren't conscious of
our image of a "higher power." For some of us, that unspoken image is
a Judgmental Parent or an exacting Old Man in the Sky. For others, God is an
Imaginary Friend who is there to fix problems after we create them.

Aaron can help you discover a

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much does our perception of God really matter? Many of us aren't conscious of
our image of a "higher power." For some of us, that unspoken image is
a Judgmental Parent or an exacting Old Man in the Sky. For others, God is an
Imaginary Friend who is there to fix problems after we create them.

Aaron can help you discover a mature, new understanding of God and lead you to
discover the wellspring of Divinity within you. By drawing on teachings of
Kabbalah that were secret for millennia, he helps you to reclaim the power
you've given away to negative images of God or passive images of yourself.
These mystical secrets of Judaism can offer reassuring guidance, meaning, and
purpose to the lives of people of all faiths.

the journey to discovering God's secret life you will:

  • Awaken
    to your life's deepest purpose
  • Delight
    in a deeper connection to your true inner self, God, and others
  • Learn
    to experience God's infinite love for you
  • Rise
    to new heights, cope with challenges, and make courageous choices
  • Achieve
    true peace of mind and freedom from anxiety

shares these profound ancient teachings in simple, everyday language with a
touch of wit and humor. Rich in personal stories and anecdotes, his examples
from daily life help us tap the transformational power hidden within and
illuminate the surprising paradoxes of spiritual growth. Awakened to finally
experience a personal connection to God, we are at last able to receive God's
love unconditionally and discover our ultimate identity, divine purpose, and
true happiness.

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I was a child I had a very intense relationship with God, or so I thought. I
can recall many times that I would make deals with Him. I knew He had His hands
in everything and could do whatever He wanted. This meant that I needed to get
Him on my side.

funny thing is that I really developed my relationship with God sitting in the
bathroom. Please give me a second to explain.

my parents would go out of the house I would start to worry. For the first
couple of hours I would just feel a little tense, but after a while, when I
figured they should have been home by now, I would really get nervous. My
stomach would then feel sore and I would immediately get the urge to go to the
bathroom. It was then and there that I spilled my guts out to God. I would pray
that He bring my parents home safely, and I promised that in return I would be
the best little kid in the world. Each time I would take upon myself a
commitment to do some good deed.

amazing thing that happened was that my parents would arrive very shortly after
that. This seemed to confirm to me that the bathroom was a very special place
for meeting God. I believed that for me the bathroom was the sanctuary where
God heard my prayers. Others went to synagogue or church, but God and I had a
special meeting place in the bathroom.

when within seconds of my prayers my parents would arrive home, I felt that God
had manipulated me. I thought to myself (but I knew He read my thoughts),
"You knew all along that my parents were about to arrive, and You stalled
them. You set me up to get the better deal."

seemed to be a big part of my dialogue with God from childhood into
adolescence. But finally I couldn't stand living in fear and the constant
feeling that to get anything from God there always had to be some kind of

one day, I finally mustered up the courage to deny God. But even when I stopped
believing in God, I nonetheless continued to fear Him.

our happiness, confidence, and spiritual growth are stifled by our perception
of God. Many people are still living with their childhood God and need to free
themselves from His overbearing shadow. The remedy to this problem is to
finally, maturely confront the true identity of God and ourselves.

the simple reading of the Bible give us the whole picture? Or is there a secret
side to God and humanity that will put everything into perspective?

is what this book is all about. But you are probably wondering who am I to be
talking about the secret life of God. How do I know what it is?

the last twenty-five years I have researched this very issue. I didn't do it to
write this book. I did it to heal myself of theophobia—to free my soul from a
pervasive fear of God and to find personal enlightenment and happiness. I knew
in my heart that I had been dealing with a deity created in my own image, born
out of my fears and insecurities. I decided that I needed to find a source that
could answer my questions about who is God and why do I exist. I needed a book
You Always Wanted to Know About
Yourself, but Were Afraid to Ask.

my search I did not find such a book, but I found something better—I found an
entire tradition that deals completely with this issue. It is called Kabbalah.

is the mystical interpretation of the Torah, which embodies the teachings of
the prophet Moses. It is a tradition consisting of ancient wisdom that reveals
the inside story of God and humanity created in the divine image. It exposes
the secret life of God and our ultimate purpose on earth. It offers profound
answers to deep questions like:

  • Why
    did a perfect God create such an imperfect me?
  • If
    God is so good, why is this world so bad?
  • If
    God is so kind, why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Why
    do bad things happen to good people?
  • Why
    do I exist at all?
  • What
    does God want from me?
  • Can
    I ever be good enough?
  • Does
    God need me?
  • What
    difference do my choices make?
  • Am
    I free, or is life predetermined?
  • If
    God is all-powerful, then why does He want me to serve Him?
  • Why
    is God referred to as He? Why can't God be female?
  • What
    happened to all the miracles?

answer some of these questions takes only a chapter, to answer others takes a

answers in this book are not mine. I am just translating the secrets from
Kabbalah into a language that anybody can understand. All I want to do is share
the incredible relief I experienced when I discovered that God is not who I
thought He was. And I want to share the empowerment and awesome joy in getting
to know the real me and the real you.

hope that by the end of this book you will not only have answers, but also have
glimpsed the rich treasure trove of wisdom that can lead you straight to the
source of all life, love, and happiness.

the Jewish tradition the essential name of God is called the Tetragrammaton
(from the Greek for "four letters")—transliterated from the Hebrew
heh vav heh).
a reminder that God is beyond human grasp, this essential name is never
pronounced, even in prayer. The common practice, when speaking colloquially of
this name, is to use the Hebrew word
literally means "the Name." This is what I do in my personal life,
and this is the approach I took in my two previous books
for the purposes of this book—because we are addressing common
misunderstandings about God, I felt it would be necessary to use the word
succeed at redefining it and clearing out a lot of the baggage it conjures up
for people. Also, to avoid the convolutions of English usage, I reluctantly
acceded to using the pronoun
though (as we will see in chapter 5)

can be very misleading and does not give us the full truth about God.

subtitle of this book hints at the fact that we are all secret agents in the
secret life of God. Indeed, the secret life of God is so secret that it is
secret to most of us, who, in fact, are living it.

it doesn't have to be.

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Meet the Author

Rabbi David Aaron, the son of a Holocaust survivor, has struggled since early youth to understand the world's potential for hatred and paradoxical yearning for meaning, love, and creativity. His own spiritual journey led him to Israel, where he studied Torah and Jewish mysticism under the tutelage of the great masters. He received his rabbinical ordination in 1979 from the Israel Torah Research Institute (Yeshivat ITRI). A popular lecturer in North America and a frequent guest on radio and TV, he is the founder and dean of Isralight (, an international organization with programs throughout North America, South Africa, and Israel. He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Chana, and their seven children and three grandchildren. For more information visit

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