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The Secrets Of Existence

The Secrets Of Existence

by Jeff Miller

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For the past 25 years we have been conducting a research project into life and spirituality. What have emerged are the secrets of existence. These secrets open doors, reveal what has been missing, and transport you to the life and world that you've dreamed of finding. You've always had a hard time finding your place in this world haven't you, never knowing


For the past 25 years we have been conducting a research project into life and spirituality. What have emerged are the secrets of existence. These secrets open doors, reveal what has been missing, and transport you to the life and world that you've dreamed of finding. You've always had a hard time finding your place in this world haven't you, never knowing your true worth, never being satisfied that there is not a more significant content to life nor happy with the way others have treated you? You felt that you were made for something better, something special (Paramount, 2008). Welcome, you are about to enter another world, discover what you've spent your lifetime searching for and what you expected to happen, but never did. What do you make of being here on earth? Perhaps it is met for you to accomplish something significant (Redfield). Find out what it is!

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The Secrets of Existence

By Jeff Miller


Copyright © 2011 Jeff Miller
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-2157-1

Chapter One

The Secrets

You've always had a hard time finding your place in this world haven't you, never knowing your true worth, never being satisfied that there is not a more significant content to life, nor happy with the way others have treated you? You felt that you were made for something better, something special (Paramount, 2008). Welcome, you are about to enter another world, discover what you spent your lifetime searching for and what you expected to emerge, but never did.

Its time to unlock your universe.

For the past twenty-five years we've been conducting a research project, mapping out life and the spiritual. You have heard of the Human Genome Project; the mapping out of all genes, cure cancer, leukemia? Well, similar to this, we've mapped out The Intangible World. That means if you can't see it and it's important we can show you what it looks like, where it's at, how it works, how to manipulate it, and implement it into your life.

In one of his novels, Stephen King says: after all, life doesn't come with a map (King, 1998)! Well, now it does.

We supply the maps, map books, and guide service that enable you to see, understand, and find your way around life. There is a whole world of intangible dynamics, hidden forces, and invisible potential waiting for us to understand, interact, and connect with it. These are unseen, however, and that's where we have run amuck. Suppose that you were in a foreign country and you didn't know your way around, didn't speak the language, and had no idea where you were located in relation to what you needed. That is somewhat of how life has been for us. The part that is unseen is essential and comprises all that our lives are missing but can be attained—through the implementation of what we call the dynamics of The Intangible World. What our life is meant to be about waits us there. Meanwhile we have the precious time of our lives that slips away.

What do you make of being on earth? Perhaps it is meant for you to accomplish something spectacular (Redfield, 1993), something no one else could do.

You are here at this moment for a reason. Don't underestimate the significance of your time on earth or the importance of your life. Existence (our business) is here to help you navigate through this unseen world and make the most of your life and time, here. People tend to drift through life and spend their time on activities that are irrelevant to their destiny. They fail to utilize dynamics such as purpose and forces such as powerful intention to get them where we are supposed to be going. Instead, random events and circumstances typically influence where they end up. They also interpret things in a physical sense, alone. In addition, others often try to defeat us and we are treated by them in undesirable ways that have failed to meet our needs or play the role that we felt they should and have let us down, hurt, diminished, or blocked us in the past. Something was supposed to emerge in and around us, but didn't. Have you ever felt that a part of your life was missing? You knew that it was important, you just couldn't see it, grasp what it was, or how it worked.

Just because you cannot see something doesn't mean it isn't there, or not everything that we are supposed to experience. We search for meaning, right? But what is meaning, how do you define meaning? Where can it be found, how does one understand how it works, and implement it into their life? How do you integrate meaning or differentiate it from other areas of life, such as: our purpose, significance, values, or destiny? All of these are important, but they are not all the same. Also, how can you know what it means to be you, if you don't understand the elements that comprise your individual identity?

Most of us spend our entire life just trying to figure out who we are. We can show you that in a matter of minutes, along with why you behave the way you do, why others behave the way they do, and the significance of your past. The power, confidence, and insight that just this provides and the meaning in life that follows, is something that you will not want to miss. These are just a few of the many processes that will enable you to experience the life you have dreamed. It will also help you move forward in your meaningful progression. In addition, there was something that was supposed to happen, but never does. You've felt it your entire life. It is this feeling that brought you to God (If you are a Christian, you experience all of this too. In addition, you have a Christian life and something was supposed to happen there, also, but didn't. You will find the secret to this mystery revealed in the Eleventh chapter entitled: My Spiritual Search, and in the Third chapter under Secret Spiritual Messages. For now, please accept the explanation that even though we become saved we remain human beings. As such we still feel, think, and live. It is how God designed us and is what we refer to as our life. You have a life and a spiritual life and these two are inseparable and we function and are influenced in both. How they work, integrate, and differentiate, and what it is that happens as opposed to what was supposed to take place in each of them, will unfold the further you read.). I saw a sign today that said: "Puzzled? God has answers." Yes, he does, but do you know what they are?

Existence was founded by God

Have you ever tried to figure it out how it all works? How long did you spend?

It started for me when I was a child. I noticed then that there was something wrong with the world, something terribly askew. I realized that there was this much larger, wonderful, and amazing content, discovery, and adventure to the world, which only children were aware of and experiencing. It became clear that it was existence and that we enter into the world interfaced with it. It is amazing, wondrous, and connected to a life with great substance, luster, and realization. It is all embodied in how we see children behaving in response to it. Unfortunately this response is perceived as childish behavior, which we are expected to give-up as sort of a right-of-passage to adulthood. Tragically this is followed by a departure from all that existence is and has to say to us and what we were meant to interact with, explore, and discover, the abandoning of what we sensed, felt, and experienced, and the surrendering of what we knew, could accomplish, and dreamed to be.

We are created to see and interact with creation the way it was meant to be experienced. We begin in life as it was supposed to be lived.

This gets interrupted, however, and life becomes, well, like it is today. You are about to discover what was supposed to happen and what you've longed to find. There is life beyond the physical, beyond that which has been going on around you. The problem is that it was undecipherable because it has been invisible, unordered, and lacking substance. We give substance to the invisible by giving it definition, explanation, and pictures or illustrations, and put it all together so it can be grasped and applied to our lives. We have each sought for this in the past and have felt it from time to time, but it has eluded us. Then, because of the immediacy of life demands and the physical nature of our surroundings, we have lost our way. Our past itself holds a mystery that is waiting to be solved.

Meanwhile life feels so insignificant and out of our control, like we're watching a movie and are powerless to do anything about it. It is time to move forward in the life we were meant to live.

The world, our identity, and the meaning of it have all been disregarded or misunderstood, because we have not been able to interpret it and have attempted to understand it in a physical sense, alone. That is because the presence of the physical is so large, apparent, and obvious that it appears to be all there is, but it only appears that way. The physical is also so demanding that we soon get caught up in it, with our minds off of anything else. What it is we are doing here and are alive for gets pushed to the side (Redfield), until we have forgotten about it altogether. We have been unable to interpret the things about life that we cannot see, but are nevertheless important. Wouldn't you agree, for instance, that to accomplish what you were put here to do and become who you were meant to be are two of the most important things for us to achieve in the time we have been given? How are you doing in these endeavors? There is direction, purpose, and power in life that is waiting for us in existence that we've never been able to find in the physical realm. You need only be connected to it and you will see the phenomena begin. It is meant to be a process that is time sensitive.

You are here at this moment in history for a reason. Are you ready to begin?

In truth, we were meant to stay connected to existence as a child and our life was supposed to continue on from there, in the direction we were headed and the person we were becoming. You've always known and felt that haven't you? Unfortunately you were expected to abandon all that you were experiencing along with what you had dreamed to do and be, and become someone else. You were relegated to who you were told to be and a reality you were expected to embrace. The world lost its luster and magic, the same day you lost your power and identity in it.

I observed this happening at an early age and resolving it became my purpose. You have a purpose, too, and it waits along with all of the other exciting dynamics on your journey, here.

All my life I have searched for what comprises existence; only when I found it I didn't know how to tell you, I didn't even know where to find you. I've sat here night after night, thinking about you, wondering what to do. Finally I decided to put it in this book, hoping that you would find it, trusting that you would understand one thing above all else: I care about you, I always have. I saw that someone needed to devote their entire lifetime to this quest so no one else would have to and so that is what I did. It has been my life's calling (have you felt life calling you to do something?). Then, twenty-five years ago, I received the calling of God to begin a daily research project into this pursuit. The findings have been fantastic.

Do you want to know what has been happening? Are you ready for some answers?

I'm not sure where to begin. Let me start where it all began for me, when I was little. I saw existence. It was this big and incredible world that was filled with content of an amazing nature, avenues of powerful potential, and untold mysteries waiting for an answer. As a child I was filled with wonder and excited to be alive in such a place. I was experiencing all of these fantastic sensations, certain of my abilities and direction in the world, and envisioning what I could accomplish and someday be. I was interacting with the world around me and with God (I felt him there). I was exploring, discovering, and anticipating all that was going to be revealed. Then I saw the departure from this place that children were making. It was this exodus from existence and all that it was about—to embrace only the physical portion of the world. I couldn't believe it and it became a dilemma. I saw at that time that there was much more to the world than anyone was realizing.

What happens to us? We abandon existence and all that it is about. Consequently, we forget how amazing it is to be alive and that our life is supposed to be about something spectacular. We lose confidence in ourselves, what it is we are supposed to be doing, and in our own abilities and dreams. We also get disconnected from the process of learning and forward movement that was set in motion for us by God (God created us in his own image)—through our curious nature, inquisitive intellect, and the process of exploration and discovery that was supposed to reveal things to us and lead us where we were meant to go. In addition, we lose our place in the universe and the importance of ourselves, the awareness of so much ... such as our individual make-up and what we can achieve, and the power of intention that would have lead us toward our dreams. Furthermore, we felt and knew things about the world, God, and ourselves that were very instrumental in our interactions with our surroundings.

Do you remember?

We had all of these wonderful sensations, experiences, and ambitions that were meant to take us to that amazing place, accomplishment, and destiny that we always knew was out there and dreamed to find. We knew certain things to be true and they were once so real, exciting, and important to us, but we've forgotten most of that, now, and abandoned what it was about. Our inner child has gone inside because it is not safe to come out and play anymore. It was also not okay for us to be who we really were or to continue to experience the world as this magical place. Instead, we were expected to give up our former outlook, beliefs, and dreams and accept a mundane reality. We were also supposed to be who we were told, embrace mature physical values, and act all grown up and so that is what we did.

Is it any wonder that we feel discontent, disconnected, confused, and displaced; lacking direction, excitement, challenge, and achievement in life? The world was no longer amazing and our presence here went from spectacular—to normal. Life stopped being fun and our individual will, meaning, significance, and direction were all taken away; leaving us feeling lost, insignificant, and empty. Life stopped being an adventure. So we became bored, restless, and disillusioned. We began feeling that something was missing and started searching for what it was. There is another thing that occurs to us from an early age that is very unsettling, unpleasant, and detrimental. We often get treated by others in undesirable ways that we do not want, deserve, or understand. We will explain all of these things, which leave us feeling frustrated, restless, and searching in life.


Our life is lacking adventure, excitement, intrigue, and answers. So we seek for them in the physical.

We feel drawn to the unknown, supernatural, or adventurous. Why? It is because we feel relegated to a life that feels ordinary and filled with boredom, and a future that appears uneventful. So we are intrigued and attracted to that which holds excitement, mystery, or adventure, because we have failed to find them in our search. So we begin looking elsewhere. Yet in this pursuit we often gain only surface information, answers, and contentment, and sometimes end-up where we didn't really mean to go. Our lives have been lived much like that. We are not sure how to get what we truly want or need, because we cannot see or identify it. We are also stuck in the real movement that we wish to make, stopped in our meaningful progression. In addition, we lack interest, challenge, stimulation, and discovery. Not because it isn't there, but because we haven't been able to notice, experience, or move into it. Yet when we are connected with existence, life becomes an adventure and our spirituality turns into a journey.

If you are a Christian then you will be intrigued to find that not only does this information have tremendous application to life, but also the Christian life and reveals secrets about how it works, along with the spiritual world, which we call: The World of Spiritual Vision. Both of these worlds are somewhat like looking at one of those pictures that has another picture for you to see, and once you do it becomes clear and you see it in a whole new way with a different view. Nevertheless, no matter how long you stare at it, you cannot see it. So it has been for us in the past. We keep looking at life and spirituality, knowing that they are about more. Sometimes we feel like we're right there, and it is about to come into view, but then it's gone. Even so, we see glimpses of parts of it throughout our life and Christianity that are absolutely amazing or miraculous, and we are certain that it is about something spectacular if we could only grasp it. It is just a matter of seeing it in a different way The Seventh manuscript helps reveal this new process.

There is a place that does not exist on any map. It is an existence beyond your dreams, where angels dwell.

Here life is supernatural because you are interacting with a supernatural being. The miraculous, divine intervention, and the direction of God is a way of life here. It is real and a theme throughout Scripture which we have read but have been unable to experience. We have been experiencing it, here, these many years, because we have learned to see and interact with it. It is unimaginable. If that is what you desire, it is only a breath away. It must be experienced as an individual phenomenon, and old truth must take on new meaning. In addition, as you have noticed, our experience in the spiritual or religious world has also not been what we have expected, and it felt there, too, like something was missing.

The world you desire as a Christian will emerge. For now we will focus on the other one, which we call The Intangible World. The applications for Christians are enormous. Why is this true, because all truth is connected in a most miraculous way and when you grasp it, power comes within your reach. Yes, you may have your major focus on God. Yet you also live, and the dynamics in your life are important to understand, because they integrate with the rest of your life. Also, if we have a physical Christianity it will focus on physical things, the order of the physical world, and the things we associate with religion, but lack a living spirituality. In addition, the power for the Christian goes beyond what others can tap into (nevertheless we are going to focus on life for now and let the rest emerge as it comes along)].


Excerpted from The Secrets of Existence by Jeff Miller Copyright © 2011 by Jeff Miller. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Jeff Miller is a furniture designer, a craftsman, and the founder of Furnituremaking Workshops. His furniture appears in the decorative and industrial arts collection of the Chicago Historical Society. He lives in Chicago.

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