The Seeking

The Seeking

by Will Thomas

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Now back in print, the groundbreaking memoir of one of the first black families in VermontSee more details below


Now back in print, the groundbreaking memoir of one of the first black families in Vermont

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“The careful calibration of [Thomas’s] thoughts and emotions is the book’s great strength. We feel the internal divisions, the constant, sometimes unbearable tension between the outer man, who battles living a life circumscribed by race, and the inner man, who dreams of what life could be.”—Valley News

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Northeastern University Press
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Northeastern Library of Black Literature
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5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.00(d)

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David Budbill
“Honest, straightforward, and engaging.”
Melba Joyce Boyd
“A ‘must read’.”
Thadious Davis
“This African American memoir of rejecting expatriation and exile in favor of the persistent struggle against racism at home is an important, relevant, and fascinating recovery for contemporary Cold War discourse.”
Carla Kaplan
“This meticulously edited autobiography is a gift. Will Thomas’s struggles with racial segregation vividly demonstrate how race is both culturally constructed and inescapable. This story of thwarted individualism should interest anyone concerned with our nation’s racial history.”

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