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The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide

The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide

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by Kyra Mesich
The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide presents a radically new way of looking at emotional sensitivity and chronic depression and anxiety. Through her own experiences and courageous research, Dr. Mesich (a traditionally trained psychologist) has found that psychic sensitivity is the underlying key to understanding emotional sensitivity.

Dr. Mesich’s book


The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide presents a radically new way of looking at emotional sensitivity and chronic depression and anxiety. Through her own experiences and courageous research, Dr. Mesich (a traditionally trained psychologist) has found that psychic sensitivity is the underlying key to understanding emotional sensitivity.

Dr. Mesich’s book focuses on empathic ability, the ability to literally feel other people’s emotional experiences, also known as psychic feeling. This misunderstood ability often results in recurrent depression, anxiety, and the painful aspects of emotional sensitivity due to our society’s denial and repression of the existence of psychic phenomena. With simple, down to earth language and case examples, Dr. Mesich demystifies empathic ability, and explains the relationship between emotional sensitivity and psychic sensitivity.

Readers also learn specific alternative health remedies and practices they can immediately implement in their own lives to rebalance their sensitivity and reconnect with their empathic ability. Armed with this knowledge, readers will experience relief from mysterious lifelong emotional suffering, and turn their sensitivity into a strength and a joy.

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The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Emotional sensitivity is a baffling problem. I've often asked myself, 'Why am I this way?' 'Why do I get overwhelmed by emotions?' 'Why do I get exhausted in busy, crowded places?' 'Why does it hurt so much to be me?' This is the first book I have ever read that gave me an answer. The author, who has a doctoral degree in psychology, explains that senstivity hurts so much because it is related to underlying empathic ability. She explains what this means in the book, but basically it's the ability to sense emotions in the world around you. She also discusses holistic remedies that have helped me a huge amount with my sensitivity. The author obviously went out on a limb to present a radically different viewpoint than any other psychologist or doctor would even consider. A previous review lambasted* this book because of its metaphysical nature. In my opinion, that review encapsulates EXACTLY WHY THIS BOOK NEEDS TO EXIST. I spent my whole life feeling like something was wrong with me. Why was I so sensitive? Why did things bother me so much? No one ever had any answers. This book has answers. Yes, they are alternative, wholistic, even metaphysical in nature...but that doesn't mean the book isn't correct and extremely helpful. The subtitle of the book is 'An Alternative Health Answer to Emotional Sensitivity & Depression.' If you are close-minded to 'alternative' ideas or metaphysical concepts, then this isn't the book for you. But if you are intrigued by holistic health and are open to new ways of thinking about yourself, then this book will change your life for the better! (*The previous reviewer's gripes included a disbelief in 'telepathic ability,' an irrelevent point, since that term is never once used in this book. He also expressed concern that depressed people should seek professional guidance. Well, duh. The author of this book is clear that empathic sensitivity is not the only cause of depression. This book is a guide to help us understand and heal the discomfort that can come from being sensitive. It doesn't claim to be or do anything else.)
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you are a sensitive person, you will be able to relate to every word written in this book. The author, Kyra Mesich, Psy.D, is a sensitive person. This allows her to have an inside look at what sensitive people deal with every day. This book isn't a book for everyone who suffers from depression. There are many depressed people who are not sensitive. And frankly, they will think this book is silly because they can't imagine what it's like to have their own emotions invaded by someone else's. It's a catch-22. Sensitive people can choose to be around people and soak up all their negative emotions, or avoid people all together and live a solitary, and often lonely lifestyle. Which is the better choice? Fortunately, Dr. Mesich says we no longer have to choose between the two. A treatment using flower essences can help regulate sensitivity. I haven't tried it yet - the flower essences are on order - but I am excited to try it. I can't imagine how my life will change if I'm finally not imprisoned by my sensitivity.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just beginning a career as a clinical psychologist, young Dr. Kyra Mesich made a disturbing discovery: She was thinking the thoughts and suffering the emotional pain of many of her patients. This was at times when she and they were separated, and what was troubling them had not yet been discussed in office visits. Mesich, it turned out, is an empath. That is, she is able to a marked degree to tune in on the feelings of others. As she points out, almost everyone has some empathic ability; society could hardly exist without it. But a talent such as hers, untrained, can be more of a liability than a gift. It forced her to leave a position she valued, and to seek work in another field. On the other hand, it also led her to research the question of how empathy, a natural aspect of our being, could be tamed and turned to good uses. One result of her study is this small paperback. Sloppily copyedited, as are almost all books today, 'The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide' still gets excellent marks for helpfulness. The text is brief and to the point. It outlines the dimensions of empathy and its problems/promise. Included are a section of advice for healthcare professionals, a page of book and website references, a glossary of terms, an index, and a list of sources for the flower essences the author recommends as part of an empathy-taming course of treatment. Flower essences? Not only that; but visualization (which she calls meditation) too. Will these treatments work? Very likely, for some people, they will. And if, like this writer, you suffer the pains of untamed empathy, you will be willing to try.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The biggest question sensitive people have is, why are they so sensitive, why do they react so differently to the world than the 'average' person? In her book, The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, Dr. Kyra Mesich effectively tackles that question, and also provides information for living with the empathic abilities that are inherent in all of us. Based on her own personal experiences of debilitating sensitivity while working as a psychologist, she discovered that visualization, meditation and flower essence therapy are crucial components in the development of positive sensitivity and empathy. Dr. Mesich believes that sensitivity is an issue of our times; it touches all types of personalities, ages, economic levels--it crosses all boundaries, and is therefore confusing to psychologists and people in general. People who work as nurses, doctors, health practitioners, teachers, lawyers, counselors--all people who try to impact other people in a positive way--are especially susceptible to experiencing dysfunctional effects of empathy if they are not aware of the phenomenon. Additionally, emotional sensitivity is more often activated in situations with people who mirror our own emotional pain or psychological issues. By not understanding the nature of sensitivity, it can result in recurrent anxiety or depression. This book, containing actual case examples of empathic children and adults, provides valuable insight and explanations for many people who have not yet discovered the source of their emotional pain. Various chapters focus on how to ease empathy so it does not feel painfully overwhelming, how to be more aware of empathic communication--which will prevent confusion with one's own emotions--and how to positively develop empathy for the useful information it can provide. This is a very readable book containing illuminating, useful, and, for many people, comforting and healing information.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is entirely mystical. It's based on an assumption that all people are born psychic and have telepathic ability and that sensitive people who are depressed are really depressed because they are psychically picking up the negative emotions of other people. The author further believes these depressed people can protect themselves from these negative psychic energies by taking the flower essence 'yarrow.' She also suggests meditations to calm and center followed by mediations to develop a psychic shield and then enhance this natural psychic ability. I have several gripes with the book. Assuming telepathic ability is a real phenomenon, it is a stretch to assume all sensitive people are necessarily telepathic. A still further stretch to assume that depression is necessarily a result of uncontrolled telepathic reception of others negative emotions. Still more of a stretch to assume that flower essence will magically protect these people and permanently cure their depression (any more than a placebo). I believe this book could be dangerous for someone who is severely depressed and places false hope in its premise - possibly to the exclusion of something that could actually help.