The Settlement Cook Book 1903 [NOOK Book]


Imparting all the warmth and fragrance of an old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century kitchen, The Settlement Cook Book was originally devised as a cooking and homemaking primer for newly arrived immigrants. Filled with hundreds of recipes for good eating, this back-to-basics book is also good reading. A blend of hardy, old-fashioned dishes and simple recipes that will fit today's demanding lifestyles, the text covers everything from making roast chicken (with chestnut dressing) to ...
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The Settlement Cook Book 1903

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Imparting all the warmth and fragrance of an old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century kitchen, The Settlement Cook Book was originally devised as a cooking and homemaking primer for newly arrived immigrants. Filled with hundreds of recipes for good eating, this back-to-basics book is also good reading. A blend of hardy, old-fashioned dishes and simple recipes that will fit today's demanding lifestyles, the text covers everything from making roast chicken (with chestnut dressing) to the best way to dust a room.
Clearly detailed, easy-to-read directions tell how to create such tasty fare as griddle cakes, shrimp Creole, and mulligatawny soup; cheese fondue, oyster a la poulette, and other Continental specialties; as well as ethnic foods such as gefilte fish and matzo ball soup. Sections on preserving, canning, and pickling are interspersed with quaint "lessons" on how to sterilize milk, build a fire, and discern fresh eggs from stale ones.
A delightful culinary education from the days before convection ovens and "dream kitchens," The Settlement Cook Book is a treasury of Americana, a delightful sampling of cultural history that will enchant lovers of old cookbooks and well-prepared foods.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780486145266
  • Publisher: Dover Publications
  • Publication date: 10/10/2012
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 224
  • Sales rank: 467,750
  • File size: 6 MB

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Rules for the Household
Food Classified
Proportion of food Required
Relative Value of Foods
Setting the Table
Placing the Dishes
Waiting on Table
To Clear the Table
Washing Dishes
To Build a Fire
To Dust a Room
Chapter II: Beverages
General Rules
Composition of Milk
Sterilized Milk
Filtered Coffee
Boiled Coffee
Flaxseed Tea
Cold Drinks
Iced Tea
Lemonade for 150 People
Lemon Whey
Rhubarb Water
Grape Cordial
Albumenized Milk
Egg Nog
Manhattan Cocktail
Punch for 12 people
Egg Milk Punch
Champagne Punch
Claret Cup
Pousse Café
Orange Julep
Mint Julep
Fruit Syrups
Bottle Wax
Lemon Syrup
Unfermented Grape Juice
Grape Juice Cordial
Blackberry Cordial
Grape Wine
Dandelion Wine
Chapter III: Bread
General Rules
Small Loaf of Bread
Bread Twist
Bread Sticks
Rye Bread
Soft Graham Bread
Entire Wheat Bread
Potato Split Biscuits
Steaming Brown Bread
Boston Brown Bread
Brown Bread
Currant Bread
Soft Corn Bread
Crisped Crusts
Water Toast
Milk Toast
Crisped Crackers
Chapter IV: Kuchen
Yeast Cake Dough
Coffee Kuchen
Kuchen Tarts
Good Kuchen
Berliner Pfann Kuchen
Filled Walnut Kippel
Bundt Kuchen
Apple Kuchen
Poppy Seed Filling
Cheese Filling
Blueberry Filling
Chapter V: Mixtures with Baking Powder
General Rules
Baking Powder Biscuits
Rolled Biscuits
Short Cake
Wheat Muffins
Cornmeal Muffins
Lemon Puffs
Corn Cakes
Griddle Cakes
Rice Griddle Cakes
Cornmeal and Rice Griddle Cakes
Sugar Syrup
Chapter VI: Fried Cakes
General Rules for Cooking in Deep Fat
To Render Beef, Goose or Duck Fat
To Render Butter
Fried Potato Biscuits
Crullers, or Snowballs
German Pancakes
Potato Pancakes
Matzos Pancakes
Corn Fritters
Pineapple Fritters
Fritters Souffle
Chapter VII: Cereals
Digestion of Foods
Composition of Cereals
General Rules
Rolled Oats or Wheat
Cornmeal Mush
Fried Mushes
Baked Corn Cakes
Fried Corn Cakes
Cracker Gruel
Steamed Rice
Chapter VIII: Eggs and Omelets
Composition of Eggs
General Rules
Soft Cooked Eggs
Hard Cooked Eggs
Egg Vermicelli
White Sauce
Curried Eggs
Steamed Eggs
Poached Eggs
Creamy Omelet
Foamy Omelet
Omelet with White Sauce
Omelet with Flour
Bread Omelet
Orange Omelet
Chapter IX: Soups
Beef Juice
Beef Tea
Soup Stock
Vegetable Soup
Beef Soup
Mulligatawny Soup
Potato Soup
Tomato Soup
Split Pea Soup
Cream of Potato Soup
Cream of Asparagus
Cream of Tomato Soup
Cream of Barley or Rice
Crabfish Cream Soup
Oyster Stew
Cream of Oyster Soup
Farina Balls
Matzos Balls
Chapter X: Fish
Composition of Fish
General Rules
To Bone a Fish
Fried Fish
Sauted Fish
Broiled Fish
Planked Fish
Baked Fish
Boiled Fish
Sour Fish
Filled Fish
Baked Fish with Sardelles
Pickled Herring
Sauces for Fish and Meat
Lemon Sauce for Fish
Sharfe Fish Sauce
Fish Sauce with Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise Dressing
Sauce Maitre D'Hotel
Sauce Hollandaise
Tartare Sauce
Sauce Bernaise Delmonico
Tomato Sauce
White Sauce
Horseradish Sauce for Soup Meat
Fricassee Sauce
Chicken Madeira Sauce
Sauce Allemande
Mint Sauce
Chapter XI: Meat
General Rules
Pot Roast
Roast Beef
Pan Broiled Chops
Scraped Beef
Hamburg Steak
Beef Loaf
Broiled Steak
Steak for Oven
Steak in Casserole
Fillet of Beef
Boiled Tenderloin
Braised Beef
Stewed Mutton
Veal Cutlets
Mock Brids
Mock Roast Duck
Warmed Over Meats
Roast Beef with Gravy
Potato and Meat Pie
Casserole of Rice and Meat
Scalloped Meat
Chicken a la Waldorf
Roast Chicken
Stuffing for Poultry
Chestnut Stuffing
Gravy for Roast Chicken
Birds in Casserole
Stuffing for Squabs
Pickled Meat
Smoked Goose
To Preserve Goose Meat
Hasen Pfeffer
Chapter XII: Vegetables
Composition of Potatoes
Boiled Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Baked Potatoes
Potato Balls
Boston Brown Potatoes
Franconia Potatoes
Saratoga Potatoes
French Fried Potatoes
Warmed Over Potatoes
Duchesse Potatoes
Lyonnaise Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes
Surprise Balls
Potato Cakes
Potato Puffs
Onions, Carrots, Cabbage, etc.
Boiled Green Corn
Flemish Carrots
Asparagus Hollandaise
Artichoke Sautes
Stewed Tomatoes
Stuffed Tomatoes
Mushroom Sautes
Broiled Mushrooms
Baked Onions
Chestnut Vegetables
Baked Beans
String Beans
Sauces for Vegetables
What Sauces Contain
White Sauce
Yellow Cream Sauce
Brown Vegetable Sauce
Sweet Sour Sauce
Chapter XIII: Salads and Salad Dressings
General Rules
French Salad Dressing
Sour Cream Dressing for Lettuce
Vinaigrette Dressing
Boiled Dressing
Boiled Mayonnaise Dressing
Salad Dressing
Sauce for any Pudding
Lemon Sauce
Kirsch Sauce
Wine Sauce for Pudding
Hard Sauce
Chapter XVI: Ice Cream and Frozen Puddings
General Rules
Vanilla Bean for Ice Cream
Ice Cream for One
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream
Caramel Ice Cream
Coffee Ice Cream
Chestnut Ice Cream
Peach Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
Maple Ice Cream
Chocolate Sauce for Vanilla Ice Cream
Fruit Ice
Lemon Ice
Lemon Milk Sherbet
Orange Frappe
Creme de Menthe Ice
Champagne Sherbet
Frozen Puddings
To Mould Frozen Mixtures
Simple Frozen Pudding
Strawberry Parfait
Café Parfait
Frozen Nesselrode
Pink and Yellow Frozen Pudding
Frozen Coffee Pudding
Lalla Rookh Cream
Frozen Strawberry Pudding
Frozen Chocolate Pudding
Frozen Macaroon Pudding
Frozen Kiss Pudding
Frozen Diplomat
Frozen Egg Nog
Chapter XVII: Pastry--Pies
General Rules
Pie Crust
Apple Pie
Lemon Pie
Orange Pie
Custard Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Prune Pie
Mince Meat
Almond Tarts
Apple Strudel
Apple Charlotte
Chapter XVIII: Cakes
General Rules
Rules for Cakes with Butter
Cheap Cake
Plain Cake
Layer Cake
White Cake
Gold Cake
Old English Fruit Cake
White Fruit Cake
Fruit or Wedding Cake
Blitz Kuchen
Devil's Cake
Coffee Cake
Sand Torte
Molasses Cake
Ada's Carmel Cake
Ada's Carmel Frosting
Sponge Cakes
Rules for Sponge Cakes
Cheap Sponge Cake
Sunshine Cake
Sponge Cake
Angel Food
Potato Flour Cake
Chocolate Cake
Delicate Zwieback
Seven Layer Cake
Orange Cake
Chapter XIX: Tortes
Rules for Baking Tortes
Mocha Torte
Walnut Torte
Walnut-Date Torte
Date Torte
Kiss Torte
Almond Torte
Daisy Torte
Potato Chocolate Torte
Himmel Torte
Rye Bread Torte
Chocolate Torte
Filled Torte
Farina Torte
Hickory Nut Torte
Hazelnut Torte
Zwieback Torte
Nut Torte
Moss Torte
Lady Finger Torte
Poppyseed Torte
Martzepan Torte
Cheese Torte
Chestnut Torte
Chapter XX: Cake Frostings and Fillings
Plain Frosting
Orange Frosting
Lemon Icing
Colored Frosting
Boiled Frosting
Maple Sugar Frosting
Chocolate Frosting
Nut Frosting
Whipped Cream Filling
Custard Filling
Almond-Custard Filling
Chocolate Filling
Caramel Filling
Nut or Fruit Filling
Walnut Filling
Chapter XXI: Cookies, Kisses
Plain Cookies
White Cookies
Cocoanut Cookies
Butter Cookies
Good Cookies
Fruit Cookies
Chocolate Cookies
Peanut Cookies
Spiced Cookies
Molasses Cookies
Anise Cookies
Cardamom Cookies
Clove Cookies
Chocolate Drop Cakes
Cream Puffs
Kisses with Whipped Cream
Nut and Fruit Kisses
Cocoanut Kisses
Hickorynut Kisses
Almond Kisses
Chocolate Kisses
Cocoa Kisses
Date Macaroons
Cinnamon Stars
Almond Bows
Peanut Macaroons
Chapter XXII: Confections
General Rules
Peanut Candy
Molasses Candy
Vinegar Taffy
Daisy Cream Candy
Cream Taffy
French Cream Candy
Colored Stock Dough
Walnut Creams
Chocolate Cream Drops
Maple Fondant
Fondant Candies
Cocoanut Balls
Chocolate Fudges
Peppermint Wafers
Butter Scotch
Chocolate Caramels
New Orleans Pralines
Orange Sticks
Spanish Paste
Glaced Nuts or Fruits
Compote of French Chestnuts
Marrons Glaces
Chocolate Sausage
Popcorn Balls
To Sugar Popped Corn
Salted Almonds or Peanuts
Chapter XXIII: Luncheon and Picnic Dainties
Oyster Cocktail
Sweetbread Cocktail
Goose Liver Patties
Cucumber Jelly
Anchovy Butter
Peanut Butter
Crawfish Butter
Pate de Foie Gras
Sardellen Butter
Sweetbread Sandwiches
Boston Brown Bread Sandwiches
Stuffed Olive Sandwiches
Lettuce Sandwiches
Sardine Sandwiches
General Rules
Toasted Crackers and Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Cheese Sandwich Filling
Cheese Balls
Chapter XXIV: Cooking, Preserving, Canning Fruit
Baked Apples
Apple Sauce
Rhubarb Sauce
Stewed Prunes
To Prepare an Orange
Preparing the Juices
Filling the Glasses
Cranberry Jelly
Crabapple Jelly
Raspberry and Currant Jelly
Tomato Preserves
Grape Marmalade
Strawberry Preserves
Quince Preserves
Orange Marmalade
Canning Fruit
General Rules
Canned Pineapple
To Boil Fruit for Canning
To Steam Fruit for Canning
Table for Canning Fruit
Chapter XXV: Pickling
Pickled Cherries
Brandy Peaches
Pickled Peaches
Sweet Pickled Beans
Ripe Cucumber Pickles
Sweet Sour Pickles
Green Tomato Pickles
Chili Sauce
Cold Catsup
Tomato Catsup
Mixed Pickles
Estregan Pickles
Dill Pickles
Summer Dill Pickles
Small Dill Pickles
"The Settlement" Cooking Classes
1st Lesson
Setting the Table
Washing Dishes
To Build a Fire
Scalloped Apples
2nd Lesson
Soft Cooked Eggs
Hard Cooked Eggs
Egg Vermicelli
White Sauce
3rd Lesson
Poached Eggs
Steamed Eggs
Creamy Omelet
Foamy Omelet
Orange Omelet
4th Lesson
Mashed Potatoes
Onions, Carrots, Cabbage
Tomatoes, Asparagus
Vegetables with Sauce
5th Lesson
Potato Soup
Tomato Soup
Cream of Potato Soup
Cream of Tomato Soup
6th Lesson
Sugar Syrup
Rolled Oats
Rolled Wheat
Cornmeal Mush
Fried Mush
7th Lesson
Rice Pudding
Cornstarch Mould
Rice Snow Balls
Stewed Prunes
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  • Anonymous

    Posted January 31, 2014

    This is a miss!

    Very disappointed in this book. Skimpy,small print. Not what I expected at all. I have an old Settlement Cookbook that I have worn out. I was hopeing to replace it with this.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted August 1, 2012

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