The Settling of St. Augustine (Events That Shaped America Series)

The Settling of St. Augustine (Events That Shaped America Series)

by Sabrina Crewe, Janet Riehecky

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In 1565 Spanish explorers traveled to what we now know as Florida. These Conquistadors established a settlement at St. Augustine and thereby established the oldest known residence in America. Over time the Spanish visitors became conquerors. The Spaniards enslaved, brutalized, or killed the Native-American populations that had previously thrived in the region. A series of forts and missions were established to control St. Augustine and the rest of Florida. However, natural and manmade disasters plagued the residents of St. Augustine. Floods, fires, hurricanes, piracy, and warfare resulted in the frequent destruction of the settlement. Still, each time St. Augustine was destroyed it was rebuilt. This tale of conquest and resilience in America's oldest continuous settlement is the topic of this volume in the "Events That Shaped America" series. Co-authors Sabrina Crewe and Janet Riehecky present readers with a simple look at the process whereby St. Augustine was established and maintained. Combing a concise and straightforward text with numerous illustrations the authors have crafted a workable look at this important subject. Readers with an interest in more information regarding this subject should peruse a work by the same title recently published by World Almanac Library and written by Ms. Riehecky. 2003, Gareth Stevens
—Greg M. Romaneck

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Events That Shaped America Series
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