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The Shadow World (The Chronicles of Eidolon Series #2)

The Shadow World (The Chronicles of Eidolon Series #2)

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by Jane Johnson

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Ben Arnold had hoped that exposing Mr. Dodds's vile Pet Emporium —


business that stole magical creatures from Eidolon to sell to England's

rich and curious — would prevent the Secret Country from fading away into

ruin. However, it soon becomes clear that the evil, dog-headed Dodman's

reign of terror has only just begun.

Ben's mother,


Ben Arnold had hoped that exposing Mr. Dodds's vile Pet Emporium —


business that stole magical creatures from Eidolon to sell to England's

rich and curious — would prevent the Secret Country from fading away into

ruin. However, it soon becomes clear that the evil, dog-headed Dodman's

reign of terror has only just begun.

Ben's mother, Queen Isadora, returns to her homeland to lead its creatures

against the Dodman. Unwilling to be left behind, Ben's sister, Ellie,

crosses into the Secret Country and walks straight into a trap. Ben and his

father follow close behind, and soon the entire Arnold family is scattered

across Eidolon's magical and dangerous terrain. The Arnold children are

destined to save the Secret Country, but first they must save each other.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Sue Reichard
This second installment to the "Eidolon Chronicles" takes a familiar character on a dangerous quest. Ben's mother, Queen Isadora, must return to her homeland to lead its creatures in a battle against the Dodman. Dodman is a fearsome pet shop owner in the real world, but in the Shadow World he is eight feet tall, has the head of a dog and is terrifying. The Shadow World. Eidolon. As Iggy had once described it to Ben, it was a place no true human being had ever seen, "a world that existed nowhere and everywhere; that lays between here and there; between yesterday, today and tomorrow; between light and dark; tangled between the deepest roots of ancient trees and yet also soaring to the stars." Ben's younger sister Ellie does not want to be left behind when the rest of her family returns to Eidolon, the Shadow World. She decides to sneak away to this new world and falls into a trap, forcing Ben to try to save his family. Fantasy enthusiasts will welcome this new hero's quest tale. This book is a good addition to a middle school library. Reviewer: Sue Reichard
School Library Journal

Gr 4-7 Ben Arnold, his father, and his older sister Ellie must bid farewell to their mother and baby sister, Alice, who are making their way back to Eidolon, the magical land described in The Secret Country (S & S, 2006). Saddened by their departure, Ben and his father are horrified to discover that Ellie has mistakenly crossed into Eidolon, too. The boy sets out to bring her back, only to learn that all manner of chaos has been let loose there. Ellie is captured by the evil Dodman, who threatens to torture the girl if her mother, Queen of Eidolon, does not submit to his will. Naturally, Ben must rescue his irritating sibling, and a host of magical folk-a centaur, a mermaid, dragons, and selkies, among others-join him in the battle against the malevolent creatures enlisted by the Dodman. A whimsical black-and-white drawing opens each chapter. While a continuing connection with the characters will enhance the experience for those who have read the earlier book, this sequel stands on its own.-Sharon Grover, Hedberg Public Library, Janesville, WI

Kirkus Reviews
The second episode in this formulaic fantasy shifts the scene to the otherworldly Secret Country. Returning after 15 years in this plane, Queen Isadora enlists help from the Horned Lord Cernunnos to rally opposition to the evil Dodman, a dog-headed sorcerer whose plan for conquest calls for draining the land of its magic. Following her on impulse, her drama-queen daughter Eleanor is quickly taken hostage by the Dodman, who demands an exchange. To the rescue marches Isadora's courageous son Ben with feline sidekick Iggy, plus a centaur, a pair of selkies and other creatures from folklore. Petty, vicious and commanding a corps of clownishly stupid goblins, the Dodman lacks any credibility as a threat; captured and thoroughly drubbed in the climactic battle, he is nonetheless inexplicably left alive and in power to continue his scheming. The author evidently couldn't think of any other way to keep the series going-but there's a Prophecy to fulfill, and you know what that means. (Fantasy. 10-12)

Product Details

Gardners Books
Publication date:
Eidolon Chronicles Series , #2
Edition description:
Age Range:
8 - 12 Years

Meet the Author

Jane Johnson is the director of HarperCollins UK's fantasy and

science fiction list and for many years was the publisher of J. R. R.

Tolkien's work. While she has written adult novels as both Gabriel King

and Jude Fischer, the Eidolon Chronicles is her first series for

children. Ms. Johnson lives in London and Morocco. Visit Ms. Johnson at

her website, www.janejohnson.eu.

Adam Stower has a rich imagination and loves fantasy and adventure stories. He studied illustration at the Norwich School of Art and Design and at the University of Brighton. He currently lives with his daughter in Brighton, England.

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The Shadow World (The Chronicles of Eidolon Series #2) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Time has passed since Ben Arnold ventured into The Secret Country. He's hoping that what he did there was enough to save what is left of its creatures, and land, and his mother. She's doing so much better now! But, Ben knows in his heart that eventually his mother will have to go back and assume her rightful role as Queen of Eidolon.

Knowing, and hoping against it, can't possibly prepare Ben for how quickly that day comes. Even though part of Ben hopes that he might be able to go, too. Imagine his surprise, and the rest of the family's shock, when Isadora announces that she's taking baby Alice with her, and that Alice is destined to be Eidolon's next queen! Ben is speechless, big sister Ellie is jealous, and Dad is more than a little bit concerned.

Isadora and Alice are escorted through the door to Eidolon by a centaur, with good old Iggy in tow, but not before discovering that baby Alice has suddenly started talking, and seems to know everyone's name. And Ellie forms a little crush on the centaur. Ellie sends her father and Ben back to the car so she can be alone for a minute. Presumably she is upset, but what she really wants is a chance to explore the entrance. When she disappears through it, Ben and his father have no choice but to follow.

Suddenly everyone seems to be in a huge mess! Ellie is captured by the Dodman and locked in a dungeon. Ben has to rescue her, without letting his mom find out -- she has enough to worry about. Isadora is trying to form alliances and put her country back together. And Dad, well, it's easier to just put him in an enchanted sleep.

Ben seems almost worse off than before. Not only are there a whole bunch of new creatures who may or may not be friends, there are old enemies that he knows enough to be afraid of, plus his big sister to rescue, and his parents and baby sister to worry about! With the help of new and old allies, and a mysterious prophecy, they should be able to make it out alive and relatively unharmed. Right?

The characters from the first book just get more and more interesting as the story continues, and the new ones are great fun, too! The adventures continue almost non-stop as well. And everything has just the right edge of humor mixed in. If you liked THE SECRET COUNTRY, you won't be disappointed in THE SHADOW WORLD. And if you're anything like me, you'll be waiting very anxiously for the next book to find out the fate of the Arnold family and Eidolon.