The Sharp End (Hammer's Slammers Series #7)

The Sharp End (Hammer's Slammers Series #7)

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by David Drake

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The gangs ruled Cantilucca. Guns were the only law, and there was no lack of guns. It was hard to imagine matters getting worse.THEN THE SURVEY TEAM ARRIVED


The gangs ruled Cantilucca. Guns were the only law, and there was no lack of guns. It was hard to imagine matters getting worse.THEN THE SURVEY TEAM ARRIVED

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Drake writes masterfully about future war in an environment that, if not dystopian, is clearly Hobbesian. Volume Six in the ``Hammer's Slammers'' series shows mercenary-turned-President Hammer keeping his army keen by hiring out elements of it to fight in ``the sharp end''--anywhere in the galaxy where someone can afford to pay them to participate in the endemic local wars that humanity's expansion to the stars has done nothing to preclude. A survey team sent to evaluate a possible new assignment contains members with assorted physical and psychic problems. Major Matthew Coke's previous paymaster was killed by an assassin; logistics specialist Sten Moden has only one arm; electronics wizard Niko Daun trusts no one outside the regiment; Intelligence Lt. Robert Barbour cannot confront the corpses that result from his calculations; Johann Vierziger is a pitiless killing machine, alien even to his hardbitten cohorts. None of the team is prepared for the planet Cantilucca, a nightmare combination of contemporary Somalia, Colombia and New York City. Its only export is narcotics; its only law is provided by gangs who destroy but cannot govern. Will it prove too big a challenge for these cynical soldiers-for-hire? Drake combines action and politics in a fast-paced space opera, building to an unexpected, if typically bloody climax. (Nov.)
Roland Green
You could dismiss this yarn as "Oh, just the Medellin cartel among the stars" and be praised for your sophistication. Or you could be more accurate and admit that it's a highly readable tale set in the universe of Drake's best-known series, Hammer's Slammers. Those elite, armored mercenaries have now been a government for seven years, but restless spirits (misfits, to be precise), both from their ranks and from their new world, are often recruited to scout out planets likely to generate business. Six of these misfits wind up embroiled in the wars of two rival drug empires on the planet Cantilucca and in due course decide that the best line of action is to clean the whole place out. The blood flows, the bullets fly, the action is nonstop, the weaponry and tactics are detailed and convincing, and Drake's fans will have a fine time.

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Hammer's Slammers Series , #7
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