The Shekinah Legacy

The Shekinah Legacy

4.3 6
by Gary Lindberg
International cable TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her Asperger's son are caught literally in the crossfire of history when terrorists, the CIA, Mossad (Israeli intelligence) and the Vatican all converge in a pulse-pounding search for two relics that could eviscerate Christianity and forever change the balance of power in the world.

Three decades ago,


International cable TV journalist Charlotte Ansari and her Asperger's son are caught literally in the crossfire of history when terrorists, the CIA, Mossad (Israeli intelligence) and the Vatican all converge in a pulse-pounding search for two relics that could eviscerate Christianity and forever change the balance of power in the world.

Three decades ago, Charlotte's mother suddenly vanished with no trace. The mystery was never solved. Then suddenly, on the same day that Charlotte's home is attacked by terrorists, her son receives an email from the grandmother that he has never known. The coded message catapults Charlotte and her son on a dangerous mission to India and Kashmir to find the only objects that can save the old woman's life. Unfortunately, Charlotte and her autistic son don't know what they are looking for.

The Shekinah Legacy is a thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown, Steve Berry and James Rollins. In this provocative novel, author Gary Lindberg uses the form of the thriller to explore the limits and perils of belief.

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Gary Lindberg traveled around the world to research this story. As a writer and film producer/director, he has won over one hundred major national and international awards. He is the co-writer and producer of the Paramount Pictures feature film That Was Then, This Is Now starring Emilio Estevez and Morgan Freeman. This is his first published novel. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Gloria, and his Jack Russell terrier Fletcher.

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The Shekinah Legacy 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Alice D. for Readers Favorite Charlotte Asari is a famous and totally fearless reporter for CNN who had travelled to remote and forbidding places in the world with her photographer Curt. Now, in the comforts of her Minnesota home, she, her less than beloved husband Mike, and their twelve year old son, Greg, who suffers from Asperger's, are under attack from Islamic terrorists who are killed at her doorstep by Mossad assassins who in turn are slaughtered by someone else. Who is this ruthless, silent killer and is he stalking or protecting Charlotte and her son? The silent killer's name is Gideon, and as Charlotte and Greg make their way to India to find her famous father, Thompson Walker, Gideon does indeed protect Charlotte in the many twists and turns in this book. He is an Essene, a secret and highly lethal group that has existed for two thousand years. Charlotte is on a mission to "locate the savior", words sent in an email to Greg by Charlotte's mother Miriam. There is a theory that Jesus travelled to India during the lost years of his youth and that he survived the crucifixion, and his bones are hidden in a remote area of India. Rogue agents from all sides are killed or sidelined. "The Shekinah Legacy" takes meaning from Shekinah which designates the mysterious light that shows the presence of God. But when Charlotte finds that her beloved Greg is the Shekinah Legacy, what will she do? "The Shekinah Legacy" is a well-written thriller in the style of Dan Brown where long-held religious beliefs are turned upside down and challenged. The story is filled with the twists and turns that make a novel great, and its plotline continues believably through each revelation as the reader finds out which characters can be trusted and which ones are expendable. The story's ending is meant to be a shocker and it is, concluding a very well crafted story.
CarolinMendotaHeights More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I was intrigued by the plot and enjoyed the adventure. I especially liked the international setting and interesting details about India and Kashmir.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
honoliipali More than 1 year ago
When I was about a third of the way through the book, I thought it was a 5 star rated book and would qualify as one of my favorites. That slowly changed as the story delved into an alternate explanation of what really happened to Jesus. I believe in the western story of Jesus so I was not drawn in by the direction of the story. (I am trying to not include a spoiler in this review so that is the best I could say.)<br /> <br /> That being said, I do think this book is a very fine debut novel. It is fast paced with many twists and turns. The characters, of which there are many, are believable and interesting. The writing style should appeal to readers of many different genres.<br /> <br /> I will indeed read more books by this fine author and suggest that you read this one as well. The premise is well thought out and researched. Give this author a try. This is not a religious story but it is a book based upon biblical history.
seashellNC More than 1 year ago
If you like Dan Brown books, you'll love this one. It's full of drama, action, and adventure. The characters are very well developed. From the onset, you get a feeling of which characters are hiding secrets and which are not. There is anticipation waiting for those secrets to be revealed. Foreign correspondent Charlotte Ansari returns home from being kidnapped in Baghdad. Home to a husband she feels doesn't love her and a 13 year old son with Aspergers syndrome. Soon after she returns home, the house across the lake is burglarized and the owner murdered. Several others, Arabs and Mossad agents are found murdered outside of his house. The owner was a collector of religious relics and one is missing. He was found in his secret relic room with a copy of a book written by Charlotte's father in his hands. A father she hasn't seen in many years and wants nothing to do with. A father who is a religious scholar. Later, son Greg gets a cryptic email from Charlotte's mother. A mother who left her when she was just a young child. Before they can read the email, their house also gets attacked and Charlotte thinks she is the reason why. Once they are safe, she reads the message from her mother. The message tells her to find the relic and then the Savior, in order to save her mother. Thus begins Charlotte and Greg's mission to prove Jesus was just a man, along with her father and others. It takes them all over the mid-east, searching for the relic and Savior, and being chased and hindered all they way by the Vatican, the CIA, and the Pakistanis, all who are trying to kill them. But they have help. A mysterious stranger who seems to be looking out for Charlotte. A fascinating plot with fascinating characters. I highly recommend it.
gb48 More than 1 year ago
THE SHEKINAH LEGACY This book keeps you one the edge of your seat waiting to see what else this family has kept secret for 30 years. It made me wonder if I have any skeletons in my closet. TV journalist Charlotte Ansari . Going back and forth form Charlotte's home in the US to the fare east. Charlotte lose of her mother leads into all kinds of mysteries in her life. Shortly before her sons 13 birthday the life of the whole family changes. Some for better some for worse. A must read. ***** GB in RO., Mi