The Silent Trust: Life Story of Dr. Sandor Mihaly

The Silent Trust: Life Story of Dr. Sandor Mihaly

by Martin Olson

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Biography of Dr. Sandor Mihaly: Scientist, Researcher, Physician, Inventor, Humanitarian, Financier, Chairman of the Swiss Silent Trust, and a Director of the World Government. He was a man unknown to many, except for those who were and are the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

This book, The Silent Trust, is a snapshot of the life of Dr.

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Biography of Dr. Sandor Mihaly: Scientist, Researcher, Physician, Inventor, Humanitarian, Financier, Chairman of the Swiss Silent Trust, and a Director of the World Government. He was a man unknown to many, except for those who were and are the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

This book, The Silent Trust, is a snapshot of the life of Dr. Sandor Mihaly whose every day living was really behind a microscope in order to discover new medical findings, as well as to be the Chairman of the Swiss Silent Trust, and to be the Director of the World Government.

The Doctor's mission in life was to establish an international medical university that would assist mankind with new medical procedures, which would be available globally for everyone at no cost to those in need.

This same principle, as stated above, was what generated the forming of the World Government, en entity designed to prevent conflicts and wars, which could destroy the world.

The biggest obstacle to establishing a peaceful world is greed. This world is filled with the 'Haves' who only have possessions to hold, keep, retain, and control, but they have no 'Being.' Being is an idea, a person, an existence, and a life. A being is the complex combination of physical and spiritual qualities that constitute an individual, and is that which gives humanity strength and a station in life. It is important that all nations come to a mutual agreement on a new form of Global Order, that which Dr. Mihaly set as the basis for his being. For the world to not accept this goal would result in anarchy and the eventual annihilation of humankind.

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The Silent Trust

Life Story of Dr. Sandor Mihaly
By Martin Olson


Copyright © 2011 Martin Olson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-3159-5

Chapter One

The Making of a Scientist

Sandor Mihaly was born on February 28, 1925 in Dunakeszi, in the region of Pest, Hungary (part of Budapest). As a young man, he entered into the Second World War from the Hungarian side and was part of the Hungarian Intelligence Department and worked in Hungary decoding the German enigmatic codes. This was at a time when Gene Casey was at the held of the United States Intelligence Service and was later to head the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1960's and 1970's.

Completing his military service, Sandor Mihaly entered Jozsef Attica University of Sciences where he studied between the years 1949 to 1950 and 1952 to 1963. He had further studies in Austria at Wien at the University of Engineering and Telecommunications from the first term of 1955 to 1956, and a second session in 1963 to 1964. This university is a counterpart to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The first of the Doctor's degrees was as a pathologist. Dr. Mihaly also received his degree in Electronic Engineering on March 5, 1966. He also received his doctorate in Natural Sciences with honors on July 13, 1963. The Doctor received his certificate as a Patent Attorney on January 17, 1968. He received a license to practice industrial installation of freeze-drying, vacuum instruments and accessories on April 11, 1968.

Dr. Sandor Mihaly had made 75 medical discoveries that he had patented, which he turned over to the Silent Swiss Trust in exchange for full payment of his yearly living expenses. Two of the discoveries were: the first birth control pill, and the first process for freeze-dried products.

The Doctor discovered the first birth control pill in Europe, which was copied and drastically changed for the American market. The Doctor warned the companies in the United States that the change could cause cancer, which, in the end, proved out. The pill was then taken off of pharmacy shelves.

The Doctor later discovered the freeze-dry system of processing foods. This was copied by the Nestle Company that started freeze-drying coffee as a part of its commodities.

After his father's death during the Second World War, Dr. Mihaly was asked by the Swiss Silent Trust to take over his father's position. Once in that new role, he embarked upon a study to utilize the Trust assets to better mankind with such projects as hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, and medical universities, which would be paid for by taking the assets of the Trust and the collateral formula to raise capital and still keep the Trust's assets in a safe position. All of this was to come with guarantees by the various governments in which the projects were to be developed. This, likewise, included plans for transportation, petroleum, and petro-chemical undertakings, housing, and utility activities, but nothing that would involve the military.

The Doctor was invited by the U.S. Government to move to the United States in 1960, where he became a citizen in 1968. He became a member of the Republican Eagles and was a supporter of the Republican Party. Oh, to have friends in high places. The United States asked that he bring the Trust business with him. Why not!

During the 1980's, the Doctor had a special agreement with NATO Headquarters in Ramstein, Germany, under General Haig and General Lustig to organize specialized health facilities. After General Haig's retirement, he kept close with Dr. Mihaly at the General's secondary residence in Palm Beach, Florida where he often visited the area for certain conferences for business organizations.

Chapter Two

The Swiss Silent Trust

Some background ...

Dr. Sandor Mihaly's background shows that he is a descendant of royalty. His family was a part of the Hungarian monarchy. His relatives include, Mihaly Karoly, who was Premier of Hungary from 1918 to 1919, when he became President of the country.

There exist two public squares in Pest, that part of Budapest where Sandor was born. Mihaly Vorosmarty Square is named for a poet whose monument, depicting him, is erected in the middle of the square. It is inscribed with his dates of living from 1800 to 1855 and was unveiled in 1908.

Mihaly Pollack Square is at the rear of the Hungarian National Museum and is named for the architect of several neoclassical buildings such as the museum and Sandor Palace, which is now occupied by the President of Hungary.

Hungary has in its history a long number of conflicts since the year 14 B.C. Now, it is a member of NATO. Back in those early years, Western Hungary was a part of the Roman Empire, whereas the area to the east of the Danube River was not. In 896 A.D., all of Hungary was invaded by the Magyars. Christianity was accepted during the reign of St. Stephen from 977 to 1038 A.D. An Invasion by the Mongols killed half of Hungary's population in 1241 A.D. The peak of the Hungarian great period of power came during the reign of Louis I, the Great, between 1342 and 1382 A.D. In 1839, war broke out with the Turks and, for more than a hundred years, the Turks advanced through the Balkans. The Turks smashed the Hungarian Army in 1526, while Western and Northern Hungary accepted Hapsburg Rule to escape the Turkish occupation. Transylvania, which had previously been a province of Hungary, became an independent entity under the Hungarian monarchy. A peace treaty was signed in 1699. After the suppression of the 1848 revolt against Hapsburg Rule, led by Louis Kossuth, a dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary was set up in 1867. The dual monarchy was defeated with other central powers in World War I. After a short-lived republic in 1918, the Communist rule of 1919 under Dela Kon ended with the Romanian occupation of Budapest in August of 1919.

The Treaty of Trianon in 1920 cost Hungary 68% of its land and 58% of its population. The Hungarian Monarchy had restored the legal continuity of the old monarchy and, in 1920, Horthy was elected Regent. Following the German invasion of Russia in 1941, Hungary joined the attack against Russia and the Hungarian troops were almost entirely withdrawn from the eastern front in 1943. The German occupation troops set up a puppet government after Horthy's appeal for an armistice with the advanced Russian troops in 1944, which resulted in Horthy's being overthrown. The German regime soon fled the capitol. In 1945, the government signed an armistice in Moscow, and in 1946, the National Assembly approved a constitutional law abolishing the 1000-year monarchy and establishing a republic.

"Budapest was the site of one of the fiercest battles of World War II. Stalin and Hitler demanded a victory at all costs. This battle took place between December 29, 1944 and February 11, 1945, a total of 100 days. The cost of the battle for control of Budapest and Hungary was 80,000 Soviet troops, 38,000 German and Hungarian soldiers, and 38,000 Hungarian civilians. All perished. The diversion of Soviet troops to Budapest enabled the Germans to maintain their crumbling positions elsewhere in Hungary. A battle for control by two leaders, Hitler and Stalin, sitting in their offices while the army and civilians pay the price, Hungary has lost every war over the last 500 years. What a waste." Kristian Ungvary

A treaty of Paris in 1947 required that Hungary give up all land it had acquired since 1937, and to pay out 300 million U.S. dollars in reparations to Russia, Czechoslavakia, and Yugoslavia. In 1948, the Communist Party seized control of the nation. This was followed by Hungary being proclaimed a People's Republic, a one-party state in 1949. All industry was nationalized. The land was collectively turned into state farms and was under the control of the secret police. The Communist wrath reached its height when, in 1948, a trial was held and a lie imprisonment sentence was meted out to Josef Cardinal Mindezenty, the leader of Hungary's Roman Catholic Church.

In 1956, an anti-Communist revolution broke out in Budapest. Premier Imre Nagy declared Hungary a neutral power, withdrawing from the Warsaw Treaty and appealing to the United Nations for help. Soviet troops and tanks suppressed the revolution in a bloody fight after 190,000 people fled the country. Under Kader Rule, between 1956 and 1988, Communist Hungary maintained liberal policies and Hungary became the most liberal of the Soviet block. Kader emptied prisons, reformed the secret police, and eased travel restrictions. Hungary's Communists voluntarily abandoned their power in 1989 and the constitution was amended to allow a multi-party state. The last Soviet troops left Hungary in 1991, ending almost 47 years of military presence. Hungary normalized relations with the Catholic Church in 1997. In April, 1999, Hungary became a part of NATO and also with the Czech Republic and Poland.


The silent world government meets yearly in Burgerstock, Switzerland, which lies in the northern end of Lake Lucerne. Burgerstock is next to the town of Kussnacht at the foot of Rigi. It is in the central Switzerland and Ticino District. Burgerstock has a historical castle which is owned by the Silent Trust and under Dr. Mihaly's jurisdiction.

The silent world government meets yearly in Burgerstock, Switzerland, which lies in the northern end of Lake Lucerne. Burgerstock is next to the town of Kussnacht at the foot of Rigi. It is in the central Switzerland and Ticino District. Burgerstock has a historical castle which is owned by the Silent Trust and under Dr. Mihaly's jurisdiction.


Dr. Mihaly planned to locate the International Center in Godollo, Hungary. This is the site of the Godollo Royal Palace built in 1741. Godollo is located 22 miles northeast of Budapest. Godollo was established in 1661.

Now, in 2010, there is a major problem regarding the debt, which is a problem similar to that with other European and Middle-Eastern countries.

The name of the game of power is money ...

Dr. Mihaly prepared a report on June 14, 1996, on the movement of world currency regarding the Silent World Government, the Bilderberg Group, and the Banks Club. It describes their meetings, members, and their mission. It also outlines the private bank, the EUBT – European Bank and Trust, which was designed and organized according to a unique trust that had been formed during the middle 1800's and was in control of many of the monetary funds deposited within its safes by numerous governmental leaders and royalty beginning from that period. Its purpose was to hold these funds, which could be used for investments by the trust, and which would produce income for the depositors. The trust was to remain secret, allowing no one access to the deposit information except for the depositors themselves. It would not be open to any government scrutiny and the depositor's names would be held in secret.

The trust knew that the name of the game of power is money. The group that controls the money has all the power. The world today is at one's fingertips with the advancement of communications beyond the telephone and television to the nano-technology of the computer. Since this is the electronic world, money can be moved instantly and globally, and most of this is currency-trading done through London and Switzerland, which operates 24-hours a day, mostly during nonbanking hours. More than 80 percent of that trading is done through Switzerland.

When Dr. Sandor Mihaly took over the reigns of the trust as its Chairman during the 1950's, he continued to operate within the strictest discipline of safety for the trust's assets. Also, he never looked toward any personal gains from the trust, which seems to be opposite the workings of those who make this a practice in the world of greed. All of the business of the trust and all the details of that business were, likewise, kept in silence.

Silence and secrecy go together. With silence, one does not tell or talk; with secrecy, one does not tell or talk. With this form of silent, non-communication, one does not come under the microscope for examination by the outside world. And as long as the persons involved can keep this form, they can move freely throughout the world.

"The Nixon Administration was the high point of the 'imperial presidency, a produce of the Cold War.' Much of Nixon's foreign and military policy was concerned and executed in secrecy, outside normal administrative changes and without consultation with Congress. The power this wielded by the President, magnified by his ability to control news, and to command television time, was totally unprecedented."

American History – Robert A. Rosenbraum

The origin of the Trust ...

The trust, which became the Swiss Secret Trust, is over 180 years old and was started in Switzerland. It operated at its inception as a depository for the royal families of Europe. Over generations, money and gold had been placed into the trust for safekeeping. The Queen of England had put billions in there as a nest egg in case they lost the Second World War and, thus, they could move to Switzerland and have access to the money as well as all the valuables they had stored away. Of course, they never told the citizens that.

Even Hitler had a lot of money in there before he disappeared. Should Germany have been destroyed, he would be able to continue with the wealth he had amassed.

Hungary had a lot invested because the Doctor with Hungarian. Also, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and other wealthy Islamic countries put enormous amounts of money in there because the trust was managed by experts in currency trading. Currency trading can almost guarantee a profit of 25 percent a year, but it had to be worked 24-hours a day. That's where they made their money. All activities, monetary transactions, were carried out in England. Years ago, everything was in England, although the main center or operation was Switzerland.

Since its inception so many years ago, the Doctor never spoke very much about the trust's history. He never released information as to who were the primary movers within the trust, nor what projects the trust would finance. They theory was that the trust would only finance nonmilitary tasks. They would not touch anything that was even remotely military. They looked mostly to hospitals and the Doctor really promoted that because he wanted to establish an international medical center. The original trust never really grew until after the Doctor's father died – it had been carried down from grandfather to father to the Doctor who re-established it as the Swiss Secret Trust.

Dr. Mihaly never told anyone how his grandfather got involved in the trust. He just said it was passed down and managed. The Doctor, after getting his medical degree from the University in Vienna, agreed to help run the trust. It was actually the Doctor who developed The Silent Trust. In fact, President Reagan became a close friend of Dr. Sandor Mihaly and invited him to come to the States and become a citizen and to bring the Trust with him. Ever since that time, every President of the United States has had to go to the Doctor to get approval to go to war. Even up to Old Man Bush going there with Kissinger. But that was then. Now, with the problems the U.S. is having with the economy, Canada is trying to bring the Trust there. I remember working with Clark Clifford in the 1960's, when I was involved in building three major malls in Washington, D.C., Clark said, in some of our discussions, the democratic system won't work, it was too corrupt. And that was in the 60's. Look at it now. It still is too corrupt. Clifford once told me, "Anything inside the Beltway is the United States; anything outside the Beltway is a disposable commodity." The people inside the Beltway control everything – the wars and everything else – they just use those who are outside the Beltway for their own convenience. Clark Clifford had a law office in Washington. He lived most of his life there, while his wife lived on Cape Cod.

Having been recommended to Dr. Mihaly for the position of Executive Secretary, I was once asked, "Was Dr. Mihaly, a brilliant man in every respect, as brilliant when it came to operating the Trust, or did he hire people to run the Trust where he was only the titular head?"

That was a hard question to answer. My relationship with him was for about 18 years. He had no social skills, he had a very difficult time talking with people. So, my job was to be his spokesman, whether it was with Howard Hughes, or the president of GE, or with government officials around the world. Previous to my working for the Doctor, I did this for the CIA and the United Nations. It was through these experiences that the Doctor came to know me, and to investigate me, and, finally, to ask me to go to work for him. The Doctor had some vision for the future, however, his main concern was the medical center. That was his real focus, as well as petro-chemicals because that is the basis for many medicines.


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