The Silver Coin (Colby's Coin Series #2) [NOOK Book]


With Royce Chadwick’s love, Breanna Colby feels like she can survive anything. But can he strike down the evil stalking her before it’s too late—for both of them?

A past shadowed by violence once forced Breanna Colby to retreat from the world. Even now, with a treacherous enemy finally locked away, a nameless, faceless evil still stalks her. Determined to finally live on ...
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The Silver Coin (Colby's Coin Series #2)

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With Royce Chadwick’s love, Breanna Colby feels like she can survive anything. But can he strike down the evil stalking her before it’s too late—for both of them?

A past shadowed by violence once forced Breanna Colby to retreat from the world. Even now, with a treacherous enemy finally locked away, a nameless, faceless evil still stalks her. Determined to finally live on her own terms, Breanna vows to unmask a killer, but she can’t do it alone.
Royce Chadwick has a rare talent for finding people the law can’t touch. A loner by choice, he lives by a simple creed: Do the job and don’t get emotionally involved. But Breanna arouses something even deeper than his fierce need to protect her. As desires ignite into all-consuming passion, he knows he’s playing a dangerous game. On the trail of a slippery assassin who won’t rest until Breanna and her twin cousin are destroyed, Royce is about to break every one of his rules—and this time he’s risking more than his heart.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781453265512
  • Publisher: Open Road Media
  • Publication date: 10/2/2012
  • Series: Colby's Coin , #2
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 468
  • Sales rank: 185,696
  • File size: 2 MB

Meet the Author

Andrea Kane is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels, including fourteen historical titles and twelve contemporary novels. Her books have been published in sixteen countries and translated into more than twenty languages. Kane published My Heart’s Desire, her first historical novel and the first book in the Barrett family series, in 1991. Others quickly followed, including Samantha, the second book in that series, Echoes in the Mist and Whispers in the Wind (the Kingsley in Love series), as well as her acclaimed Black Diamond, Thornton-Bromleigh Family, and Colby Coin series. Kane’s 2000 romantic thriller Run for Your Life became an instant New York Times bestseller. Her other suspense novels include No Way Out, Twisted,and The Girl Who Disappeared Twice,a New York Times bestseller that introduced Forensic Instincts, an eclectic team of maverick investigators. The Line Between Here and Gone (2012) continues the Forensic Instincts story. Kane lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter.  
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The Silver Coin

The Colby's Coin Series (Book Two)

By Andrea Kane


Copyright © 1999 Andrea Kane
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4532-6551-2


London, England

December 1817

She was going to die.

It was only a question of when.

He sat calmly at a far corner table of the London coffeehouse, sipping his tea and gazing out the window as he contemplated the busy cobblestone streets. London looked the same as always. It was chillier than when he'd left, with winter closing in. The fog had transformed from a clammy blanket to a raw mist—a mist that thickened as it mingled with the puffs of cold air emerging from the mouths of scurrying patrons and plodding horses. Everyone seemed in a hurry, including the shopkeepers who stepped outside in rapid succession, glancing about for any last-minute customers, then locking up for the day. One by one, they turned up their collars and hurried home to their waiting families.

How touching.

How convenient.

The throngs of people, while providing an interesting scene for an early evening diversion, made it easy to remain unnoticed. He'd intentionally picked this coffeehouse—one whose customers were primarily artists and authors, none of whom would have the slightest idea who he was. So he remained, a solitary gentleman enjoying his solitary late-day tea.

And if, by chance, one of his colleagues happened to wander in, spot him at his corner table, that colleague would doubtless offer his greetings, inquire where his lordship had been, and learn about his prolonged business trip abroad.

Given his status and position, his explanation would be accepted without question or doubt.

Ah, anonymity. It came in many forms, each one of them satisfying indeed.

He set down his cup, tugging his gloves more snugly into place and studying his cloaked hands—his right one, in particular. The German physician had been remarkably skilled, he mused, turning his palms up, then back down again. Same size. Same shape. Right down to the tapered fingers. With his gloves in place, it was impossible to tell that his right forefinger was a mere replica of what it had been. Oh, it couldn't bend at the knuckle, of course—wood never did—but he had no cause to bend that forefinger anyway. Not anymore. Now he had a substitute: his middle finger—a trigger finger impeccably trained, ready to perform on command. He also had a new weapon, one fashioned especially for him, made by the same craftsman who'd designed and constructed the original. Both weapons were unique. But this new version was a stunning, one-of-a-kind achievement. Mastering it had taken every ounce of his skill and concentration, given his physical impediment. But master it he had—as brilliantly as he'd mastered its predecessor—and almost as quickly.

Yes, the weapon—and the proficiency to use it—had been acquired within a month of leaving England. But conquering the pain—that had taken every day of the three long months he'd been away.

Still, it would surge to life, sometimes so acutely he nearly screamed aloud. It would never truly leave him. That he knew. Not even for a day.

But it also wouldn't stop him.

Nothing would.

As if to taunt him, the front door of the coffeehouse opened, admitting a cold blast of December air. He winced as the chilling wind shot through the room, found him in his corner, and set off the throbbing in his hand. Gritting his teeth, he waited for the worst of the pain to subside, bitterly acknowledging that the winter months were going to be excruciating. Cold intensified the dull ache that gnawed relentlessly at him, sharpening his agony with a piercing stab.

He had no choice but to endure it.

Damn the winter.

Damn the pain.

And damn Breanna Colby.

He finished his tea, cursing silently as the hot beverage did nothing to warm away his agony. A drink. That's what he needed. A good, stiff drink to dull the throb.

Tossing some coins on the table, he left the establishment, shoving his hands in his pockets as he made his way through the tangle of people to the nearest tavern.

Inside, it was dark and smoky, but he paid little attention to his surroundings as he ordered a brandy. He tossed it down in three gulps.

The liquor worked wonders, burning through his system and making its way to the raw nerve endings at his knuckle.

When all this was over, he vowed, he'd spend winters somewhere warm, somewhere where the pain was bearable. There he could live in seclusion. There he could savor his victories.

Especially the one hovering just ahead—his ultimate triumph and long-awaited revenge. Doing away with that miserable bitch who'd done this to him, condemned him to three months of agony and a lifetime of physical torment.

She'd pay for each and every day he suffered, each and every night he'd awakened, drenched in sweat, pain spearing through his hand, shooting up his arm. Oh, yes, she'd pay. First, by watching her precious cousin die at her feet, then by waiting, wondering, when the bullet meant for her would find its mark.

It wouldn't be immediate. Oh, no, it would be prolonged. Torturing her had to be savored. He had to terrorize her to the point where she'd be crazed with fear.

Until she realized, with a final surge of panic, that she couldn't escape him.

Until she understood he never failed, never missed his mark.

Until she knew it would take one bullet, and one bullet alone, because he never needed a second.

And until she knew that he was watching her, toying with her, deciding when and where to end her wretched life.

Oh, Lady Breanna Colby, by the time I kill you, you'll beg to die.

And die you will.


Kent, England

The grounds of Medford Manor were alive with the sounds of activity, as a large crowd of workmen hammered and sawed, moving about the shell of what was becoming an elegant house—one that stood directly across the grounds from the existing one.

Bricklayers stood on scaffolding, spreading mortar and laying the final bricks of the structure, while carpenters hoisted up beams and rafters, nailed them into place. Stonemasons were constructing the marble fireplaces that would stand in each of the numerous bedchambers and meticulously shaping the stones that would define the sculptured footpaths and entranceway steps.

Breanna eyed the scene from thirty yards away, folding her arms across her breasts and nodding definitively.

Anastasia and Damen's home was well under way.

It hadn't been an easy feat to accomplish—not given the speed with which they wanted everything done. For starters, Breanna had sped up the process by doing a few quick sketches—based on what she knew of her cousin's tastes and what she suspected of Damen's—the week before their wedding. She'd showed the sketches to the soon-to-be newlyweds—and gotten their instant and unconditional approval.

Then again, Breanna had reflected with a smile, they were so absorbed in each other, she doubted they'd even studied her sketches. In fact, they'd probably have made a fuss over them even if she'd flourished pictures of a giant chamber pot and enthusiastically heralded them as sketches of their new manor—a manor that was destined to be the most exquisite home in all of England.

Ah, love.

Well, Stacie and Damen were more than entitled to that love. Lord knows, they'd been to hell and back waiting for the day they could wed. And it had come—a perfect day that united a perfect couple. As for the sketches—it didn't matter whether they'd truly seen them or not. Breanna's instincts told her they'd be pleased.

That very day, she'd taken action. The best architects had been hired, as well as the finest craftsmen, with the understanding that the Marquess and Marchioness of Sheldrake's home was to be completed as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Everyone had taken that order to heart and, within days, plans had been drawn up. Those plans were approved on the day before the wedding—by Breanna. That she'd only agreed to do after Stacie had all but begged her. It seemed the bride-to-be was far too excited to sit still and look at drawings, and besides, she'd added brightly, Breanna was the artistic one in the family. So didn't it make sense for her to look over the plans? Finally, Breanna had relented, and taken over the task herself. As a result, everything proceeded on schedule and, on the day Stacie and Damen left for their wedding trip, a work crew arrived at the site and construction began.

The way things looked now, the manor would be finished before the Season began in March.

And not a minute too soon, Breanna thought, smoothing her hair as she strolled through the gardens, watching the structure take shape. Damen had made it abundantly clear that he intended to fill that house with children—as soon as nature permitted. Knowing Damen and Stacie ... well, Breanna wanted this house ready.

She fingered the folds of her mantle, nodding her approval as she angled her head this way and that, watching the manor take on detail and dimension. Nothing too elaborate. Just a roomy, airy, lovely home, filled with light and love.

Especially love.

She smiled, thinking with more than a little excitement that Stacie and Damen should be returning from the States any time now. They'd been away nearly three months, and Stacie had promised they'd be back for Christmas.

The wedding trip had been an exciting one, according to the letters Breanna had received. Fidelity Union and Trust—Stacie and Damen's bank—had opened its doors in October and was already thriving. Judging from the newspaper clippings Stacie had included with her letters, the bank was the financial triumph of Philadelphia, a perfect merging of the Lockewoods and the Colbys. Enough so that the new Mr. and Mrs. Lockewood weren't needed at all, and could spend their entire time enjoying Philadelphia, attending an occasional party, or in utter seclusion.

Breanna's smiled widened as she pondered all Stacie had said—and all she hadn't said. She'd written pages and pages on how wonderful it was to share with Damen the city in which she'd lived for ten years, the people, the sites. But she'd said suspiciously little about the secluded aspects of the trip.

It didn't take a scholar to figure out why. Given the passion that sizzled between Stacie and Damen ... well, suffice it to say that it was good there hadn't been too many parties for them to attend. She doubted they would have had the strength to walk, much less dance.

In any case, Christmas was now only a few weeks away. And, since Stacie always kept her promises, she and Damen would already be on their way home. Breanna could hardly wait to see her—and to see her face light up when she beheld her soon-to-be-completed house.

The first step of their grandfather's dream.

Breanna's gaze lifted to the heavens, and she could almost feel her grandfather's reassuring presence. How overjoyed he'd be—Stacie and she sharing the grounds of Medford Manor, giving birth to their children here. It was precisely what he'd want, the lasting bond between the Colbys that he'd prayed for when he'd gifted her and Stacie with their coins.

The realization never failed to bring tears of joy to her eyes.

Breanna turned toward her own house—the house she shared only with her staff since that dreadful day in August when Bow Street had taken away her father, locked him up in Newgate.

Even now, the events of that day made her ill, just as her father's crimes made her shudder. He was a cruel and unforgivable man, and whatever small amount of feeling she'd held for him had been extinguished when she'd learned what he'd done—and what he intended to do. She'd closed off his room the morning after his arrest, a tacit sign to the servants that he was no longer part of her life.

They'd followed her lead, said nothing despite the lurid articles carried by the newspapers—articles that described the full extent of the Viscount Medford's unscrupulous dealings and his lifetime incarceration for attempted murder.

No words were necessary, not between Breanna and the beloved staff who'd raised her. They'd gone through the same gamut of emotions she had, at least with respect to the shock and horror. As for the sorrow and the shame, those were hers alone to bear. He'd been, after all, only their employer, while he was her father. It had taken her some time to come to terms with that, but it was behind her now, and the emotional scars would heal.

In the meantime, she was free—free from her father's menacing presence. It was as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders, allowing the real Breanna to emerge in an unencumbered way she'd never believed possible, and for that her staff cheered silently beside her. They were, after all, truly her family—the only real family she'd ever had, except for her beloved cousin Anastasia.

Reaching the manor, Breanna paused, seized by the sudden urge to celebrate. For the first time ever, life seemed perfect, rife with promise. Stacie was happily married and on her way home, a holiday season loomed ahead—filled with house parties and laughter—and she herself had a full life to lead. One she'd tentatively but successfully initiated as soon as the trauma—and the scandal—of her father's arrest had begun to die down.

She'd been prepared to be ostracized. Most especially by the ton. But, to her surprise, people were more sympathetic to her plight than she'd realized, somehow coming to the conclusion that her only offense was being George Colby's daughter—a bitter twist of fate rather than a character flaw. One by one, callers began coming by; first, matrons whose kind hearts compelled them to soothe and comfort her. Then, their daughters—young women she'd met at the few parties she'd attended two Seasons ago.

And then, the major turning point had occurred. Lady Margaret Warner, who'd been affable toward Breanna since Anastasia's coming-out last summer, had come to call. Lady Margaret's visit was a signal to the inner circle of young noblewomen who followed her example—a signal that it was socially acceptable to associate with Breanna Colby. Tacitly, she instructed them to follow suit. They began visiting Medford Manor in a steady trickle—to gossip, yes, but eventually, upon learning of Breanna's artistic talents, to show her their needlepoints, to ask her opinion of their sketching. And, when she responded with warmth and encouragement, they began inviting her to their homes as well.

Breanna was amazed at her own transformation. In fact, she discovered she was not at all the loner she'd believed herself to be. Instead, she was hungry for companionship—companionship she could receive and reciprocate, now that her oppressive father was gone.

In no time at all, she had friends, homes to visit, events to attend. Her days were no longer spent in lonely isolation—arranging and rearranging her porcelain figures, sketching, and reading. Guests arrived several times a day, including even an occasional gentleman or two. No one particularly enthralling. Then again, she wasn't looking to be enthralled. All she wanted was a bit of youthful merriment: some conversation, a stroll, perhaps even a little flirtation; the very things she'd been denied.

So what if the gentlemen were a trifle bland, acceptable rather than exhilarating? Exhilarating had never been a trait she was attracted to, anyway. Stable, even-tempered, well-mannered—that was what she felt comfortable with.

Still, she was becoming a bit bored, feeling oddly restless these past few weeks.

Well, all that would vanish the instant Stacie returned.

Our house party, she thought suddenly, her foot poised on the first entranceway step. The one Stacie proposed before she left.

Excitement flared inside her. How could I have missed this opportunity? she mused, recalling her cousin's idea to celebrate both their comings-of-age with a gala party at Medford Manor. Stacie hadn't specified a date. Well, now was the perfect time. Stacie's twenty-first birthday had arrived in October, and her own had occurred just last week. Plus, the celebration could be not only in honor of their birthdays, but in honor of Stacie and Damen's homecoming. And it would herald the holiday season.

It was ideal. The more she thought about it, the more enthused she became. In fact, she'd sit down with Wells right now, begin a guest list. Invitations could be sent out in a matter of days. But would that be enough time, with Christmas a mere fortnight away?


Excerpted from The Silver Coin by Andrea Kane. Copyright © 1999 Andrea Kane. Excerpted by permission of OPEN ROAD INTEGRATED MEDIA.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted March 26, 2000

    i love this book

    This book is better than the Gold Book. I love the suspense. It had me going for a while. I think Breanna deserves all the happiness in the world. Same with Annastasia. I cant believe how well it turned out. Its an awesome book. Thank you Andrea for your inspirations and your entertainment.

    1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted June 10, 2003

    Andrea Does it again!

    I really enjoyed the Silver Coin. I felt that it was even better than the Gold Coin. I really felt that Breanna character really protrayed what a strong woman is. I especially like that her and Royce got together.(even though the characters are fiction I can see Shane West being Royce, and someone like Rory from gilmore girls being Breanna) but overall the book was great, even though I kinda knew who the bad guy was it was still awesome. If I could change one thing it would be for Wells to retire and not be the butler anymore. I love the book!

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  • Anonymous

    Posted February 1, 2000

    Way to go andrea!!

    this is the story of a whimsical romance typical of andrea kane. while i thoroughly enjoyed the romance in this novel, i had to bring the outstanding down a notch for the mystery. the story in itself showed some real genius, however, both my sister and i had the culprit figured out by the time we were through with the gold coin. therefore, the surprise ending was nonpresent, but the true, devoted love found in kanes novels is everpresent!

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Anonymous

    Posted October 3, 2012

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted February 18, 2009

    No text was provided for this review.

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