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The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men

The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men

4.1 6
by Katherine Chloe Cahoon

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In The Single Girl�s Guide to Meeting European Men, Katherine Chlo� Cahoon offers forty proven tips for meeting and interacting with European men, and then guides readers through the hottest man-meeting spots in Europe, country by country�including addresses, phone numbers, and websites of establishments where single girls have the best chance of meeting Europe


In The Single Girl�s Guide to Meeting European Men, Katherine Chlo� Cahoon offers forty proven tips for meeting and interacting with European men, and then guides readers through the hottest man-meeting spots in Europe, country by country�including addresses, phone numbers, and websites of establishments where single girls have the best chance of meeting Europe�s hottest males.

Whether prowling for a spontaneous European fling or scouting for Mr. Love-of-Your-Life, you�ll find that Cahoon�s tips�which work on men at home, too�take into account the various approaches, boundaries, and goals you may have for dating during your European foray. She also outlines the traits of men from various European countries, and gives advice ranging from how to stay safe while meeting them to how to deal with beaus back home who may complicate an amorous European getaway.

Filled with sexy and often hilarious real-life stories from each country, The Single Girl�s Guide will make your time in Europe an exciting, man-filled adventure.

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Meet the Author

While enrolled at Vanderbilt University, Katherine Cahoon spent summers studying in Europe. Each fall her girlfriends wanted to know about the European men she had met, so she started writing. The result of her efforts became this guide. Cahoon is currently working on the screenplay of the book, which producers refer to as Sex and the City meets Love Actually in the hot spots of Europe.

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The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
NicAwesomeOle More than 1 year ago
Interesting Concept, Not so Interesting Execution Overall, while the book is easy to read and understand, I think it is something that ‘sets the movement back.’ Instead of hair-flipping and learning the finer points of going to nightclubs to meet men, I think that audiences would be better served with safety tips as well as maps of the hotspots and maybe even a few packing trips specific to the region and time of year… Now, I am not saying the the information isn’t interesting and possibly entertaining, it just felt more like something that wouldn’t really benefit people interested in travelling abroad. I also thought the pictures and the labels associated with the various men were not exactly current or even relevant.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a student at the University of Kentucky, and I want to study abroad in Europe next spring- so this book was perfect for me! Cahoon gives great tips about meeting guys that are actually useful, and I learned a lot about European men that I would never have guessed. I agree with the "college freshman" who posted before me that this book gave me confidence in the possibility of meeting European men! She makes it seem so easy. I also feel like you got the travel book sort of advice about places to go, but it was much more interesting than a travel book because of all the interesting stories Cahoon is telling! This book was absolutely great- any girl interested in going abroad should definately read it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm a college freshman planning on studying abroad either sophomore or junior year so this book is absolutely perfect for me! Like the books says, who hasn't dreamed of meeting a hot European man, especially with the recent royal wedding? I never thought it would be even remotely possible for this to happen to me though. The tips and advice this book gives totally make is seem possible though. I DEFINITELY recommend this book to anyone (especially girls in their late teens or twenties) to read it! These tips will work with European or any other man for that fact so its a must read guide!
JulieJJJ More than 1 year ago
As the title of my review states, I truly am happy with my all-American comic book nerd. So why the heck would I pick up and read "The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men"? I was curious after meeting the author during a grueling writers bootcamp. Katherine is a very genuine, encouraging and truly, sincerely nice person. So full of ideas! There is no doubt more to come from this author, and the talk of a movie version of this: perfect! In fact, I hope Katherine with that sparkle in her eyes and Bridget Jones-cute-comic style has the starring role. Based on other reviews I've read, people either love or hate Katherine's book. I enjoyed it. It's fun. It's a light, quick read. It's not a travel guide in the line of Rick Steves or Frommer's. It's not European literature like Umberto Eco or Albert Camus. The author never meant it to be. Katherine offers her readers several locations in Europe that are great places to meet hunky Euro-dudes. In addition there are safety tips, travel advice, and humor. But seriously, in the U.S., as in other parts of our crazy hectic world, where single girls' go-go schedules don't leave a lot of time for play, thank God a writer is throwing them options other than online dating. Get those single girls out of their cubicles, on those planes, and headed for adventure! Maybe by doing so, a girl will meet their dream guy in addition to seeing some beautiful European sights, and as a plus the global economy will get a boost!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Upon reading this book, I am extremely eager to read any future Katherine Chloe Cahoon pieces. This is not always the type of book that I go for, but I am SO glad that I picked up this little gem! It is fun, lighthearted, and informative-a must read for any single girl who loves to travel. Cahoon takes you on a virtual vacation through Europe and tells you just how to attract all of the best men the continent has to offer! Cahoon's narratives are especially helpful because she has actually BEEN to these places and done the things she talks about, so the reader gets some first hand advice that may as well be coming from one of your best girlfriends! Seriously, by the end of the book, I felt like I had known the author for years, which is always a wonderful feeling to have after completing any book. As a college student planning to study abroad, this book gave me some insight as far as what to expect when I arrive in different European locations. Coupled with advice on how to meet and interact with attractive, successful European men? This book is perfect. And what woman hasn't secretly fantasized about meeting a gorgeous, "tall, dark, and handsome" European man and falling in love? Here is your how-to guide on how to make that fantasy a reality. Read it, re-read it, carry it in your purse, and PLAN YOUR TRIP TO EUROPE!! Don't waste any more time without this book in your life. Go get it NOW!!