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The Slow Cooker Cookbook: 75 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals

The Slow Cooker Cookbook: 75 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals

4.3 30
by Salinas Press
The Slow Cooker Cookbook has 75 simple recipes designed for busy people who want to use their slow cooker to make quick and hearty meals.

The Slow Cooker Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to becoming an expert with your slow cooker so you can start saving hours while you make delicious, healthy home-cooked meals! The Slow Cooker Cookbook is filled with dozen


The Slow Cooker Cookbook has 75 simple recipes designed for busy people who want to use their slow cooker to make quick and hearty meals.

The Slow Cooker Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to becoming an expert with your slow cooker so you can start saving hours while you make delicious, healthy home-cooked meals! The Slow Cooker Cookbook is filled with dozen of easy, crowd-pleasing recipes for every meal and occasion, and it will inspire you to use your slow cooker on a daily basis.

* Flavorful slow cooker chicken recipes like Miso Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Curried Coconut Chicken
* Slow cooker pot roast that will melt in your mouth
* Easy one-pot slow cooker meals that will satisfy the whole family, like comforting Chicken Pot Pie, Classic Lasagna Bolognese, and Mexican-Style Pork
* Dozens of tasty recipes to get the full value of your slow cooker--learn how to make casseroles, side dishes such as rice pilaf or cornbread stuffing, vegetables, stews, and, most importantly, desserts

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The Slow Cooker Cookbook: 75 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Truly impressed, are words to describe how I feel about The Slow Cooker Cookbook. As one who has had a slow cooker for years but had never quite mastered variety in the meals that I used it for, I am delighted to have this tool. Having access, to the recipes included in this cookbook, makes me look forward to entertaining and showing off my skills to family and friends. The seafood and desserts/drinks chapters are my favorites. For anyone desiring to "kick it up a notch" on their cooking, this cookbook is a must have!
CeakouCeakou More than 1 year ago
I don't know about you, but slow cooker cooking didn't jump out at me with the FOODIE SEXY factor that many cookbooks do. HOWEVER, the recipes in this book are very creative and outside of the CROCK. [see what I did there? lol] I never knew about making desserts or WASSAIL in a slow cooker. Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding - HELLO???? From savory to sweet, I am a slow cooker believer now. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had no idea you could cook some types of fish in a slow cooker! Who knew?  I am a beginner when it comes to using a slow cooker, so I really liked how different cooking methods were explained at the beginning.  The 'before you begin' section has some great hints, which may be known to those who utilize their slow cooker often, but for someone like me I needed them.  Since we're about to get a cold snap I decided to try 2 of the soup recipes. I love baked potato soup, and this recipe is not the greatest but it did hit the spot.  BUT, the spicy chicken tortilla soup was fantastic! The directions even included how to make it vegetarian, and how to make your own tortilla chips.  Overall this is a good cookbook: easy to follow recipes, and ingredients  are not hard to find or come by in the store.  
roy835 More than 1 year ago
Very well written and easy to read and understand. If you are really looking for tasty meals that are easy to prepare and good for you all at the same time, give this book a try. I really like the chapter on Casseroles, as that can be a challenging dish for me to make, the right way. However, the book gives you pinpoint details of how to prepare Casseroles the right way. They have a "soups and stews" section that is really good to read too. I like making and eating soups because they can be more healthy than fried or baked dishes. This book offers some really easy tasty recipes for soup and stews and more. Check it out to be a more healthy eater.
CalliM More than 1 year ago
The Slow Cooker Cookbook combines good basic recipes with a family friendly easy manner of cooking. The recipes cover the range from throwing ingredients in together and coming back at dinner time, to ways of bumping up the flavor a notch with sautéing and browning and such. Whether you are new to slow cookers or not, this cookbook is a win.
Sha-Shu More than 1 year ago
As a vegetarian, this book would probably not be the best option for me, given that overcooking vegetables is not the healthiest or tastiest practice. At the same time, I have family members who are meat-eaters and would enjoy many of the dishes in this book. I also feel a little less intimated about slow cooking after reading this book.
sionainn More than 1 year ago
Let your imagination take control of your menu! The Slow Cooker Cookbook outlines easy, yet delicious, menus anyone who can turn a dial can make. The cookbook provides the traditional slow cooker meals such as stews but also includes recipes for halibut and risotto, but breads and dips would have been a nice addition as well. In the end, I’m excited to give my slow cooker a new workout!
Andi-MD More than 1 year ago
Did you know that you could make Meatloaf in a slow-cooker? Well, I didn’t until I read this recipe book. It has a lot of basic recipes and is organized in an easy to use way. There is a list of ingredients to have on hand to make the recipes, even a list of spices and herbs. It is a comfortable book to read with an uncomplicated layout. I am going to try the Orange-Glazed Carrots, and the Caribbean Black Beans. I would have liked a few more recipes; the book seemed kind of short. Overall, it is a handy book to have
Diana_1965 More than 1 year ago
As a fan of slow cookers, The Slow Cooker Cookbook is a wonderful addition to my recipe collection! As well as coving the basics of slow cooking for those new to cooking this way, it has a lot of good solid recipes that are easy to put together and come back later to a ready cooked meal. The Shredded Buffalo Chicken that I made yesterday was loved by my family and today I’m trying the Chicken and Wild Rice Soup!
essbee More than 1 year ago
Great gift for newlyweds or college grads. This book of slow cooker recipes has a lot of classics to get the new home cook started, including Pulled Pork BBQ, Pot Roast and Tuna Noodle Casserole. It also has a nice selection of soups, stews and hot beverages that are great for fall and winter, such as Butternut Squash Soup, a creamy Baked Potato Soup and even a French Bouillabaisse. The hot beverages sound perfect for the holidays: Wassail, Creamy Hot Cocoa and a Mocha recipe are ones I'd like to try. This cookbook doesn't offer as much for those who have been cooking with a slow cooker for a long time. It mostly covers the basics. But it would make a good gift at the holidays along with a new Crock Pot and some soup making staples like beans and broth.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Slow Cooker Cookbook is useful for anyone who is already familiar with food prep and valuable to anyone who needs to be away at work during the day and who still wants to make sure a filling meal finds its way onto the plate by dinnertime.  I wouldn't consider most of the meals healthy as they involve sauces, fats, and oils, but the recipes do make great party foods and there are plenty of recipes to choose from.
StanS More than 1 year ago
You may already know that Slow Cooker equals Crockpot. The authors note early on that the latter term is copyrighted. I am new to this style of cooking so this was a good intro. I think like most I associate slow cooker with soups and stews. This is probably still the best use for the slow cooker, and this cookbook covers this  territory well with a bunch of interesting recipes. But I was surprised to also find good recipes for side dishes, International dishes, desserts and even drinks. Reading this good cookbook made me want to get a slow cooker and start making meals. Recommended!
CinnamonB More than 1 year ago
I learned the fundamentals and the appreciation of owning a slow cooker. It not only saves you time of coming home to cook, but that your food would be completely prepared with little effort. The savory dishes that are included in this book demonstrate that almost anything can be delectable, being made in a slow cooker. The author also mentioned that depending on the size of the slow cooker is what would give the proper results of the dishes. In that case, size kind of matters. Very healthy and hearty meals and desserts can be executed with grace.
HMorris More than 1 year ago
Using a crockpot is so easy but I was stuck in a rut. I would only use my crockpot for typical meals like a roast or stews. I never even thought about doing dessert or breakfast in it. This book gives a great variety of meals and recipes that I'm excited to try. I only wish there had been photos to accompany some if the recipes. 
ahliviah_monet More than 1 year ago
The recipe was written to accommodate large servings, but I find it super easy to pair it down to accommodate me and my husband.  We still have lots of leftovers, and they are just as enjoyable. I have an obsession with cookbooks, and gratefully so, we never get bored in the kitchen! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cooking for a large family or even a medium-sized family can be a major task when trying to stay healthy. My two biggest problems with cooking is getting bored with cooking the same things over and over, and having to spend an hour or more preparing food for everyone. With this cookbook, both of my problems are solved. I have good recipes that are also good for my family, and the setup is super easy!
pshbrittany More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best slow cooker books that I’ve bought. The recipes are simple and delicious and also quite healthy. They offer tips with each recipe such as how to pick out which vegetables are best or different serving options for the meal which I found nice. I also really like that it has a section for international dishes. I’ve never made tandoori chicken before, but I’m definitely going to be trying it now that I’ve got a quite simple recipe for it. All in all, it’s got a great selection of easy and yummy recipes and I highly recommend checking this book out if you’re interested in slow cooking.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This slow cooker cookbook exceeded all of my expectations. It has meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and more. It outlines everything for me, so food prep is a snap. I can load everything into the cooker and let it work overnight. You have to check out some of the tasty recipes in this cookbook.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was very good for learning the concept of slow cooking. When looking for recipes, I much prefer to use a paper cookbook when cooking.
TgraziadeiTG More than 1 year ago
It was a pleasant surprise to find that The Slow Cooker Cookbook, 75 Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Recipes for Slow Cooker Meals was a thorough, varied, well organized, and upbeat compilation of slow cooker recipes. It started out with a very well thought out “Basics” section that described the cooking method and it’s only variation, and supplied the necessary list of ingredients to keep handy in order to be prepared to slow cook. The book offered an extremely good variety of main course meals in the “All American” and “International Meals” sections. The recipes covered a wide range of food choices including beef, chicken, veal, lamb, pork, fish, eggs and many grains. Chapters that included dessert recipes and drink mixtures was also included. On the whole, I found much of what was offered here to be very enticing and worth giving a try. Teresa Graziadei July 24th, 2013
AlanFran More than 1 year ago
This is a practical guide to the slow cooker. The language is as enticing as the dishes, and the directions are reasonable. I recommend this reading because its application can dramatically improve a home dining environment.
Lars8 More than 1 year ago
This book gives great suggestions for new and improved uses for a crockpot. I have only every used my slow cooker for soups. Since I am a vegetarian, I was hoping to find more recipes that were totally vegetarian. However, I am going to try and substitute meatless meats, veggies, tofu, or veggie stock to see if it is still as delicious as they sound. Can’t wait to try these out!
CWilcox More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for an easy and healthy slow-cooking cookbook that really covers a wide variety of recipes, this is the one. Pretty much everything is included here and the soups are particularly good. I also really like the seafood recipes and this is fast becoming my ‘go-to’ guide when it comes to slow cooking. This good will save you time with easy slow cook dishes that taste great. Really glad I purchased it and will be using it again and again!