SMiLE Sessions [Deluxe Edition Box Set]

The SMiLE Sessions [Deluxe Edition Box Set]

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by The Beach Boys

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Disc 1

  1. Our Prayer
  2. Gee
  3. Heroes and Villains
  4. Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
  5. I'm in Great Shape
  6. Barnyard
  7. My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine)
  8. Cabin Essence
  9. Wonderful
  10. Look (Song for Children)
  11. Child Is Father of the Man
  12. Surf's Up
  13. I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
  14. Vega-Tables
  15. Holidays
  16. Wind Chimes
  17. The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)
  18. Love to Say Dada
  19. Good Vibrations
  20. You're Welcome
  21. Heroes and Villains
  22. Heroes and Villains
  23. Vega-Tables
  24. He Gives Speeches
  25. Smile Backing Vocals Montage
  26. Surf's Up
  27. Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls into a Piano
  28. [Untitled]

Disc 2

  1. Our Prayer "Dialog"
  2. Our Prayer
  3. Heroes and Villains
  4. Heroes and Villains
  5. Heroes and Villains
  6. Heroes and Villains
  7. Heroes and Villains
  8. Heroes and Villains
  9. Heroes and Villains
  10. Heroes and Villains
  11. Heroes and Villains
  12. Heroes and Villains
  13. Heroes and Villains
  14. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2
  15. Heroes and Villains
  16. Heroes and Villains
  17. Heroes and Villains
  18. Heroes and Villains
  19. Heroes and Villains
  20. Heroes and Villains
  21. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2
  22. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2 (Gee)
  23. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2
  24. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2
  25. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 3 (Animals)
  26. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 4
  27. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2
  28. Heroes and Villains
  29. Heroes and Villains
  30. Heroes and Villains
  31. Heroes and Villains
  32. Heroes and Villains
  33. Heroes and Villains
  34. Heroes and Villains [
  35. Heroes and Villains
  36. Heroes and Villains [Incorporating "I'm in Great Shape" an
  37. Psycodelic Sounds: Brian Falls into a Microphone
  38. Psycodelic Sounds: Moaning Laughing

Disc 3

  1. Do You Like Worms, Pt. 1
  2. Do You Like Worms, Pt. 2
  3. Do You Like Worms, Pt. 3
  4. Do You Like Worms, Pt. 4 (Bicycle Rider)
  5. Do You Like Worms [Logged as Heroes and Villai
  6. My Only Sunshine, Pt. 1 (Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine) & 2 (F
  7. My Only Sunshine, Pt. 2 (Fade)
  8. Cabin Essence
  9. Cabin Essence
  10. Cabin Essence
  11. Wonderful
  12. Wonderful
  13. Wonderful
  14. Wonderful
  15. Look
  16. Child Is Father of the Man
  17. Child Is Father of the Man
  18. Surf's Up
  19. Surf's Up
  20. Surf's Up
  21. Jazz /I Wanna Be Around/Fridany Night
  22. Vegetables
  23. Vegetables
  24. Vegetables
  25. Vegetables
  26. Vegetables
  27. [Untitled]
  28. [Untitled]

Disc 4

  1. Vegetables
  2. Vegetables
  3. Holidays
  4. Wind Chimes
  5. Wind Chimes
  6. Wind Chimes
  7. The Elements: Fire
  8. Da Da
  9. Da Da
  10. Love to Say Dada, Pt. 1
  11. Love to Say Dada, Pt. 2
  12. Love to Say Dada, Pt. 2
  13. Love to Say Dada, Pt. 2
  14. Cool, Cool Water
  15. Cool, Cool Water
  16. You're Welcome
  17. You're with Me Tonight
  18. Tones/Tune X
  19. I Don't Know
  20. Three Blind Mice
  21. Teeter Totter Love
  22. Psycodelic Sounds: Underwater Chant
  23. Hal Blaine Vega-Tables Promo Session
  24. Heroes and Villains: Early Version Outtake Sections
  25. [Untitled]

Disc 5

  1. Good Vibrations
  2. Good Vibrations
  3. Good Vibrations
  4. Good Vibrations
  5. Good Vibrations, Pt. 1
  6. Good Vibrations, Pts. 2-3
  7. Good Vibrations, Pt. 4
  8. Good Vibrations, Pt. C
  9. Good Vibrations
  10. Good Vibrations
  11. Good Vibrations (Inspiration), Pt. 1
  12. Good Vibrations (Inspiration), Pt. 3
  13. Good Vibrations (Inspiration), Pt. 4
  14. Good Vibrations, Pt. 1
  15. Good Vibrations
  16. Good Vibrations, Pt. 3
  17. Good Vibrations, Pt. 1
  18. Good Vibrations, Pt. 2
  19. Good Vibrations (Persuasion)
  20. Good Vibrations
  21. Good Vibrations
  22. Good Vibrations
  23. Good Good Good Vibrations
  24. Good Vibrations
  25. [Untitled]

Disc 6

  1. Our Prayer
  2. Gee
  3. Heroes and Villains
  4. Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
  5. I'm in Great Shape
  6. Barnyard
  7. My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine)
  8. Cabin Essence
  9. Wonderful
  10. Look (Song for Children)
  11. Child Is Father of the Man
  12. Surf's Up

Disc 7

  1. I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
  2. Vega-Tables
  3. Holidays
  4. Wind Chimes
  5. The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)
  6. Love to Say Dada
  7. Good Vibrations
  8. You're Welcome
  9. Vega-Tables
  10. Wind Chimes
  11. Cabin Essence
  12. Surf's Up

Disc 8

  1. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 1
  2. Heroes and Villains, Pt. 2

Disc 9

  1. Vega-Tables
  2. Surf's Up

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Beach Boys   Primary Artist,Finger Snapping
Van Dyke Parks   Percussion,Piano,Conductor,Marimbas,Recorder,Slide Whistle,Tack Piano,Guitar (12 String Electric),Piano (Upright),Animal Sounds,Hammond B3
Brian Wilson   Percussion,Piano,Chimes,Harpsichord,Recorder,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Bells,Hand Clapping,Guiro,fender rhodes,Finger Snapping,Electric Harpsichord,Temple Blocks,Slide Whistle,Tack Piano,Laughs,Dialogue,Piano (Grand),Guitar (12 String Electric),Piano (Upright),Vocal Harmony,Animal Sounds,Group Member
Frank Capp   Bongos,Drums,Glockenspiel,Stick,Tambourine,Vibes,Temple Blocks,Hi Hat
Urbie Green   Trombone
Plas Johnson   Clarinet,Flute,Piccolo
Barney Kessel   Rhythm Guitar,Guitar (12 String Electric)
Don Randi   Celeste,Electric Harpsichord,Tack Piano,Piano (Grand)
Abe Most   Clarinet
Viola   Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Cole   Electric Guitar,Guitar (12 String Electric)
Lyle Ritz   Upright Bass,Tenor Ukelele
James Burton   Dobro
Bruce Johnston   Tack Piano,Piano (Grand),Piano (Upright),Group Member
Mike Love   Percussion,Bass (Vocal),Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Bells,Guiro,Laughs,Dialogue,Vocal Harmony,Group Member
Carl Wilson   Acoustic Guitar,Percussion,Castanets,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Bells,Hand Clapping,Shaker,Guiro,Finger Snapping,Laughs,Dialogue,Guitar (12 String Electric),Vocal Harmony,Group Member
Billy Strange   Guitar (12 String Electric)
Jim Gordon   Castanets,Conga,Drums,Stick,Tambourine,Snare Drums,sleigh bells,Hi Hat,Brushes
Porcino   Trumpet
David Anderle   Percussion
Hal Blaine   Drums,Tambourine,Vocals,Shaker
Robert Barene   Violin
Benjamin Barrett   Violin,Leader
Arnold Belnick   Violin
Chuck Berghofer   Upright Bass
Harry Bluestone   Violin
Samuel Boghossian   Viola
Bruce Botnick   Percussion,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Bells,Guiro,Laughs,Dialogue,Vocal Harmony
Norman Botnick   Viola
Roy Caton   Trumpet
Gene Cipriano   Tenor Saxophone
Gary Coleman   Castanets,Marimbas,sleigh bells
DeLory   Piano,Electric Harpsichord,Tack Piano,Piano (Grand),Piano (Upright),Hammond B3
Frank DeVito   Bongos
Eugene Dinovi   Piano (Grand)
Jesse Ehrlich   Cello
Gene Estes   Percussion,Marimbas,Recorder,Triangle,Vibes,Shaker,Temple Blocks,Slide Whistle,Piano (Grand),Piano (Upright),Hammond B3
Virgil Evans   Trumpet
Carl Fortina   Accordion
Frederick Seykora   Cello
James Getzoff   Violin
Bill Green   Clarinet,Flute,Alto Flute,Piccolo,Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt   Clarinet
Cliff Hills   Upright Bass
Billy Hinsche   Background Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Jim Horn   Clarinet,Flute,Kazoo,Piccolo,Slide Whistle
Danny Hutton   Percussion
George Hyde   French Horn
Jardine   Percussion,Bass (Vocal),Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Bells,Guiro,Laughs,Dialogue,Vocal Harmony,Group Member
Norm Jeffries   Tambourine,Temple Blocks
Robert Jung   Tenor Saxophone
Carol Kaye   Banjo,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals,Guitar (12 String Electric),Vocal Harmony
Jerome Kessler   Violin
Larry Knechtel   Harpsichord,Piano (Grand),Hammond B3
Bernard Kundell   Violin
Alfred Lustgarten   Violin
Arthur Maebe   French Horn
Leonard Malarsky   Violin
Lew McCreary   Bass Trombone
Mike Melvoin   Tack Piano,Piano (Upright),Hammond B3
Jay Migliori   Clarinet,Flute,Bass Clarinet,Kazoo,Piccolo,Bass Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Tenor Flute,Slide Whistle
Ollie Mitchell   Trumpet
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica,Jew's Harp,Bass Harmonica
Dick Nash   Trombone
Alexander Neiman   Viola
Richard Perissi   French Horn
Bill Pitman   Acoustic Guitar,Recorder,Gut String Guitar,Vibes,Slide Whistle,Tenor Ukelele,Guitar (Baritone)
Lou Raderman   Violin
Jerome Reisler   Violin
Dorothy Remsen   Harp
Emil Richards   Vibes
Henry Roth   Violin
Diane Rovell   Recorder,Vocals,Background Vocals,Slide Whistle,Laughs
Joe Saxon   Cello
Ralph Schaeffer   Violin
Wilbur Schwartz   Alto Saxophone
Sid Sharp   Violin
Claude Sherry   French Horn
Paul Shure   Violin
Marshall Sosson   Violin
Tommy Tedesco   Acoustic Guitar,Bouzouki,Mandolin
Darrel Terwilliger   Violin
Michael Vosse   Percussion,Vocals
Alan Weight   Trumpet
Dennis Wilson   Percussion,Drums,Bass Drums,Tambourine,Vocals,Background Vocals,Xylophone,Choir, Chorus,Bells,Jug,Hand Clapping,Guiro,Laughs,Dialogue,Vocal Harmony,Group Member
Marilyn Wilson   Vocals,Background Vocals,Laughs
Jimmy Bond   Upright Bass
Joseph DiFiore   Viola
Dick Hyde   Trombone,Tuba
Joseph Ditullio   Cello
Irving Lipschultz   Violin
Frank Messina   Accordion
Walter Wiemeyer   Violin
Arthur Briegleb   French Horn
Arny Geller   Percussion
Casey   Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Guitar (Baritone)
Tony Asher   Jew's Harp,sleigh bells
Steve Douglas   Flute,Soprano Saxophone,Tambourine,Tenor Flute,Piano (Grand)
Arthur Smith   Ocarina,Piccolo
David Oppenheim   Hammer
Jack Rieley   Vocals
Raymond Kelley   Cello
Armand Kaproff   Cello
William Kurasch   Violin
John Thomas "Vidor" Vidusich   Violin
Chet Ricord   Marimbas
David Duke   French Horn,Tuben
Mel Pollan   Upright Bass
Mike Rubini   Piano (Grand)
Ronald Benson   Baritone Ukulele
George Callender   Tuba
Dorothy Victor   Harp
Henry Laubach   Trumpet
Gene Gaddy   Vocals
Karl Rossner   Cello
Jules Siegel   Percussion
Sam Glenn   Clarinet,Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Nick Pellico   Glockenspiel,Snare Drums,Vibes
Jasper Daily   Vocals

Technical Credits

Jimmie Davis   Composer
Van Dyke Parks   Composer,Whistle
Brian Wilson   Arranger,Composer,Sound Effects,Producer,Liner Notes,String Conductor,Whistle
Don Randi   Engineer
Bruce Johnston   Liner Notes
Mike Love   Composer,Liner Notes,Whistle
Carl Wilson   Arranger,Composer,Sound Effects,Producer,Liner Notes,Whistle
Jim Gordon   Sound Effects,String Conductor
Bruce Botnick   Engineer,Whistle
Euday L. Bowman   Composer
Chuck Britz   Engineer
Steve Desper   Engineer
Gene Estes   Whistle
Haven Gillespie   Composer
Bill Green   Whistle
Bill Halverson   Engineer
Frank Holmes   Liner Notes,Drawing
Bones Howe   Engineer
Jardine   Sound Effects,Liner Notes,Whistle
Larry Levine   Engineer
Morris Levy   Composer
Mark Linett   Producer,Liner Notes
Jim Lockert   Engineer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Jay Migliori   Whistle
Charles Mitchell   Composer
Bill Pitman   Whistle
Dick Reynolds   Arranger
Stan Ross   Engineer
Diane Rovell   Whistle
Armin Steiner   Engineer
Eirik Wangberg   Engineer
Dennis Wilson   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Liner Notes,Whistle
Jerry Hockman   Engineer
Ralph Valentin   Engineer
William Davis   Composer
Chris Bellman   Cut
Tom Recchion   Art Direction
Domenic Priore   Liner Notes
Alan Boyd   Producer,Liner Notes
Tony Asher   Composer
Dennis Wolfe   Liner Notes
Beasley Smith   Composer
H. Bowen David   Engineer
Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford   Liner Notes
Cal Harris   Engineer
James Hilton   Engineer
Mikel Samson   Production Design,Still Pictures
Sadie Vimmerstedt   Composer
Sonny Norton   Composer
Peter Reum   Liner Notes

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