Smurfs 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

The Smurfs 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by Heitor Pereira

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Varese Sarabande

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  1. Smurfette's Creation
  2. Smurfette Are You OK
  3. You Belong To Gargamel
  4. Gargamel Suite
  5. Azrael's Trap
  6. Code Blue
  7. Victor's Corndogs
  8. We Must Review My Plan
  9. Adoring Public Desires Me
  10. Smurf Portation Crystals
  11. Attack On Winslow House
  12. Madame Doolittle
  13. Paris Opera House
  14. Scoping Out The Kitchen
  15. Smurfette Escapes
  16. Hand Over The Smurfette
  17. Portrait Of Perfection
  18. Smurfette On The Run
  19. Gargamel And Azrael In Carriage
  20. Naughties Crash The Cart
  21. Naughties Take Flight
  22. He's Not My Father
  23. The Napoleon Suite
  24. Like Twins
  25. Tiny Magical Wand
  26. The Flying V
  27. Papa To Papa
  28. Let's Get Smurfin
  29. They Cannot Live
  30. The Formula
  31. Naughties Transformation
  32. You Sacrificed Everything
  33. The Happiest Moment Of My Life
  34. Papa And Vanity Find Smurfette
  35. Harnessing The Power
  36. Life Is The Most Precious
  37. I Don't Think So Gargamel
  38. Essence In Paris
  39. Is This What Happy Feels Like
  40. No Smurf Left Behind
  41. Welcome Home Smurfette

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Heitor Pereira   Primary Artist
Nick Glennie-Smith   Conductor
James Hayden   Bass (Vocal)
Reid Bruton   Bass (Vocal)
Amy Fogerson   Alto (Vocal)
Hollywood Studio Symphony   Performing Ensemble
Jasper Randall   Tenor (Vocal)
Kimberly Switzer   Alto (Vocal)
Jessica Rotter   Alto (Vocal)
Gerald White   Tenor (Vocal)
Shawn Kirchner   Tenor (Vocal)
Scott Graff   Bass (Vocal)
Michael Lichtenauer   Tenor (Vocal)
Karen Hogle Brown   Soprano (Vocal)
Ayana Haviv   Soprano (Vocal)
Elissa Johnston   Soprano (Vocal)
Eric Bradley   Bass (Vocal)
Nike St. Clair   Alto (Vocal)
Michele Hemmings   Alto (Vocal)
Todd Honeycutt   Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Chaney   Tenor (Vocal)
Elyse Marchant   Soprano (Vocal)
Suzanne Waters   Soprano (Vocal)
Adriana Manfredi   Alto (Vocal)
Will Goldman   Bass (Vocal)
Hayden Eberhart   Soprano (Vocal)
Dylan Gentile   Bass (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Jordan Kerner   Soundtrack Executive Producer
Alan Meyerson   Engineer,Score Mixer
Robert Townson   Executive Producer
Jasper Randall   Choir Contractor
Steven Kofsky   Production Service
Tim Davies   Orchestration
Heitor Pereira   Composer,Producer
Cameron Hotchkis   Composer's Assistant
Azeo Torre   Composer's Assistant
Ted Reedy   Composer's Assistant

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