The Social Amplification of Risk

The Social Amplification of Risk

by Nick Pidgeon

This volume brings together case studies and theoretical work informed by the social amplification of risk framework.See more details below


This volume brings together case studies and theoretical work informed by the social amplification of risk framework.

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Introduction Nick Pidgeon, Roger E. Kasperson and Paul Slovic; Part I. Conceptual Foundations: 1. The social amplification of risk: assessing fifteen years of research and theory Jeanne X. Kasperson, Roger E. Kasperson, Nick Pidgeon and Paul Slovic; 2. The logical structure of the social amplification of risk framework (SARF): metatheoretical foundations and policy implications Eugene A. Rosa; 3. Social amplification of risk and the layering method Glynis M. Breakwell and Julie Barnett; 4. Institutional failure and the organizational amplification of risks: the need for a closer look William R. Freudenburg; Part II. Risk Signals and the Mass Media: 5. Trust, transparency and social context: implications of social amplification of risk Lynn J. Frewer; 6. Risk and relativity: BSE and the British media John Eldridge and Jacquie Reilly; 7. After amplification: rethinking the role of the media in risk communication Graham Murdock, Judith Petts and Tom Horlick-Jones; 8. Plague and arsenic: assignment of blame in the mass media and the social amplification and attenuation of risk Arvind Susarla; Part III. Public Perceptions and Social Controversy: 9. The dynamics of risk amplification and attenuation in context: a French case study Marc Poumadère and Claire Mays; 10. Public response to Y2K: social amplification and risk adaptation: or 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Y2K' Donald G. MacGregor; 11. The social dynamics of environmental risk perception: implications for risk communication research and practice Tom Horlick-Jones, Jonathan Sime and Nick Pidgeon; 12. Understanding amplification of complex risks issues: the risk story model applied to the EMF case Peter M. Wiedemann, Martin Clauberg and Holger Schütz; Part IV. Risk Ripples and Stigma Effects: 13. Integrating politics with the social amplification of risk framework: insights from an exploration in the criminal justice context Rajeev Gowda; 14. Nuclear stigma James Flynn; Part V. Policy and Management: 15. Searching for the public policy relevance of the risk amplification framework William Leiss; 16. Social amplification of risk in participation: two case studies Ortwin Renn; Bibliography; Index.

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