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The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness / Edition 6

The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness / Edition 6

by Gregory L. Weiss

ISBN-10: 0132448351

ISBN-13: 9780132448352

Pub. Date: 02/27/2008

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Designed to reflect important changes in health care and significant advancements in medical sociology, this reader-friendly book provides a readable, interesting, and in-depth overview of the field. It offers solid coverage of traditional topics with a keen focus on the current issues and public policy debates affecting this dynamic area of study. The volume offers


Designed to reflect important changes in health care and significant advancements in medical sociology, this reader-friendly book provides a readable, interesting, and in-depth overview of the field. It offers solid coverage of traditional topics with a keen focus on the current issues and public policy debates affecting this dynamic area of study. The volume offers perspectives on the sociology of health, healing, and illness, the influence of the social environment on health and illness, health and illness behavior, health care practitioners and their relationships with patients and a look at the social implications of health care technology and comparative health care systems. For individuals looking for an appreciation for how the sociological perspective and social theory contribute to health, healing and illness.

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Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Perspectives on the Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness
A Brief Introduction to the Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness     1
Definition of Medical Sociology     1
Historical Development of Medical Sociology     2
Sociology's Contribution to Understanding Health, Healing, and Illness     6
The Role of the Medical Sociologist in the Twenty-First Century     9
Summary     10
Health on the Internet     10
Key Concepts and Terms     10
Discussion Question     10
References     11
The Development of Scientific Medicine     12
A Brief History of Medicine     13
Early Humans     13
The Egyptian Civilization     14
Greek and Roman Societies     14
The Medieval Era     18
Medicine in the Renaissance     19
Medicine from 1600 to 1900     20
The Ascendancy of Medical Authority in America     23
Perspectives on the Ascendancy of Medical Authority     29
Summary     31
Health on the Internet     31
Key Concepts and Terms     32
Discussion Question     32
References     32
The Influence of the Social Environment on Health and Illness
Social Epidemiology     34
The Work of the Epidemiologist     34
The Epidemiological Transition     36
Life Expectancy and Mortality     40
Infant Mortality     46
Maternal Mortality     50
Morbidity     50
Disability     55
Summary     56
Health on the Internet     56
Key Concepts and Terms     56
Discussion Case     57
References     57
Society, Disease, and Illness     60
The Interrelationship of Fundamental Causes and Proximate Risk Factors: The Case of Developing Countries     62
The Influence of Genetic Transmission on Disease and Illness     63
Cardiovascular Diseases     65
Cancer     70
HIV/AIDS     74
Alzheimer's Disease     79
Mental Illness     81
Summary     84
Health on the Internet     85
Key Concepts and Terms     85
Discussion Case     85
References     86
Social Stress     89
Definition of Stress     89
Historical Development of the Stress Concept     90
A Model of Social Stress     91
Stressors     91
Appraisal of Stressors     97
Mediators of Stress: Coping and Social Support     97
Stress Outcomes     101
The Role of Social Class, Race, and Gender in Social Stress     102
Summary     107
Health on the Internet     108
Key Concepts and Terms     108
Discussion Case     108
References     109
Health and Illness behavior
Health Behavior     112
The Concept of Health     112
Health Behavior     114
Describing Individual Health Behaviors     114
Explaining Health Behavior     120
Summary     127
Health on the Internet     127
Key Concepts and Terms     128
Discussion Cases     128
References     129
Experiencing Illness and Disability     132
Stages of Illness Experience     132
Symptom Experience     132
Assumption of the Sick Role; Illness as Deviance     135
Medical Care Contact/Self-Care     140
Dependent-Patient Role     148
Recovery and Rehabilitation     149
Experiencing Chronic Illness, Impairment, and Disability     149
Summary     153
Health on the Internet     154
Key Concepts and Terms     154
Discussion Question     154
References     155
Health Care Practitioners and Their Relationship with Patients
Physicians and the Profession of Medicine     157
The Profession of Medicine     157
The Social Control of Medicine     163
The Number, Composition, and Distribution of Physicians in the United States     169
Female Physicians     171
Physician Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction     174
Physician Impairment: Stresses and Strains of the Physician Role     176
Summary     177
Health on the Internet     178
Key Concepts and Terms     178
Discussion Case     178
References     179
Medical Education and the Socialization of Physicians     182
The History of Medical Education     182
Modern Medical Education     184
The Medical School Experience: Attitude and Value Acquisition     192
The Medical School Experience: Stress     195
The Medical School Experience: Career Choices     197
Future Directions in U.S. Medical Education     198
Summary     199
Health on the Internet     199
Key Concepts and Terms     199
Discussion Case     200
References     200
Nurses, Mid-Level Health Care Practitioners, and Allied Health Workers     203
Evolution of Nonphysician Health Care Practitioners     203
Nurses and the Field of Nursing     206
Mid-Level Health Care Practitioners     214
Allied Health Workers     217
The Health Care Team     218
Relationships among Health Care Workers     219
The Changing Environment among Health Care Workers     222
Summary     222
Health on the Internet     223
Key Concepts and Terms     223
Discussion Question     223
References     224
Complementary and Alternative Medicine     226
The Meaning of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)     226
Scientific Medicine and Alternative Healing     227
Complementary and Alternative Healers     228
Chiropractic     232
Acupuncture     236
Spiritual Healing and Christian Science     239
Ethnic Folk Healing     244
Summary     248
Health on the Internet     248
Key Concepts and Terms     249
Discussion Case     249
References     249
The Physician-Patient Relationship: Background and Models     252
Models of the Physician-Patient Relationship     252
Key Dimensions of the Physician-Patient Relationship     254
The Influence of Social Class, Race, and Symptomology on the Physician-Patient Relationship     263
The Influence of Gender on the Physician-Patient Relationship     264
Patient Satisfaction with Physicians     268
Patient Compliance with Medical Regimens     270
Summary     272
Health on the Internet     273
Key Concepts and Terms     273
Discussion Case     273
References     274
Professional and Ethical Obligations of Physicians in the Physician-Patient Relationship     277
Truth-telling as an Issue     277
Confidentiality as an Issue     281
Obligation to Treat AIDS Patients     286
Summary     290
Health on the Internet     291
Key Concepts and Terms      291
Discussion Cases     291
References     292
The Health Care System
The Health Care System of the United States     295
Rating the United States Health Care System     295
The United States Health Care System     296
Health Care Expenditures     297
Explanations for Rapidly Increasing Health Care Costs     304
America's Uninsured Population     307
Cost Containment: Limited Prospective Budgeting, Rationing, and Managed Care     309
The Politics of Health Care Reform     314
Summary     319
Health on the Internet     319
Key Concepts and Terms     320
Discussion Cases     320
References     320
Health Care Delivery     323
The Emergence of Freestanding Ambulatory Care Sites     323
The Flourishing of Managed Care Systems: HMOs and PPOs     327
Emergence of the Modern Hospital     332
Home Health Care     343
Summary     344
Health Care on the Internet     344
Key Concepts and Terms     344
Discussion Case     345
References     345
The Social Implications of Advanced Health Care Technology     347
Health Care Technology     348
The Right to Refuse or Demand Advanced Health Care Technology     353
Organ Donation and Transplantation     361
Assisted Procreation     365
Summary     370
Health on the Internet     370
Key Concepts and Terms     370
Discussion Case     371
References     371
Comparative Health Care Systems     373
Major Influences on Health Care Systems     373
Health Care Services in Developing and Industrialized Countries     375
Types of Health Care Systems     375
China     377
Russia     380
Canada     383
Great Britain     388
Common Challenges to Health Care Systems Around the World     390
Summary     391
Health on the Internet     391
Key Concepts and Terms     391
Discussion Questions     392
References     392
Photo Credits     394
Name Index     395
Subject Index     401

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