The Socksnatchers

The Socksnatchers

by Lorna Balian

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Children's Literature
Smelly sock soup and smelly sock beds are just what The Socksnatchers find to be creature comforts—and these creatures live in the hidey-hole in The Perkins' family basement. They are the critters responsible for all of the missing socks after a journey through the laundry. One Socksnatcher has gotten out of control and left the Perkins without even one pair of matching socks, clean or dirty. Abner, the youngest Socksnatcher has broken some of the most important family rules: one sock is sharing, taking two is stealing—and only smelly socks are desired. When the older Socksnatcher child leaves the hidey-hole to retrieve the much-needed smelly socks, she forgets to close the door. The Perkins' family cat gets in and chaos ensues. Balian builds curiosity in the story by jumping ahead and showing each character feeling "miserable," "peeved," and "distressed" after the sock-snatching episode in question has already played out. This picture book is a lighthearted tale sure to make youngsters giggle with its silly concept and slightly gross humor. 2005, Star Bright Books, Ages 3 to 6.
—Kelly Roque
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 3 Reminiscent of Norton's ``Borrowers'' (HBJ), the Socksnatchers are plump little potato-nosed people about the size of cats who live in the Perkins' cellar and who steal single dirty socks to use for clothing, bedding, and their favorite dish, smelly sock soup. Mama is crying because young Abner has done the unforgivable by taking a whole pair of non-nutritious clean socks, which is stealing rather than sharing. The Perkins' cat, finding the cellar door open, rushes in to attack them. It is beaten back, and life returns to normal, with the Perkins family still puzzling over the mystery of why one sock always seems to get lost, and the Socksnatchers snug and full of soup. The text is mannered, opening with a series of questions and answers and then changing to exclamatory narrative, making the story more suited to telling aloud than reading alone. The watercolor illustrations are crisply and cleverly done, alive with humorous and imaginative detail and depicting the members of both families with expressive vitality. Patricia Pearl, First Presbyterian School, Martinsville, Va.

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