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The Song of Calypso

The Song of Calypso

by Dahlia Rose
In only an instant Eve Shayne went from being the flag girl in the West Indian Day Parade to being hunted because of her blood. How was she to know that she was the last living descendant of the goddess Calypso? How was she to know her blood leads to the greatest treasure of the Caribbean island chain? Eve hears the call of her goddess grandmother and hears her


In only an instant Eve Shayne went from being the flag girl in the West Indian Day Parade to being hunted because of her blood. How was she to know that she was the last living descendant of the goddess Calypso? How was she to know her blood leads to the greatest treasure of the Caribbean island chain? Eve hears the call of her goddess grandmother and hears her warnings of betrayals. In her dreams she is told she has no choice but to accept her ancestor's powerful gifts even if she does not want them. Now in the face of danger she has a protector to keep her safe. Caleb McPherson will put his life on the line to save her from the man who will stop at nothing to find a treasure he covets more than anything in the world. Together the two of them must find a way to stop a madman's quest and a goddess from destroying the islands in the Caribbean sea. Will they be able to hold onto each other and the love that claimed their hearts throughout the coming storm?

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It was after eight at night when Eve stepped out from Macy's. The night had turned colder since she went into work. There was a chill in the air as the wind blew between buildings and buffeted out to the street like a big breath from the gods. The day's receipts were counted, and she was one of the last few to leave. She pulled the collar of her sweater coat up around her neck to ward of some of the chill and bid good-bye to some of her co workers going in the opposite direction. She walked briskly toward the subway. The streets were empty, and the night fell quickly so the streets were dark. The illumination of the street lamps lit her way. The occasional car or bus passed as she walked lost in her own thoughts.

The dreams and memories were beginning to bother her. Who was the woman that jumped off the cliff with her child? What does blood for blood mean? Eve wondered if these were bits and pieces of a past life. She was a firm believer in reincarnation; could this be her from a long time ago. Eve heard a car moving slowly behind her and then she vaguely heard it stop. She wondered why someone would be parking downtown so late but paid it no heed only trying to get to the subway as quickly as possible.

She only knew she was in trouble when she was grabbed from behind. Terror flowed though her like the blood in her veins going directly to her heart and pumping the fear throughout her body. She opened her mouth to scream, but a hand covered her mouth. She bit at the big fingers, but the hand held firm as she struggled wildly. She was lifted right off the ground while she kicked wildly.

They moved quickly. There was more than one. She could hear a raspy voiceordering her captor to get his ass moving. To make matters worse, she heard the rumble of thunder before big fat droplets of rain began to fall from the sky. The man tried to shove her in the car. Eve knew if they got her in there, she'd be done for good. There would be no escape. Her back was against the leather seat while her feet hung out of the doorway. The massive frame of her captor towered over her as he tried to push her feet inside. He was in all black and wore a ski mask. She began to fight, struggling with renewed effort, fighting like a woman possessed. Clawing and scratching until she could get her hand free and kicking at whatever she could reach with her feet. She heard a loud groan of agony as her foot connected with what she hoped was the man's lower body. She wriggled from where she laid and slipped between his long legs, screaming as she moved. The other man with the raspy voice was waiting to grab her. By now, they were all soaked with rain. She was slippery, and her clothes were plastered to her skin. She evaded him easily and began to run. She kept screaming when she looked back and saw them trying to follow. With one man holding his crotch as he moved and his buddy trying to help him they were not moving very quickly.

Can't anyone hear me? she thought with fear. Downtown Brooklyn, late evening, stores closed and the New York mentality of hear nothing, see nothing, I'm screwed.

She lost one of her shoes on the wet street but did not stop to get it. Eve made the mistake of looking back toward her assailants, and that was when she fell against the hard pavement. The fall jarred her entire body. It felt like her teeth rattled with the impact. She could not move, and when she opened her eyes she saw stars and spots in between the darkness that threatened to envelope her. Big hands hauled her up and shook her roughly. She was caught. There was nothing more she could do.

"Take your hands off her!"

The words were snarled out from a new body. I'm in great demand today, she thought dazedly. Those rough, cruel hands that held her let her go once more, and Eve dropped to the street again. Above her a fight ensued. She heard the sounds of fists meeting flesh and connecting with bone. Again, she was hauled up and this time s propelled forward. The downpour caused Eve to blink over and over again as she tried to catch the features of this new person. Was he her savior or another person who was going to use her? It was like a pack of dogs fighting for a bone and she was the juicy morsel.

"Come on, pet, move your legs!" He said the words harshly, and through the pelting rain she tried to do as she was told. They finally came to a car, and he leaned her against the hood while he unlocked the door. Eve was grateful for that at least. If he had left her standing on her own she would have fallen to the ground again. He pulled her to him ushering her into the car none too gently before slamming the door. She heard the other door open, and his presence filled the car. The engine revved up, and he pulled out onto the wet streets and began to drive.

"Who are you? Where are you taking me?" she mumbled. When she got no answer, she tried to plead with him. "Please, don't hurt me. Just let me out! I won't tell, I swear."

"I'm not going to hurt you, Eve." His voice was soft.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" She could feel the darkness trying to overtake her thoughts.

"I was sent here to protect you. You're safe."

It was the last thing she heard before she slipped into the abyss of unconsciousness that took over her mind.

* * * *

The rain fell in sheets against the windows of the hotel room. Caleb stared out at the city lights through the rivulets running down the panes. He was on the twelfth floor of one of the most exclusive hotels in Brooklyn close to the Manhattan Bridge. On the bed, in the middle of the room, lay the living goddess, better known as Eve. Not wanting any questions at the front desk, he had taken her up to his room via the backstairs of the hotel. She was unconscious all the way to the hotel and even as he carried her up to the room. Now she lay in her damp clothes and covered with blankets breathing deeply but not awake.

Caleb walked over and stared down at her. She was a superb beauty. Her skin was like copper and seemed to radiate a glow. Her hazel eyes were filled with fear when he saw her and now her full pink lips were parted slightly as she breathed. Holding her against him he had felt her curves. The blouse she wore was plastered against her skin from the rain showing the full globes of her breasts. She was a goddess in looks, but he still had trouble believing the legend and her birthright.

She's not waking up; I wonder if she was hurt more than I thought? As the question ran through his mind, he heard her moan and watched while her head shifted in the bed.

Caleb sat next to her and gently patted her cheek, speaking softly. "Hey, hey come on, pet. Wake up now."

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